Thursday, February 27, 2014

Religious Liberty Vetoed in Arizona

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After all the controversy surrounding the Arizona Legislature's passing of Senate Bill 1062, designed to provide clarification of existing religious freedom law, Governor Brewer has vetoed it.

And in doing so, she has bowed to the fierce demands of homosexual activists and their advocates, but has also struck a blow to religious freedom, miserably failing the faith community.

National attention was drawn to the Arizona issue when it became a "gay rights matter," yet the bill makes no mention of gay rights in its text.

The bill did not plow new ground, as they say, it was simply an amendment to the 1999 state Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a state law similar to the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act signed into law in 1993 by President Bill Clinton.

This bill, Senate Bill 1062, was designed to merely clarify the protection already offered in the state Religious Freedom Restoration Act. It would have clarified that protections extend to any "state action" and would apply to "any individual, association, partnership, corporation, church, religious assembly or institution or other business organization."

In other words, it protected all citizens and the associations they can form from undue burdens by the government on their religious liberty or from private lawsuits that would have the same results.

This bill was deemed "discriminatory" not only by homosexual activists, but by industry leaders such as Brad Tilsen, CEO of Alaska Airlines, "conservative" Mitt Romney, Sen. John McCain and a list of others.

Who now has been discriminated against? Who has been treated to extreme intolerance? Whose freedom and right of conscience has been "vetoed?"

If you are interested, this is the text of Arizona Senate Bill 1062

This is a link to the Associated Press article that is presently being quoted. Much more comment will be published today on this issue.

While the bill didn't directly address homosexual "rights," it included all so called rights that can be used to undermine religious freedom.

This decision by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, coupled with a federal judge striking down the gay "marriage" ban in Texas yesterday is being hailed and celebrated by homosexuals and progressives across the country.

These decisions are being hailed as "progress" by the progressives, with activists proclaiming this as yet another nail in the coffin of outdated biblical principles and values.

While these kinds of decisions stoke the fires of passion, they also continue to shed light on how very far we have drifted from our founding principles.

Heritage Foundation's "The Foundry" points out that "Part of the genius of the American system of government is our commitment to protecting the liberty and First Amendment freedoms of all citizens while respecting their equality before the law. The government protects the freedom of citizens to seek the truth about God and worship according to their conscience, and live out their convictions in public life. Like wise, citizens are free to form contracts and other associations according to their own values."

The question that comes to mind is, "Does every florist need to provide wedding arrangements for every ceremony? Does every photographer need capture every first kiss?" Of course not. Unless it is a same-sex "marriage."

America was conceived in liberty---religious liberty, not the freedom to force affirmation and celebration of same-sex behavior on those who reject it because the Bible condemns it.

What next?

I'm talking more about this on the radio today. Specifically discussing the Christian's response to the continuing assault of religious freedom.

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