Friday, February 15, 2013

Back On Daily Radio

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"If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?" (Psalms 11:3).
After considerable prayer and discussion with my family, I have decided to take some definite and significant steps, that I feel are appropriate in light of recent election results. As you know, we witnessed the defeat of most everything Christian or conservative in this past election----the election and re-election of secular progressives who remain in the majority in the state legislature, the redefinition of marriage and family, legalized pot and Republicans trying to act like liberal progressives under the guise of being "moderate" in order to "win"--- which didn't work out all that well. Nor will it in the future.

The cultural walls are being destroyed, the cultural foundations are crumbling. Too many Christians are silent.

It's time to look and move forward. The actions we take must not be wrapped in mere "busyness" under the guise of effectiveness, nor activities staged to promote the prominence of certain personalities or advance certain personal aspirations and ambitions.

President John Quincy Adams said, "The highest glory of the American Revolution was this: It connected in one indissoluble bond the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity."

And on those principles, the greatest nation in history was built. If those principles are removed from our cultural structure, our nation will surely fail.

The actions we take must be singularly taken for one purpose: To organize people of faith and conservatives to resist the evolving and increasing attempt to undermine those very values and principles that have brought blessing and freedom to so many--to help bring about spiritual restoration so political change can follow.

What We Are Going To Do.

1. We are going to continue to publish our daily Blog.

Its effectiveness and reach has exceeded all our expectations when we started it some years ago. I have been told it has influenced votes on issues in the legislature, helped shape certain debates and even helped elect certain candidates and help not elect others.

It is read across the state, the country and in 30 or more countries each week. We have received email from people who were once apathetic or simply uninformed, who are now vigilant, discerning, informed and active.

The focus will remain on Washington State.

2. I am going back on daily radio.

As you may know, I was on a number of network television stations every week day for 12 years and on radio every week day for 8 years. It is a lot of work. I have no agenda other than to motivate, organize and mobilize people of like mind to speak biblical values to the most important social issues of our time. To work to reconnect the principles of Christianity with the principles of civil government.

Monitoring legislative action is important. Lobbying and advocacy in Olympia and DC is important. And we will continue with our best efforts in that regard. However, the problem we have is more and bigger than that.

We want to be used to see God strike a spiritual spark in the hearts of those people of faith who have become silenced by the deafening roar of secularism and its influence in our culture. We want to be used to help empower those who are silent because of fear. And help inform those who think Christians should not engage in the culture or "politics."

At this point in our culture, merely attending hearings, writing letters and email, making calls to elected officials, etc. is not enough. We must do all that, but cultural renewal can only come through spiritual renewal. When people of faith and conservatives are no longer silent in regard to the principles of civil government, cultural restoration will begin.

Biblical teaching clearly directs people of faith to "occupy" or engage in this world and the culture until Christ returns.


I will begin live on the radio with "Gary Randall--Straight Talk About Faith, Freedom and Family" this coming Monday, February 18 at 9 AM every weekday morning.

Initially, we will be on these ACN stations in Central and Eastern Washington:

Spokane, KSPO 106.5 FM
Yakima, KYAK 930 AM
Moses Lake/ Central WA., KTAK 93.9 FM
Ephrata/ Moses LK./ Soap LK. KTBT 94.7 FM
Tri-Cities/ Walla Walla/ NE Oregon KGDN 101.3 FM

I also will be the guest of Tom Reed on a program titled, "It Seems To Me," that will air on all these stations over the weekend.

The owner of ACN- Liberty Broadcasting Network has been very helpful in launching this. They have done so because they understand our motive and purpose and believe we can, with God's help, make a difference in the culture.

The program will also be available live and archived on the ACN/Liberty web site. We will have the program available on our Faith and Freedom web site as well. To download a mobile app, check out the link on

Discussions are under way to expand into stations located in Clark County, Olympia; Tacoma, Seattle/East King County and North Puget Sound.

I know how to do this. I have done it before. However, I also know full well, I cannot do it alone.

We have put ourselves in a place of total dependence on the Lord and the response of His people.

I am fully aware we will be attacked and mocked. There will be those who will work tirelessly to silence us. Both from without and within.

This Faith and Freedom Radio Network will be totally financed by contributions from people of like mind and businesses who are willing to help by advertising on the program.

If you own a business, big or small, and would consider advertising on this new program, please contact me at It will be a good investment for your business and for God's work.

2. Why Are We Doing This?

It's time. There has been much strife and conflict within the Christian community with various agendas at play on the most important and defining issues. The result has been loss after loss. My singular purpose is to inform and motivate people of faith and conservatives to action---to reconnect the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity. And honor God in the process.

And, hopefully and prayerfully, this can contribute to helping bring some of the factions within the Christian community together so we can win, not lose, on the critical moral issues of our time.

In too many cases, we are defeating ourselves to the delight of the media, the secular progressives and the Devil.

Success is simple, but not easy. We need two things. No, three.

  1. God's blessing. I have spent much time in prayer about this. I'm not looking for another career, but feel strongly we are to proceed. So we are.
  2. You and others must feel what I feel and respond with your financial support and prayer support.
  3. We must maintain a right spirit before the Lord and toward those whom we oppose in the culture as we fight the battle, because ultimately the battle is the Lord's.

Will you stand with me? If so, we can do this.

Our budget will remain modest and frugal, but will obviously increase some. But so will the number of those involved.

Initially, we need $2500 for the studio equipment we installed the day before yesterday. I am ready to start live this coming Monday morning.

If you can write that check, thank you. If you can write any part of that check, thank you.

I have promised God, and I promise you, my best effort, for the purposes shared above. And only those purposes.

Thank you for standing with me. We, together with God, are about to do something significant.