Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"Black Americans Being Merchandised By Liberals"

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Joseph L. Green is Black, he is a pastor, he is not a Republican and he tells it like it is.

He says he has never been a Republican, but is a conservative and says "Black America is being merchandised by the liberals."

He recalls a conversation he had with a caller to his radio show who said, "I'm surprised that, as a black man, you are against same-sex marriage."

Green says this is one of the many ways the liberal or progressive left is deceiving the Black community.

He says, "To equate homosexuality with race is absurd." Yet, he says, there is a disconnect in the Black community between what they believe and how they vote. Their politics don't match their beliefs.

However, he says, Blacks are beginning to move off the "mental plantation" that is run by the liberals.

He says even though the majority of Blacks believe in God, are for traditional marriage---between one man and one woman, are pro-life and believe in religious freedom, they still overwhelmingly support the Democratic Party and its candidates.

Green explains that "if you are Black, you are expected to be a Democrat and consistently vote for liberal causes."

If you do not do so, he says, you are considered "not Black enough" or a "sell out."

This is why Green says Blacks are being merchandised by liberals.

His focus is not on the political parties per se, but on the ideology---the conservative belief system associated with Christian, biblical beliefs---like marriage between one man and one woman, the sanctity of life and religious freedom.

Green says sadly most all Black people believe in these truths and principles, yet there is a disconnect between their beliefs and the way they vote, and their political affiliations.

However the point of Green's article is that he sees "a shift happening, more and more people of color are waking up and coming out of the mental plantation of liberalism."

He says, "They are recognizing that liberal causes are not only in opposition to what their deeply rooted morals and values dictate, but overwhelmingly we see the deep destruction that the liberal platforms of fatherlessness, godlessness, and entitlement programs being pushed by liberals are literally destroying the Black community."

This month he and others of like mind have launched a movement to turn this nation back to God and the principles of biblical conservative values upon which the nation was founded.

It is a call to stand for biblical marriage, pro-life and religious freedom.

It is a stand against government interference with the free exercise of religion.

Green says, "The movement is a clarion call to restore America to the ideals that have made this the greatest nation in the world."

All of us can take something from this, regardless of our ethnicity.

Perhaps the Republican Party could take the most and learn the most if they would listen.

This may be the time for the GOP to stop paying lip service to the so-called "social issues of marriage, abortion and family" while spending their dime to elect a "moderate".

This may also be the time to fire the so-called "moderate" consultants who claim they want to run the most "electable" conservative possible, while continuing to run loosing liberal candidates under the guise of being electable moderates.

Is it possible that if the GOP would actually embrace and act upon their own Party Platform they would find the quest to "reach out to the minorities" has already been accomplished to a great degree?

The GOP leadership is obsessed with reaching this generation---the "young voter."

Last September, Nathan Harden wrote an article for "The College Fix" titled, "Ted Cruz: A Leader Young People Will Follow."

The article began with this:

“In Funding Fight, Republicans Back Away from Ted Cruz” — that’s the headline at the New York Times this morning as I write this. Perhaps no headline could more succinctly sum up the failures of the establishment, old-guard leadership in the GOP, whose jealous disregard for a younger, more passionate, and more principled politician like Cruz is matched only by their apathy in the face of a law that is sure to speed America toward a future of European-style democratic socialism. 
Meanwhile, the Texas senator continues his long lonely stand against Obamacare on the Senate floor. He has been speaking now for about 18 hours. By this afternoon, he may have the record for the longest filibuster (yes, it is one, despite Harry Reid’s assertion to the contrary). But, more importantly, he will have the increased respect of millions of young people who are looking for leaders who stand for something."

Leaders who stand for something.

Could it be that minorities and the youth are looking for the same thing?

Could it be that all of us are "looking for leaders who stand for something?"

Ronald Reagan said,  "There are no easy answers, but there are simple answers. We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right."

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Pro-Active. Be Blessed.