Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Censoring Faith, Freedom and Family

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It appears the secular progressive left feel they have reached "ramming speed" in regard to censoring faith, freedom and family in American culture.

Even though classes are out for the summer, the stories of censorship and indoctrination continue from America's public classrooms.

Eighteen-year old Andrew Lampart learned one big thing as he completed high school this year.

He learned that Jesus, Republicans, the pro-marriage movement and the NRA all seem to be in one category, while Karl Marx, the Democratic Party, Planned Parenthood, LGBT Nation and Islam are in another.

One category is available to him on the high school library web site, the other category is not. It's blocked.

Here's what happened.

Last month Andrew's law class was told to prepare for a debate on gun control.

Andrew began his research to prepare for the debate.

He soon discovered that he had unrestricted access to secular progressive web sites, but conservative and Christian web sites were blocked.

He became curious.

He went to the National Rifle Association web site. It was blocked.

The Second Amendment Foundation site was blocked. So was the Connecticut Republican Party, National Right to Life and Pope Francis and the Catholic web sites. The state pro-marriage organization web site was also blocked.

However, pro-gun control web sites were not blocked---easily accessible. The Connecticut Democratic web site? Available.

Planned Parenthood and the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender (LGBT) Nation web site? No problem. Come on in and discover your gender identity.

He could access the Islamic web site, but not Pope Francis or the Catholic Church sites.

It was then that it occurred to this 18-year old that his school may be more interested in "indoctrination" than "education."

More curiosity.

Andrew also found that Red,, Paul Ryan for Congress,,,, and other similar sites were also blocked.

He gathered all his evidence and took it to his principal. The principal referred him to the superintendent, who promised him he would look into it.

Time went by, the end of school was near, yet nothing happened. No response.

Andrew then took the evidence to a school board meeting. He said they "seemed surprised" and promised to look into it. He also told them he had shared his evidence with Fox News.

Soon after the board meeting, the Superintendent sent a lengthy letter to Todd Starnes at Fox, admitting "apparent inconsistencies" in the school filtering system "particularly along conservative and liberal lines."

The letter is lengthy and filled with the typical response in these situations, with a crescendo statement that is a banner for all secular progressive educators: "The school is committed to providing diverse points of views for the students."

No they're not. That's not true.

If it were true, the web sites mentioned above as blocked from the students would not be blocked.

Todd Starnes with Fox News was first to report on this matter. Others have now written about it.

After Starnes had reported the story, he concluded, "Mr. Superintendent Tear Down This Wall."


But in some respects, it is not merely a wall separating people from the truth, it is a progressive warship on the attack of any beliefs that do not conform to the secular progressive narrative and worldview.

We have seen in recent months bakers, florists, photographers and pharmacists attacked and sued, not because they advocated against the secular progressives, but simply refused to affirm them with their services.

In fact, this past graduation season has seen unprecedented attacks including cancellations of commencement speakers who may have a different view than that of the far left progressives.

Has the far left progressives become so confident that they have now reached what they believe is "Ramming Speed?"

I believe some of them have.

Ramming Speed is a term that dates as far back as war itself. It means that a vehicle of war would reach a certain speed---"ramming speed," which is different than "attack speed," just before it rammed into a vehicle of the other side. When it reached "ramming speed," the other vehicle would be destroyed, while the one attaining "ramming speed" would not.

There is a memorable scene in the classic film Ben Hur where the galley captain is testing the strength of the slaves who are rowing the warship to see if they can attain "ramming speed." This is a link to the 3-minute clip of that scene.

In a way, the secular progressive left have become so emboldened in recent years, they are no longer calling for "tolerance," although they have claimed it as their virtue. They are not even calling for "equality" or "equal rights" because they have achieved "special rights" and are bending social norms, forcing the public to not only accept deviant behaviors, but affirm them for fear of retribution, legal and social.

How many have lost their job or a contract in the last year because they believed something different then the drum beat of the progressives? Too many.

History also records that there were many cases where the aggressor believed they had reached "Ram Speed" but had underestimated the strength of their target and at full impact found themselves in a sinking ship.

Be Strong. Be Vigilant. Be Certain. God is with us.