Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How To "Really" Help Arlene's Flowers In Richland Washington

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The ACLU and Attorney General Bob Ferguson have started the legal assault on Barronnelle Stutzman, the owner of Arlene's Flowers and Gifts in Richland, Washington because on March 1, she refused to cater flowers to a same-sex "wedding" in the Tri-Cities.

We talked about this incident both on our daily radio program and our daily blog.

This week I noticed that a couple of faith based organizations have begun raising funds on her behalf. While this seems, on the surface, to be commendable, time and experience tells me things are often not as they seem, particularly with certain organizations.

Yesterday I had a personal conversation with Barronnelle.

She shared her heart in regard to how she is responding to the suit filed by A/G Ferguson and to how people can really help her during this difficult time.

As you will recall, back on March 1, Barronnelle declined to provide flowers for a homosexual "marriage" between Robert Ingersoll and Curt Freed, even though they had been long time customers.

She said her personal, biblical faith would not allow her to provide for a "wedding" of people of the same-sex.

To do so would violate her conscience.

As expected, the ACLU has moved forward on the matter bringing national attention.

KOMO News reports that the ACLU is demanding that Barronnelle make a public apology to the two men and that she be required to provide flowers for gay marriages.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson is now suing the shop owner for discrimination.

The complaint, filed on Tuesday, demands that Stutzman be fined at least $2000 and the store be given a permanent injunction requiring it to comply with the newly expanded (2006) anti-discrimination laws.

In other words, they are attempting to force her to violate her religious beliefs and her conscience in how she runs her own business.

She says she will not compromise. This reminds us of A/G McKenna's relentless pursuit of the Stormans family because they refused to carry Plan B abortion pills in their pharmacy in Olympia. After years of litigation and lost business, it has cost the Stormans family well over $500,000 in legal costs ---who knows how much in lost business?

Barronnelle says she will not bow to this attack on her religious beliefs. She told me she has truly placed it in God's hands and knows His will, will be done. She is trusting Him on the matter.

Does she need help? Absolutely.

I am strongly suggesting you help her financially, but not through some other faith based organization. Here's why. In recent events, particularly in regards to the defense of marriage, specifically R-71 and R-74, monies have been given to certain organizations intended to help with the specific issue at hand, but, I believe, have been used to help fund the organization instead. In some cases more than that for which the funds were raised.

Barronnelle told me she has not approved any other fund raising. Obviously she will take whatever is sent to her, however, I would strongly recommend to my readers you send it directly to her, rather than through someone else.

She asks that all funds be sent to:
Arlene's Defense Fund
1177 Lee Blvd.
Richland, WA. 99352

Or you may give to the Fund at any Key Bank branch in Washington state.

We were told when the domestic partners legislation was passed, that everything would be just fine now. It was an expression of fairness.

We were told when homosexual "marriage" was legalized that all religious rights and expressions were covered. Everything would be just fine. Religious people need not be concerned.

However, this is only the beginning.

In the dark world of sin and evil, there is always one more barrier to break through, one more social more to discard and one more biblical institution to redefine.

This is why we must be Vigilant. And Discerning. And Prayerful. And Active. In order to Be Blessed.