Monday, June 02, 2014

"Your Free To Hold Religious Beliefs--But Don't Practice Them."

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Jack Phillips is a master cake maker, he is also a biblical Christian.

This is not the first time we've heard this story, but Friday's ruling goes beyond what we have seen in the past in attacking religious freedom, freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

It is a revealing moment, affirming what many of us had already sensed. It is a defining moment in regard to what homosexual activists are demanding and government is enforcing.

President Obama and his people have recently changed the narrative on this issue, repeatedly using the words "freedom of worship" rather than "freedom of religion."

The ruling against Jack Phillips reveals what they mean by "freedom of worship."

Their words and the actions that follow are chilling to anyone who values religious freedom, religious expression and freedom of speech.

Here's what happened last Friday.

In 2012, David Mullins and Charlie Craig came into Jack Phillip's Masterpiece Bakery in Lakewood, a suburb of Denver, and ordered a "wedding cake."

Phillips politely told the two he could not make a wedding cake for them because of his religious convictions and biblical belief on marriage. He said he would be happy to make any other kind of cake for them, but not a wedding cake.

Although marriage in Colorado is only between one man and woman---so-called same-sex "marriage" is banned, the two men insisted. Jack said he couldn't do it and referred them to another bakery.

They became angry and filed suit.

Last December, a Colorado judge ruled that the Christian baker has to make cakes for ceremonies, regardless of his own personal beliefs and he has to prove that he has done so.

In January, attorney's with Alliance Defending Freedom appealed the decision on behalf of Phillips.

Friday the state Civil Rights Commission ruled.

Given the recent history regarding the photographer in New Mexico, the bakers in Gresham, Oregon and the Flower Shop in Richland, Washington, to name a few, the Commission's ruling was not surprising, but their words were revealing---particularly in view of the words President Obama and his administration have begun to use recently.

The 7-member Commission ruled unanimously that the civil rights statute trumps religious freedom and freedom of expression.

You can discriminate against Christians because of their biblical faith, but you cannot discriminate or even choose not to participate in affirming a sexual behavior that homosexuals now use as an identity.

Homosexuality is a behavior, not an ethnicity. It is not a civil right, and it is not equivalent to ethnicity, but Americans have bought into the deception.

In this ruling, the government Commission went well beyond the verbal attacks that have come with the other rulings against religious freedom.

ADF had said, "Every artist must be free to create work that expresses what he or she believes, and not be forced to express contrary views. The First Amendment protects our freedom to speak on any issue without fear of punishment by the government."

The Founding Fathers also expressed the same sentiment and held the same understanding of the First Amendment.

The judge disagreed in January and the Commission disagreed last Friday.

Raju Jairam, vice-chair of the Commission says, "Any person doing business in Colorado has to recognize that they have to do business in an ethical and law abiding way."

The Commission and the judge is saying the state's anti-discrimination law trumps freedom of religion and religious expression.

However, it is the words of vice-chair Raju Jairam and the Commission ruling that is very chilling. It says religious liberty does not go beyond beliefs to practice.

He said, "I can believe anything I want, but if I'm going to do business here, I'd ought to not discriminate against people."

In this statement, the message to biblical Christians is "You can believe anything you want to believe, but don't try to practice it outside the walls of your church in the public market."

By refusing to affirm and celebrate a sexual behavior because of your biblical beliefs will no longer be tolerated outside your church building.

Recently President Obama and others in his administration have begun using the term " freedom of religious worship" in place of "freedom of religion."

"Worship" is more related to activities within your church building. "Freedom of religion" or "freedom of expression" more to activities in public.

Our cultural history has always worked on the premise that people could live out their faith in the culture.

This change in words reflect the secular progressive's view, not of where we have been in regard to religious freedom, but where we are going in the march toward "remaking America" and attempting to usher in the philosophical "New Age" or "New World Order."

The Commission has ordered Phillips to "stop discriminating against gay people," document any customers he refuses to serve, provide "anti-discrimination training for his staff and report quarterly for 2 years."

The homosexual men who filed the suit say they are "thrilled."

Jack Phillips says, "I will stand by my convictions until somebody shuts me down."

And he says thank you to the incredible support he is seeing from the Christian community. He says the bakery has been overwhelmed by support.

However, the homosexual attack has begun. They are publicly calling him a "disgusting pig" and those who support him disgusting pigs. And much worse.

They are saying publicly, "If he were a real Christian, none of this would be an issue."

The 2% of Americans who practice a behavior the Bible calls sin, are, along with their allies in the White House and other morally confused political leaders, not only redefining marriage and the culture, but now attempting to redefine what it means to be a Christian.

Can we continue to remain silent? And cloistered in our church buildings telling one another Christians should not "become involved in politics?"---While we exercise "freedom of worship?"

How far are we from being told it is "intolerant" and proselytizing to share our faith in Christ, and therefore illegal?

Our military personal are being told that already. Will it be discriminatory to share Jesus Christ with an atheist? A Hindu, Muslim or Buddhist? I believe we are on the threshold of those kinds of laws, unless....

And what will we tell Christ when he reminds us that He told us to go into all the world and share the gospel to every creature? Will "I didn't want to get involved in 'politics' be sufficient?"

This past Friday evening, Sarah Palin told a crowd, "It is time to stop President Barack Obama's 'fundamental transformation of America' and turn it around to a 'fundamental restoration'."