Wednesday, September 03, 2014

ISIS Reaching Out To Western Youth

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The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has published a new magazine named "Dabiq," which is directed at young men and women in Europe and the United States.

It is appealing to Western youth by portraying an idealized picture of a band of "strangers from the East and the West," drawn together despite national and ethnic differences, in common allegiance.

It is an expression of multiculturalism, with a twist.

The magazine is both in print and online. It's slick, high end looking and produced in English. The style and grammar suggest first-language English writers---and the spelling is American, not British.

Heads up parents and grandparents. And everyone who values freedom as we have known it.

Yesterday afternoon ISIS released a video that claims they have beheaded a second American journalist. Our government is expected to make a statement today as to the authenticity of the video.

There is a lot of information coming out about this new PR venture from ISIS. I am not attempting to summarize all the information, but to make all my readers aware.

I am including several links. Each has much more in depth information.

The New Republic has published an article about the magazine and its outreach saying it "Looks like a New York glossy---with pictures of mutilated bodies."

The third monthly edition of "Dabiq" is just out. In this issue they are attempting to give a "Great Commission" type call to the youth of the world. While particularly directed toward young Muslims, they are also appealing to young Western men and women who could be converted to Islam by being attracted to a cause greater than themselves.

The call is referred to as "hijrah" which means migrate or migration---defining the call to young Muslims and all interested from around the world to migrate to the new caliphate or Islamic State now that it has been formally declared and identified.

I am told those Western young people who have converted to Islam find this attractive because it gives them a purpose and cause.

I am also told that some Western young people from both the US and Europe are converting so they can join the cause, not necessarily because they find Islam appealing.

Business Insider published a lengthy article on the magazine and the movement last week. In it they say they have been told some being attracted to the jihad find it to be very different than they thought it would be. BI says, "However, getting out is much more difficult than getting in". There is much more information in their article.

One of the articles in this latest edition calls the new caliphate "the largest collection of 'muhajirin' " [Mohammad original followers and immigrants] and a "marvel of history."

They are casting the movement as a "miracle movement."

This issue declares this is something that is new---the first ever Islamic that everyone can see.

One article asks if there was ever a state in history "established by the immigration of poor strangers from the East and the West, who then gathered in an alien land of war and pledged allegiance to an 'unknown' man [reference to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Bagdadi] in spite of the political, economic, military, media and intelligence war waged against their religion, their state and their 'hijrah'?"

Their articles regularly quote the Koran and Islamic "hadiths" to justify their brutal actions. The pictures are the highest quality, yet graphic and chilling in their explanations of killings, beheadings and brutality.

The magazine says, "Even the apostates cannot ignore our threat, let alone the cross worshipers and the Jews.

Patrick Sookhdeo, international director of The Barnabus Fund and an expert on radical Islam explains that they include Jesus in their teachings and "prophetic" future.

Dabiq, the name of their magazine, is also the name of a town which is the site of an important 16th Century battle. It is also featured in their end times teaching.

In Islamic eschatology, Jesus, whom the Muslims call "Isa," will descend via a minaret of the Great Mosque in Damascus, and from there he will lead the armies to victory, including in an epic battle in Dabiq.

"Victory" in their mind and teaching means destroying every cross, killing every Jew and pagan, and either converting every Christian to Islam or killing them.

ISIS sees itself fighting an "End Time Battle."

And our president told the press, our nation and the world last Thursday, "we have no strategy" regarding the advancement of this movement.

God help us.

I have a strategy for protecting your children from this and the many attacks in our world today.

I'm talking more about this new outreach toward our youth, and much more about a strategy to protect your children on my live radio program today.

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Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Safe. Be Blessed.