Wednesday, July 30, 2014

NBA Star Jeremy Lin Found On Skid Row In LA

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Shortly after receiving his Los Angeles Lakers team jersey, Jeremy Lin, well known NBA star and committed Christian, was found by the media on skid row in LA.

The Los Angeles Times and other news organizations are now reporting what Lin was doing on skid row.

The LA Times reported that Lin was passing out personal items and food to the homeless at skid row's Midnight Mission.

Here are a few take away thoughts for those of us who are not professional basketball players.

  • Although Jeremy Lin is well known worldwide as an outstanding pro basketball player, one woman off the street heard he was in the mission, looked in and said "Which one's the basketball player?" Lin, not very tall by basketball standards, was standing between 2 "older" men---probably in their 50's. Another homeless guy explained "He's the Oriental guy."

    Take Away Thought: Our most effective point may not be how famous we are, but how faithful we are. Lin was not trying to be recognized, but to serve.
  • LA Laker guard Nick Young joined Lin at the mission to help serve the needy. Young, a native of Los Angeles, told the Times he'd driven by skid row before but "had never been out on the streets."

    Take Away Thought: When we involve ourselves in God's work, it attracts others to also get involved---others who have been merely "driving by."
  • Lin, just traded to LA from the Houston Rockets, introduced himself to Los Angeles with a Christian witness and action.

    He is a committed Christian and attracts hundreds of thousands of people to his Christian outreach services in Taiwan which he conducts annually.

    Lin became ultra famous in this country while playing for the New York Knicks. He played so well and was loved so much by the New York fans, the media coined the phrase "Linsanity" to describe Lin's relationship with the fans.

    But Lin told the New York Times, "I'm not trying to recreate "Linsanity." He says when he was in New York he may have "held on too tightly," now he just wants to be himself and move forward, having learned from the past.

    Take Away Thought: Hold "things" lightly, while holding firm to God and His Word. Learn from the past, but don't get trapped in it.

    Press toward the mark of the high calling in Christ. Yesterday may have been terrific, or it may have been a disaster---in either case, press toward the mark--- be available today.

    Address today's challenges through yesterday's experience and tomorrow's hope in the Lord and His promises.
  • The Los Angeles Lakers have done a number of community activities, but have never before teamed up with a non profit ministry until now when they partnered with Lin's ministry foundation.

    Take Away Thought: Your commitment and enthusiastic actions will motivate others to act as well.

Jeremy Lin told the press and promised the Los Angeles fans he "will play for God" and will "do his best."

I'm certain he will.

Perhaps the larger question is, will we?

Be Faithful. Be Obedient. Be Enthusiastic. Be Pro-Active. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.