Thursday, April 25, 2013

Obama To Keynote Planned Parenthood Gala Tonight---Oooops, Can't Make It

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Yesterday morning USA Today and other news sources were reporting that President Obama would be the keynote speaker for Planned Parenthood's annual gala tonight in Washington DC.

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood said, "President Obama has done more that any other president in history for women's health and rights."

He certainly has done more to advance abortion than any president in the history of our nation.

The President affirmed again last week his unwavering support of abortion.

He said on NBC's Today Show, "What I can say is this: You know, I think President Bill Clinton said it pretty well when he said abortion should be safe, legal and rare."

Is killing fewer babies somehow more moral?

Planned Parenthood donated $15 million to President Obama's re-election campaign last year. You may recall Mitt Romney said he would defund Planned Parenthood if elected.

So friends are friends forever in the abortion industry, right?

Well yes, but the president needed them to cut him a little slack---like he needed from Russia last year.

By yesterday afternoon, things had changed.

Yesterday afternoon the White House announced the President would not be able to keynote the gala tonight after all. The duties of his office prevented it. Too busy.

The President will be a no-show at the biggest Planned Parenthood event of the year? Well, not really.

He plans to slip over Friday morning and speak to his friends. Abortion alliances are strong.

Most everyone concurs that the President is merely trying to deflect some of the criticism he has been receiving the past few days. People have been telling him it is not politically wise to show up as keynote speaker at the annual gala of the world's largest abortion provider, with the murderous trial of abortionist Dr. Kermitt Gosnell seeping its way out of the Philadelphia courtroom across America.

This murder trial has brought to light barbarous acts in the name of "women's health and rights" unequaled in modern human history.

Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood's eugenicist founder, would be proud.

In fact, Fox News is running a documentary on the trial and the Doctor Sunday evening, May 5.

Planned Parenthood has been making the case that the events of the Gosnell trial are rare---never happen---exceptional---not the rule.

Star Parker, columnist and activist, says that is not true. This is not some bizarre exception to the rule.

Parker says just ask Dr. Day Gardner, director of the Black Pro-Life Union, who has dedicated her life to covering these kinds of occurrences.

Garden says, "This is not an exception. These realities are happening every day all over our country."

Parker says just this week the Washington Times reported that Gosnell-like conditions have existed at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Vice President Joe Biden's backyard in Delaware.

Parker says these atrocities happen for 2 reasons:

"One, we still as a nation are willing to tolerate the reality of abortion. We still allow ourselves to believe that Gosnell should be convicted of murder because of a botched abortion, the live child was born, and still destroyed it. But somehow it would have been okay if that same child died while still in the womb."

"And two," she says, "the squalid conditions allowing the butchering to take place all over the nation persist for the same reason that the Gosnell trial almost went uncovered. The press does not want to report about the gruesome truths of abortion. And because it occurs disproportionately among low income, minority women, it has even less interest."

I agree.

And I would add, this is happening because we have turned away from God.

So the President will skip the main black tie gala event tonight, but meet with his abortion allies tomorrow morning for breakfast.

Yeah, I suppose that will fool the people and everything will be just fine as Planned Parenthood continues to receive hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars from the government, continues to get their people elected to the White House and perform an abortion every 94 seconds, 365 days a year.

And the black tie gala will go on.

And as the atrocities are exposed, they will declare them to be rare---an exception.

And Mr. Clinton will continue to call people to strive to make abortions "safe, legal and rare." And the abortion industry will fully understand why the President just couldn't keep his speaking commitment tonight.

The hand writing is on the wall. We are being weighed in the balances.

God help us.