Friday, January 11, 2013

John Kerry. A Good Secretary Of State?

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President Obama believes John Kerry would make an "excellent" Secretary of State.

One of the blessings of living a while, is the wonderful memories.

One of the problems of living a while, is the ugly memories.

For those of us who were 20-something during the Vietnam era, there are a couple of personalities who linger in our memory. And it's an ugly memory.

Jane Fonda and John Kerry.

I'm sure they were both deeply misunderstood and meant not harm to their country with their words and deeds, but they sure hurt and maligned a lot of people who served our country during those years. Particularly those who left their limbs and other body parts in the jungles of Vietnam. And the families of those who lost their lives.

John McCain told me when people said the kind of things these two were saying, the guys in POW cells felt the consequences.

It probably wouldn't matter if John Kerry were simply making exercise videos, but failing to become President of the United States, he now wants to be Secretary of State.

And President Obama has said he would be "excellent."

If you have ever wondered what excellence looks like through the eyes of President Obama, watch the video of some of the comments of John Kerry over the past 42 years.

CNS News has made this short video available. It helps define excellence in the mind of the President. It also reveals a snapshot of Obama's America over the next four years.

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