Monday, July 14, 2014

Benham Brothers To Christians: "Don't Back Down"

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Remember when HGTV canceled the Benham Brothers premiere TV show last month because the twin brothers hold biblical beliefs?

Both believe in the sanctity of life---not abortion, and natural biblical marriage---not so-called same-sex "marriage."

After months of promotion and commitments to both the brothers and people who had purchased "fixer upper" homes that were to be renovated and resold on the Benham brother's show, HGTV announced they were "backing out"---and walked away.

I wrote about it at the time. 

Wait until you hear the back story, or as Paul Harvey used to say---"the rest of the story."

People had purchased homes in need of serious repair on the strength of HGTV's commitment that the homes would be renovated and resold as part of the new program series.

The goal of the Benhams and the program was to provide home ownership for low income people who would have never had the opportunity to own their own home.

The Benhams had restructured a good deal of their business plans to accommodate the program production schedule.

Both the Benham brothers and the people who had invested in a broken down house were left swinging in the wind, as they say.

The Benham brothers have now acted on their faith and kept their commitment. It's inspiring.

And they have shared with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association how this episode has given them specific direction going forward. Its challenging, inspiring and informing.

Days after the HGTV episode took place, Sun Trust announced they were also cutting ties with the brothers and their multimillion dollar company for the same reasons.

While the HGTV show was not particularly important to the brothers financial future, Sun Trust was very important. The loss of that financial and business relationship on such short notice could have broken the back of the successful company.

The Benham Brothers said at the time the Sun Trust decision "caught us off guard."

They said, "Keeping us off television wasn't enough, now this agenda to silence wants us out of the market place."

The twin brothers never wavered in their faith. At the time they said, "If our faith costs us our TV show and our business, then so be it."

Ironically, within hours of their decision, Sun Trust reversed the decision and publicly said they would continue in the business relationship and would not sever ties with the brothers.

HGTV never did reverse their decision.

In a press release last week, the Benham brothers announced they have kept their word at their own expense, to all those who bought broken down homes to be renovated on the show, even though HGTV did not honor their agreement.

All the homes have been renovated and are listed on the market for sale as of last week. One has already sold.

The news media, in their coverage, was quick to honor HGTV and their courage for standing against bigotry, hate, discrimination and all the other labels they attach to those who hold biblical beliefs on life and marriage.

It's doubtful you will read much about what I have shared with you in the news media.

But there's more. Much more.

The Benhams have shared with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association how they are responding beyond taking care of all the people who had bought broken houses for the show.

If you read nothing else today, take a couple of minutes and read the BGEA story linked above.

The brothers say this episode has served as a calling to face the giant of the abortion agenda and the homosexual agenda that has silenced the church.

Here are a highlights from the story:

  • The brothers equate the pro-abortion and homosexual agenda to a bully. "The bully" they say is the obnoxiously intolerant side of the gay and pro-choice agenda---not a cable network, or a person or a people group.
  • Jesus loves all people-but He does not love all ideas.
  • The brothers now feel a call to confront the issue, not shop for another network or cable channel to carry their show.
  • Many well intentioned people are telling them they need to protect their image so they can continue to prosper and do good. Their response?

"You can take our image and put it in the trash, we're not going to run from this issue."

  • "David didn't say, 'wait a minute, how is this going to affect my path to the throne?' Instead he asked Goliath ' Who do you think you are? You defy the armies of God'."
  • We're not doing this because we want to fight", they say, It's "because we love Jesus. We're compelled by love and we're willing to be bold because of this love."
  • "We're not men who follow a purpose driven life. We follow a Person-driven life. We let the Person of God take control of our purpose."

The brothers are telling the church we need to pray---face down before God, and then begin to take control of this issue in our culture. And they are making several suggestions.

I'm talking more about their comments and our response today on the radio.

I believe the tide is turning in America and in the church.

You may join me live from anywhere in the world at 9 AM PDT or rebroadcast at 7:30 PM PDT. Here's how.

Be Prayerful. Be Bold. Be Pro-Active.