Friday, August 29, 2014

Seattle Schools Boot Boy Scouts

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Seattle Public Schools has ended its affiliation with the Boy Scouts of America.

Why would they do this? The Boy Scouts have been helping a lot of kids.

An example of the Scouts contribution to kids is in the popular outdoor education program at Garfield High School called "POST" that educates about 500 kids.

But that program is at the heart of Seattle Schools' dismissal of the Boy Scouts.

The district, in a letter, said they were booting the Boy Scouts because of concerns over "academic rigor."

Do you believe that?

Neither does anyone else.

King 5 TV says the district letter "acknowledged its investigation into the program stemmed from questions over the Boy Scouts' stance on hiring homosexuals."

The Boy Scouts of America, through their action taken a year or so ago to allow openly homosexual boys in the program but not allow openly homosexual men as leaders, has given us all an important lesson on life.

In fact a couple of lessons.

Of all the good things scouting has done, perhaps this could be the most beneficial.

They have given us a profile on the consequences of moral compromise and pointed out the need for moral courage.

When they initially made their decision to abort their 102-year old policy of not admitting openly homosexual boys or men into the program in favor of a compromised position, they claimed to have fairly addressed the issue.

The homosexual agenda is not about "fairness," it's about affirmation. And moral compromise never works out for the good.

In their compromise they pleased no one. The pro-homosexual community criticized them for not going far enough in their change of policy, while Christian and conservative families pulled their sons out of the program because of the compromise.

In fact a new boy scouting type program was formed as a result of the compromise.

Remember Geoffrey McGrath?

I wrote about him and mentioned him on our live daily radio program.

Geoffrey is a homosexual and was involved with a church in Rainier Beach (Seattle) as leader of the Boy Scout troop that met in the United Methodist Church.

The Chief Seattle Boy Scout regional director became aware of Geoffrey being homosexual as a result of a television interview Geoffrey gave where he openly talked about his sexual behavior and his love for the boys in his troop.

The scout leadership removed him as a troop leader while the woman pastor of the church defied the Boy Scout leadership. It became a national story.

Geoffrey then, in early summer, raised questions over the Garfield "POST" program saying publicly, "The districts' relationship with the Boy Scouts violated it's own hiring policy."

He's right. After the "compromise decision" it actually did put the Scouts at odds with the district's hiring policy.

Moral compromise. Eclectic values. Lack of moral courage.

Geoffrey told the district and the media, "The concern is that employees implementing the program, that are contracted to provide the service to Seattle Public Schools, that's a 'straight' work force."

Scott McGowen, a Boy Scout executive and an advisor to the "POST" program, was unaware of the district's decision until it became public.

He told the press yesterday, "I'm not clear affiliation with the Boy Scouts of America would have anything to do with the academic course work in the classroom."

It doesn't.

It has to do with the consequences of moral compromise, and the relentless agenda of the homosexual community.

Geoffrey McGrath is now expressing "concern" saying, "This is a 30 year program they've had in place and they're ending this year based on my complaint, I don't think its' about academic rigor."

No one does.

A good part of the district's letter is included in the link to King 5 above.

The letter concludes with, "The changes are the results of a course review, not based on any discriminatory practices."

However, King 5 says the district has acknowledged that the review was initiated by the claim they were violating their own hiring policies.

Geoffrey says, "It's really hard to know what the truth is."

Perhaps knowing "what the truth is" is not as difficult as Geoffrey suggests.

It is often more difficult to stand for truth in the face of opposition, then it is to simply "know" the truth.

Compromise is a weakening or giving up of our principles or ideals for reasons of expediency. Expediency is always based on self-interest.

Moral courage is not about facing physical challenges, but facing mental and spiritual challenges that destroy a person's reputation or more importantly their personal relationship with God.

These challenges are deeply connected with our moral sense---our core moral values.

Nearly every college ethics course suggests that moral courage creates a better culture.

I fault the Boy Scouts for advocating moral courage as a virtue to the millions of boys who have gone through their program over the past 102 years, yet faced with the possibility of losing financial sponsorship, they reversed their moral position and opted for the money. And the acceptance of current cultural thinking.

While the Scouts have miserably failed the "moral courage" test, the Old Testament's Daniel did not.

Some things to think about over the weekend---or share with your kids as they prepare to go back to school.

1. Moral Courage Requires Purpose of Heart.
Daniel 1:8. "But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself..."

2. He Didn't Allow Peer Pressure Or Current Cultural Practices To Control His Thoughts or Actions.
Daniel 1: 10-13.

3. True Moral Courage Is Based On Trust--Trust in God, Trust In His Eternal Principles and Truth.
Daniel 3:16-18. True Moral Courage Is Confident. Daniel 3:17, 24-27.

4. Even When Strongly Challenged, Threatened And Bullied, Daniel Did Not Change His Lifestyle.
Daniel 6:10

5. Daniel Was Faithful. God Was Faithful.

6. Daniel Is Delivered From The Lions.
Daniel 6:23

7. Daniel's Courage Changes The Culture.
Daniel 6: 26-27

Be Courageous. Be Vigilant. Be Informed. Be Pro-Active. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.