Friday, May 02, 2014

God--Allah--And Atheists

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As people of Christian faith gathered across America yesterday on the National Day of Prayer, asking God's blessing, forgiveness and restoration, atheists continued their demands for states to recognize a "National Day of Reason."

The Daily KOS, a far left publication says, "Choosing reason over religion is more important now than ever."

Our public education system agrees, as long as the religion is Christian. If it's "other," that's different.

Multiculturalism trumps separation of church and state and in the mind of the government run schools, Islam is to be accommodated while Christianity..... not so much.

In fact, Islam has a systematic approach, web site and all, for dealing with public schools---how to get accommodation for designated prayer areas and how to get other special accommodations.

The secular progressives call it multiculturalism. It is the most deceptive cultural conflict in the history of our nation.

The Daily Kos says, "There is no war on Christianity by Atheists, Agnostics, Humanists, Secularists or Free Thinkers. Contrary to what many would have you believe," they say, "American Christians are not persecuted and are free to pray anytime, in any place, each and every day of the year."

No, they are not killing us with machetes because we're Christians, as in some countries, but to suggest there is no persecution against the public practice of Christianity in America is, at best, very uninformed. At worst,it's a lie. But then truth is relative.

As far as Christians praying anywhere, anytime, etc., I suggest they read some news, any news, other than their own. Watch what happens when people start mentioning God or attempting to pray in Jesus name, etc. in upcoming commencements.

I have a file of over 40 cases that I know about where kids were challenged, punished and even expelled for attempting to give public expression to their faith in Jesus Christ in public school. And that's during the past 12 months.

It's the same in city halls, county offices, state houses and elsewhere. And we all know it.

Here's the latest episode of "none discrimination." Or "separation."

Last week, the Wood County Board of Education in West Virginia painted over the motto of the wrestling team at Parksburg South High.


You already know the answer. Because the team motto was Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me."

The Freedom From Religion Foundation found a few who didn't like it--even though it has been the team's motto for the past 10 years, wrote a threatening letter to the school district demanding they remove the "Christian" expression or they would sue and the school immediately got out their paint brush and painted over the motto.

The wrestling team also have t-shirts with their motto that they personally paid for. The superintendent says, "That will be an ongoing debate." But what's the debate? They bought the shirts with their own money.

The district superintendent also told the local media, "We had to take it down," adding that "we're going to be certain that everyone's rights are being protected."

That's the great deception.

Everyone's rights? That's my point. Everyone's rights are not being protected.

Here's the atheist mantra: You must keep church and state separate. Or we will sue the school district that has no money.

This drama of Atheists crusading to get God out of public life in America---specifically public schools and the military, but also the public market in general, using an inverted and deceptive explanation of what Thomas Jefferson actually said to the Danbury Baptists regarding the church and government, has created the perfect "atheist, anti-American storm" because there is one more component.

On the one hand, we have an imposed silence about God in military and the public classroom, even threatening military personal with punishment for proselytizing---sharing their faith with their peers, and punishing protestant chaplains for praying in Jesus' name, while atheists rail and advocate daily in K-12, and universities, threatening to sue if Christians express their beliefs.

Many feel atheism is itself a religion, myself included, but that is not considered.

However, there is yet another component in our cultural chaos that is also not considered "religion."

Public education in America is itself the front line of both the cultural war and the war on Christians.

The Telegraph, a British newspaper read around the world, has been reporting on the growing influence of Islam on the culture and particularly on the school classroom in the UK.

Other news sources have reported this as well. They are all saying there is an endless demand for concessions and accommodations to Islamic demands in UK public schools. The British authorities are now beginning to look for corrective actions they can take to reverse the trend. Some say it's too late.

This last month, a bomb shell was dropped as the Telegraph gained access to a "leaked letter" outlining a program to take over public schools in the UK. The plan, purportedly called the "Trojan Horse," was so severe that a number of UK schools are now faced with "special measures" in an attempt to maintain control of their schools.

In recent years, the UK has also taken care to stifle Christian expression in their public schools.

Now, in one school, Breitbart News reveals that "Christian students had to teach themselves religious education because the teacher was devoting all his time to Muslim students and issues.

Many non Muslim teachers and administrators are now leaving the public classrooms in the UK.

Well, that's Europe, not America.

Last year, a Colorado high school defended its decision to allow high school students at Rocky Mountain High to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic with the phrase "one nation under Allah."

US colleges and universities are beginning to provide mini-mosques and Islamic foot baths.

Other schools are participating in similar activities, including high schools providing Islamic prayer rooms. Read the article linked above.

Islamic supremacist groups have for some time been consulting with textbook providers resulting in heavily slanted classroom teaching on Islam.

Parents are learning that some "curriculum" and classroom helps actually attempt to proselytize the kids.

But what about separation of church and state?

An independent national textbook monitoring organization has said that "textbooks present an incomplete view of Islam."

They cite the middle school textbook Across The Centuries, History Alive!, the Medieval World and Beyond and the high school text, Medieval and Early Modern Times as presenting only a favorable presentation of Islam.

For example, Medieval and Early Modern Times calls the al-Andalus, Islam ruled Spain, a "multicultural society." And History Alive says medieval Spain was "a unique culture that flourished in cities like Cordoba and Toledo where Muslims, Jews and Christians all lived together peacefully. However, unrevised history tells a different story. Jews and Christians were forced to pay an additional tax simply because of who they were. History is very clear that there were many restrictions and penalties placed on Christians and Jews that were never placed on others..

Islam is elevated and celebrated while Christianity is attacked and denigrated in the American classroom.

Islamic activists fully understand what is going on. Atheists have, in effect, become their advocates in silencing Christianity. While this confrontation plays out, Islam is training their folks how to work the school system and gain concessions from public schools.

They have set up a web site called "Sound Vision." It is designed to help immigrants acclimate into our culture, but it is also designed to guide parents in gaining concessions for public expression of religion.

Under the heading, "How To Get Religious Accommodation in The Public School System," Muslims are given a 6-step guide. Click and read it.

As the secular progressives bask in the glow of multiculturalism and anti-Christian "reason," attempting to blow out the flame of Christianity, there is a hand appearing on the wall. And that hand is beginning to write.....

Will we take a stand for righteousness before we too are weighed in the balances and found wanting?

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Bold. Be Blessed.