Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Obamaland--A Place Absent Reality

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Kennedy had his Camelot. Obama has his Obamaland.

Some Americans live in Obamaland. Some live in Realville.

As President Obama "fiddled" with gun control, global warming, homosexual rights, increased minimum wage, increased taxes and a litany of lofty, socialistic big government ideas last night in his State of the Union Address, Realville is burning.

In his 6600 word speech he promised a big bag of goodies, then wrapped it in this promise: "Nothing I'm proposing tonight should increase the deficit a single dime. It's not a bigger government we need, but a smarter government..."

The operative word would be "should."

Obamaland is posed as the Promised Land, when it is actually a mere "promise land." Most of which are broken.

In Obamaland, everything is relative. Truth is true because it is said to be. Laws are valid or not valid, based on relative truth.

The Constitution is a living document, which authorizes us to do what we do. And everything is going to be just fine.

In Realville, the North Korean kid is setting off nuclear bombs like our kids light fireworks on the 4th of July. And China continues to sell, give or facilitate the transfer of missile technology to North Korea and Iran who continue to promise the annihilation of America and Israel.

In Obamaland, this signals the need to invite China to another nuclear control summit. And continue the conversation.

In Obamaland we continue to borrow about $.40 of every dollar we spend. Mostly from China. Some say we can't continue to borrow like this from China. In Obamaland it is said, that's true. So we begin to borrow from Japan, who is now our second largest creditor.

In Realville, the United States owes China $1.170 trillion. We owe Japan $1.132 trillion. Look at this debt sheet from the Treasury Department. Look at the list of lenders. These people own your children.

But in Obamaland, everything is going to be just fine. Nancy Pelosi, a high ranking royal in Obamaland says, "We don't have a spending problem." And all is well.

In Obamaland, the economy is recovering. Things are good.

In Realville, gas prices have hit an historic high for this month and since Obama became President, the number of people on food stamps has risen to over 47,000,000. About the population of Spain.

January 2009--31,939,110 on food stamps.

November 2012--47,692,896 on food stamps.

11, 629 people go on food stamps every day.

But in Obamaland, everything will be just fine.

Joe Biden, the second highest ranking royal in Obamaland, has said we "must spend more" to solve our economic problems.

And we have.

In 2009, President Obama said his stimulus package "would lift 2 million people out of poverty."

Today there are 2.6 million more people in poverty.

But in Obamaland, everything is just fine.

In Obamaland, health care is now affordable because we have the "Affordable Healthcare Act."

In Realville, the IRS is telling us Obama's least expensive affordable health care plan---the Bronze plan, will cost a family $20,000 per year.

In Obamaland, Mr. Obama is for the people. "I will take care of you," he told those who lost everything in the super storm Sandy. Now they are suing to remind him to keep his promise.

In Obamaland, Kimberly Munley was invited to sit beside Michelle Obama during the President's speech three years ago. You will recall that Kimberly was hailed as a hero during the Fort Hood shooting as she and her fellow security officer were responsible for stopping the shooter.

President Obama recognized her as a hero and publicly promised her he would see that she and all those affected by the shooting would be properly taken care of.

In Realville, ABC News reported last night that Kimberly and a group of those who were involved in the Fort Hood massacre are publicly saying the President "betrayed" and used her for political advantage.

In Obamaland, the Fort Hood massacre was "work place violence."

In Realville, it was a terror attack, well planned and executed.

Shawn Manning was stationed at Fort Hood and still has two bullets in his leg and spine. He, along with Munley and others, have filed suit. He says the fact that it was called "work place violence" rather than the "terrorist attack" that it was, has cost him $70,000 in lost medical benefits.

In describing her experience with President Obama, Munley tearfully told ABC "Betrayal is a good word."

Indeed. "Betrayal" may in fact be a word that best describes our collective experience by the time we live through these dark days.

President Obama's famous whispered comments to Russian President Dmitri Medvedev, "After my election I will have more flexibility" comes to mind, as we also heard yesterday that the President plans to agree to reduce our nuclear arsenal by about one-third.

Yes, Sgt. Munley, "Betrayal" is probably the best descriptive word.

In Obamaland, royalty is eternal.

In Realville, we have elections.

Will all this be enough to awaken us from our slumber and motivate us to free ourselves from the bondage of tyranny that is being built on the dependence fostered by so-called progressives?

God help us.