Friday, August 02, 2013

Warning: "These Are Not The Cartoons You Grew Up With"

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The Parent's Television Council has issued an urgent and stern warning to parents and grandparents concerning the explicit content of an animated programming block that has just been launched on television.

PTC says what Fox has been airing on their Sunday night cartoons are "tame" compared to the content of these new programs.

While the programs are not new, per se, they have been available on-line, they are new to broadcast television, and consequently more younger children.

And they are disgustingly immoral in their ground breaking objectionable content.

I'm writing about this today to sound a strong warning to parents and grand parents. This is the worst I've seen on local broadcast TV and its available on your local TV station now.

On Sunday, July 21, Fox gave viewers a preview of the new animated programming block they are calling ADHD (Animation Domination, High Def) during the middle of their prime-time programming.

Fox is attempting to use the following they have gathered for the programming online to launch a more lucrative following on broadcast television.

PTC says the programming "is modeled on (and from the creator of ) Cartoon Network's 'Adult Swim' programming block...and features horrifically graphic, ultra-violent, sexually explicit, profanity-laden cartoons."

PTC believes it will become very tempting for kids to watch these programs unless parents are aware and vigilant.

The programming is deceptive with themes and titles like, "High School USA" and "Scientifically Accurate Spider Man," making it appear to be kid friendly.

It is anything but that.

The first installment aired last Sunday and PTC says it was worse than expected.

They said, "These are not the cartoons you grew up with."

I have reviewed the cartoons and am not going to put the content in this Blog. However, PTC has written a sample email message that they are asking people to send to Extended Stay America, one of the major sponsors last Sunday.

This link takes you to the sample email and an over view of the content in the featured "High School USA" episode.

The content is very explicit.

I strongly recommend every parent and grandparent go to the link above and read the overview.

Your child or grandchild can watch this stuff on your local Fox channel. Please be informed.

One of the segments is a group of high school age cartoon character kids talking about "sexting" As I said, this content is very explicit and in the one scene the mother of a young girl is affirming the practice and telling her daughter she wishes she'd had that opportunity when she was young and explains what she had to do because she didn't have texting available.

God help us.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Informed. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.