Friday, February 08, 2013

God, Farmers, The Bible and Conservatism

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Most everyone in the world has likely seen the Super Bowl Dodge Ram commercial "God Made A Farmer" narrated by the late Paul Harvey.

In you have not seen it or would simply like to see it one more time, click here or watch below. I love this commercial.

A recent survey by the Barna Group has found which American cities are most "Bible minded."

Another recent Gallup survey has identified the most conservative states in America.

Their findings are interesting.

The Barna Group found that Knoxville, Tenn. is the most biblically minded city in the country.

Providence, RI is the least. Clearly those who founded and named the city were more biblically minded.

Among "Bible minded" cities, Shreveport, LA. was second, Chattanooga, Tenn., was third., followed by Springfield, Mo., Charlotte, NC., Lynchburg, VA., Huntsville-Decator, AL. and Charleston, WV.

The least biblically minded?

Following Providence, the least of all cities, was Albany, NY., Burlington, VT., Portland, MA., Hartford, Conn., and Boston, MA.

Seattle-Tacoma ranked 69, with Providence being 96. Portland, OR., was 65. Spokane was 61, all near the bottom, but perhaps better than one might imagine given recent events.

A separate survey by Gallup has found that Alabama is the most conservative state, with Washington DC the most liberal.

Washington DC is followed by Massachusetts, 2; Oregon, 3; Vermont, 4; with Washington, Delaware and Connecticut tied for 5 as the most liberal states in the country.

In reviewing these surveys you will discover some very interesting findings.

One example: The state of Utah is ranked the 5th most conservative, but Salt Lake City is near the bottom (84) of the most "Bible minded" cities.

Have a great weekend.

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