Monday, April 08, 2013

Triumph Of Science Or Assault On Women---And Morality?

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The ruling of a federal judge this past Friday is being hailed as a triumph of science over politics by some, and an attack on women, particularly young girls, and parental rights, by others.

A federal judge has ordered the USDA to make the morning after-"Plan B" birth control pill available over the counter, to anyone who asks for it, regardless of age.

The "Pill," referred to as an abortion pill by some, has only been available to women and girls over 16 years of age without a prescription. Now it will be available to all women and girls of any age, without prescription or parental consent.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommended last year the Plan B pill be made available to all women, regardless of age. They said it would "reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies in the U.S."

Teva Women's Health, Inc. had previously asked the FDA to make the drug available without prescription, to all women, regardless of age. Teva manufactures the Plan B pill.

But it was the Center for Reproductive Rights that had filed the lawsuit seeking to expand access of the pill to children.

The judge said the arguments in favor of restricting the availability of the pill were, "arbitrary, capricious and unreasonable."

What a judge sees as arbitrary, capricious and unreasonable, is seen by some, myself included, as morally debased, capricious or erratic, discriminatory toward young girls and an assault on parental rights. And deficient of common sense.

Here's why.

The judge's description of those who argued in favor of restricting availability of the "pill" to little girls, best described himself and his ruling. And those who advocated for this ruling.

There are several important things to be taken away from this.

1. In the abortion industry, you must always follow the money. Planned Parenthood is a black hole in the abyss of the abortion and birth control industry. Each year they receive more and more taxpayer dollars for so-called "women's reproductive health services"---hundreds of millions of dollars. Each year they promise to not use taxpayer money for abortions, while carefully disguising their primary function--abortion, with various other services.

Planned Parenthood has been caught lying to the American public more times then most can count. Yet the number of politicians who support and fund them, with your money, is astounding.

In that spirit, it was Teva Women's Health Inc. who, in 2011, first asked the FDA to release the "pill" to all sexually active women and girls.

Teva manufactures the "pill." More pills sold, more money.

However it was the Center for Reproductive Rights that actually filed the lawsuit.

Nancy Northup, president and CEO of the "Center" said, "Today, science has finally prevailed over politics."

It also prevailed over morality. And it wasn't science.

Northup also said, "This landmark court decision has struck a huge blow to the deep seated discrimination that has for too long denied women access to a full range of safe and effective birth control methods."

Abortion is considered an elective method of birth control.

The "Center" is a global reproductive rights organization that uses constitutional and international law to advance abortion in over 45 countries. They work closely with the United Nations. Their list of donors and grants reads like a list of champions in the abortion community. They also receive money from federal and international sources.

Nancy Northup and Katheleen Sebelius (presently Secretary of Health and Human Services in the Obama administration) were both strong supporters of the late, "late term abortionist" Dr. George Tiller.
2. This issue is also about two competing worldviews. One is based on doing what is right in one's own eyes, without restraint or accountability and constantly evolving and changing morality and truth; the other is about embracing absolute, biblical moral values and God's model for the family. It's about the sanctity of life, because each person is created in the image and likeness of God Himself. And these views are worlds apart.

As the family model is being deconstructed by secular progressives who attach more value to so-called "choice" than to family structure and parental rights, this is, according to Bill Donohue of the Catholic League, a "display of contempt shown for parental rights."

He says, "A twelve year old girl in a New York City school cannot be given an aspirin by her teacher, even if she has a fever. The same girl cannot buy a large soda during lunchtime because Mayor Michael Bloomberg has decreed that it is not good for her. But she can be given a pill, unbeknownst to her parents, that could arguably abort her baby."

The abortion industry is more about assuming the role of God than it is about "choice." Just last week a spokesman for Planned Parenthood argued publicly that a baby born live that was intended to aborted still had no right to live.

3. Americans United for Life Pres. Dr. Charmaine Yoest has identified a third aspect of this issue that every parent and grandparent must be aware of. Now that this "morning after" pill can be sold to girls of any age over the counter, it also opens the door for young girls to be manipulated into covering up the criminal act of statutory rape or sexual abuse.

"This allows young girls pressured into sex or even abused by adults to be manipulated into taking pills that cover up what is a criminal act," she says.

"Young girls need medical supervision in taking such a potent and potentially life-ending drug," said Dr. Yoest. "The implications for informed consent -- and the long-term health impact on women of all ages -- are deeply troubling."

She also points out that, "This decision allows the abortion industry to gamble with young girls' health in distributing a life-ending drug, with no real understanding of the long-term implications on their bodies."

I personally believe the abortion movement is driven more by a rebellion toward the Creator and monetary gain, than by any empathetic sense of trying to "help" women.

I have raised the possibility, on several occasions, of a legislative move to defund any part of Planned Parenthood in Washington State. There are legislators who are ready to move on any legislation to do so, however we are not even close to the numbers in the Legislature we need to make that happen.

I sincerely believe a sustained and funded effort can amplify our united voice on moral issues in the culture.

I do not personally seek to be a single voice for spiritual and cultural restoration. I seek to join my voice with yours so that our voices can be amplified and heard.

However, I will stand alone if necessary. I have no choice. I must speak to these issues. I must ask you to join me.

I personally believe we can start winning, not loosing. I believe it is possible to elect people of traditional values in many, not all, but many of the legislative districts if we work together with one voice and one motive.

The first step to change the culture is a spiritual one. Getting it right with God in our own lives, then beginning to reach out to those closest to us in our own community, then our county, then the state, then our country.

It won't turn on one piece of legislation or election, but it can happen.

Each win can be another brick in the wall of restoration.

Remember, Nehemiah restored the broken down walls of the city with a trowel in one hand and God's promises in the other. This is a lesson for God's people of all times.

A personal note:

Tomorrow, I am having the second of my total knee replacement surgery. I'm doing this so I can do more and be more active in relation to these most important issues. I have written a blog that will be published tomorrow and one that will be published Wednesday . I will not be writing another one Thursday or Friday of this week. I need a couple of days to recover. I will resume next Monday.

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Be Vigilant. Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. . Be Blessed.