Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The Truth About Children With "Gay" Parents

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Stanford sociologist, Dr. Michael Rosenfeld, published a study this past year that has been widely used as a basis to advance and increase adoption of children to homosexuals.

Rosenfeld found, "No difference between children who are reared by heterosexual parents and those raised by homosexual couples."

His study has been widely used by homosexual advocates, including here in Washington State, and will likely be used again in the upcoming legislative session.

However, Rosenfeld's study has been found to be flawed.

Dr. Catherine Pakaluk of Ave Marie University and Dr. Joseph Price of Brigham Young University have reviewed the study and found a mistake in Rosenfeld's work that completely alters the outcome.

Their work has been published in the peer-reviewed University of Washington based "Demography."

Here is what they found.

One News Now reports that they found children from homosexual homes don't do nearly as well as Rosenfeld had reported.

In fact, they are 35% more likely to fail a grade.

They also found that children with co-habitating heterosexual parents are 15% more likely than those with same-sex parents to make normal progress through school.

If the child has a never-married single mom, they are 23% more likely to make normal progress through school compared to growing up in a same-sex household.

While Washington has affirmed homosexual behavior as normal and legalized same-sex marriage, standing against timeless cultural norms, religious teaching and nature itself, the facts remain.

Children do not do as well in a homosexual family arrangement.

The gold standard is what we have always known it to be---married, heterosexual parents.

I tried to link the study but "Demography" data is available only by subscription. The subscription is $250 per year.

To further review the study, I suggest you check out your local library. Many subscribe to these publications.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.