Friday, January 18, 2013

Washington State Most Pro-Abortion State In America

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...And Governor Inslee promises to keep it that way.

Americans United for Life has released their new list of states in the order of their commitment to life.

Washington State is #50...dead last.

It is the most pro-abortion state in the country.

Not only does it lead in redefining marriage and legalizing pot, but now in abortion.

My parents and grandparents buried in the Yakima Valley would not believe what their beloved state has come to.

In his inaugural speech this week, Governor Inslee affirmed he would stay the course on abortion.

Below are the Life List, the governor's comments and some Republican leaders responses.

This is the new list of pro-life and pro-abortion states. Number one is the most pro-life, with #50 being the most pro-abortion.

In his inaugural speech this week, Governor Inslee committed himself to remaining the most pro-abortion state by expressing his support of the Reproductive Parity Act, which requires insurance companies to cover abortions if they also cover live births. Live births---dead births, all the same in the land of progressives.

Richard Debolt (R-Chhalis) expressed disappointment and surprise that the governor would bring up the issue at the same time he is saying he wants to unite the legislature to solve the state's billion dollar budget problem and high unemployment.

Debolt said, "It's funny that he would take a day of unification and try to make it a politically dividing event." He said the governor should be focused on jobs and the budget as he promised to do.

You will recall that was also the promise of the legislature last year, then they proceeded to spend large amounts of time and resources redefining marriage.

If you disagree with Governor Inslee regarding his position and priority on abortion, please call him at 360-902-4111. Be respectful, but give him a call.

And before one thinks, "Maybe I should have voted for McKenna," remember, McKenna is not a conservative and has been pro-"choice," translated; "pro-abortion" his entire political life.

A better plan would be for Republicans to forget about trying to be like the liberal progressive Democrats, find an articulate, conservative leader who actually believes the message and values the Party says it stands for, honestly unite behind the candidate and see what happens.

But Gary, a conservative can't win in Washington.

Well, this past November confirmed that so-called pro-abortion, pro-same-sex marriage "moderate" Republicans can't win either. Every one of them lost.

It would also be helpful if evangelicals, including some who claim leadership, would stop publicly supporting these so-called "moderates" under the guise of the old, stale idea that "half a loaf is better than none."

These people not only can't win, they can't and won't deliver a "half loaf." And if they did, they would serve up the same half Gregoire, Inslee and their colleagues are already serving, because they do not hold conservative, biblical values.

We are still looking for true conservative leadership.

May God help us.