Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Gay US Ambassador Declares Civil War Over

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US Ambassador to Australia, John Berry, says President Obama's election to president was the "true last closing chapter of the Civil War."

Berry, who is "married" to a man, is described on the Embassy of the United States web site as "the highest ranking openly LGBT executive in US history."

What is the message from this high ranking US official?

Is Berry declaring the struggle for equality by African Americans should now cease and desist because it's over, equality has been achieved? Is this the message of the president Berry serves under?

Or is Mr. Berry suggesting all energies and resources should now be directed toward the gay agenda, rather than others of diminished importance or urgency?

Berry's comments were made at a press conference announcing that the US Park Services will now be placing monuments and interpretive centers across America to celebrate and interpret the homosexual agenda.

John Berry represents the United States of America to the people of Australia. He is the official face and voice of this country.

In his comments at the Parks event, he said a woman in Australia recently asked him about civil rights in America.

He said, "I reminded her that it took 100 years to strike off the shackles of slavery, and 100 more to write the true closing chapter of our Civil War with the election of our first African American president."

Berry says he thinks "she was also referring to our advances in LGBT equality both in military service and for marriage."

That may well be, however, all who are asking about the speed in which America is moving down the path to normalize an act that is condemned by the Bible and every major religion in the history of the human race is not necessarily in agreement with Mr. Berry's agenda and behavior.

Some are inquiring because they are stunned by our arrogance and ignorance in violating such fundamental values and virtues. And natural law.

We don't know what the woman was thinking, but we certainly know what the homosexual activists are thinking and doing with taxpayer dollars.

While their newest effort to advance their lifestyle is receiving donations from other activists like billionaire Tim Gill, there is plenty of US government cost involved as well.

We also know that the US Parks service has launched an aggressive program to install monuments and interpretive centers to "celebrate and interpret lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history in the context of broader American history."

Some are wondering by what authority they are advancing this public relations "educational" program.

They say the National Historical Preservation Act of 1966, as revised, gives them the necessary authorization.

They also say elected officials in both the House and the Senate are encouraging the project and have sent a letter endorsing the effort.

The letter from the House of Representatives is signed by 18 Democrats and 2 Republicans.

The letter from the Senate is signed by Democrats.

When CNS News asked the Park Service which specific sites related to bi-sexuals and transgenders, they replied "the need to find those sites is why this project is taking place."

These interpretations will be made to kids and families, some of whom will believe it is part of our American heritage. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There is a tragic side to this history that will never be "interpreted" for the public who see the displays in our parks and public places.

For more than 5000 years of recorded history, homosexuality was defined by an act. The act was called sodomy. Every major religion in history has agreed with the Bible in condemning it as harmful, destructive and sin. Every successful culture has affirmed biblical teaching on the issue.

In more recent years it has been redefined as a condition ---"homosexuality". Medical science believed it to be treatable.

In most recent years it has become an identity---"Gay". Advocates have successfully equated it to ethnicity and the legitimate Civil Rights movement.

In our lifetime we have come to see our government celebrate it and enshrine it into law as normal, when human history, God's Word and God's Nature says it is not.

We have seen our government equate a sexual behavior to ethnicity. And celebrate it.

God help us.