Friday, October 10, 2014

Alternative Normalcy--Removing The Stigma

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The University of California will offer the first ever course on abortion online, beginning Monday.

The University says the class will delve into "the clinical aspects of medication abortion, aspiration, post abortion contraception, and pain management for abortion."

The tone of the university, the far left, and that of public education in general is celebratory, calling it a "break-through"...a special moment.

Why the celebration?

Each week's online lecture "will incorporate the stories of women" and the "complications of 'abortion stigma'."

Abortion stigma?

Yes, the course will trace the history of abortion, using the stories to better portray "abortion significance and rationale."

Those on the left who are promoting the "first ever online abortion course" are morally equating their effort to "restore the image of abortion to that of advocating abstinence as a method of safe sex."

This may well be one of the abortion industry's best campaigns and public education's finest moments as they deliver a gospel of death to our kids. At taxpayer expense.

The far left Daily Beast says, "For the first time ever, an American university is offering a dedicated online course on abortion."

They tout the "fact" that 30% of American women will have an abortion by age 45. This is based on studies by Guttmacher Institute---originally created as a division of Planned Parenthood, later separated due to the controversy the linkage created.

The rationale for the dedicated course goes something like this:

There is a discrepancy between the high numbers of women getting abortions and a lack of dedicated course work in North American medical schools.

A full third of medical schools, they say, "don't even include abortion education in pre-clinical classes."

They quote the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists as advocating that "the discipline of public health has...'focused on reducing the frequency of unintended pregnancy' in their approach to abortion, a stance that matches America's sex education's focus on abstinence over safe sex practices in both its idealism and its implicit moralism."

Dr. Stienauer, a proponent of expanding abortion and author of the course material, says there are 2 basic reasons for the resistance she encounters in her mission...

First she says "the stigma about abortion prevents abortion from being discussed" despite the fact that "it is a common medical procedure."

Stienauer explains the silence that results from the stigma leads people "to believe that [abortion] is not common, thereby providing a false sense of justification for its omission from courses."

She calls it a "cycle of silence and unchecked assumptions."

Secondly, she says, "sometimes people feel emotional" to such an extent that it "probably feels safer for professors and education leaders to not talk about it."

Dr. Stienauer sees the offering of her course as an "unlocking" of the insurmountable barriers to abortion access, including what so many pro-life citizens have worked to accomplish.

In her words these "barriers" include "prohibitive state laws, waiting periods, and insurance requirements."

She is likely not a fan of ultrasound either and the beautiful pictures it provides to a mother of the little person living inside her body.

When you view the ultrasound, it hardly communicates "unwanted pregnancy," "choice" or "inconvenience". Or "fetal mass."

It communicates the miraculous---- life and love, because it is indeed "normal."

This doctor says, "If we can inspire even a small portion of people to take the course and decrease the stigma about abortion, then we have been totally successful."

This is a shinning example of "indoctrination" under the guise of "education."

Success in the minds of the secular left progressive is eliminating the "stigma." Not educating.

It is an attempt at "normalizing" that which is not normal.

Does that line remind you of then Senator, now Seattle Mayor Ed Murray's crusade to redefine marriage in Washington State over a period of 10 to 20 years?

Dr. Stienauer says over 3,000 have already signed up for her course on abortion which begins Monday.

This is a current example of your tax dollars at work, indoctrinating, rather than educating. It is also an example of public education in its lowest moment.

God help us.

As with the homosexual activists, the abortion activists are attempting to create a "semblance of normalcy"---erasing the "stigma."

They can force their behaviors and medical procedures on us through use of the laws they are creating, but they cannot make them "normal."

The government may recognize abortion as a "common normal medical procedure," but nature does not.

The government may recognize same-sex "marriage" as a normal relationship, but nature does not.

Neither does nature's God. He recognizes both as sin. But offers equality in forgiveness and restoration to all of us who ask.

There is no "alternative normal." And there never will be. Nature's "normal" isn't relative, it's fixed. It doesn't flap in the winds of pop culture.

The attempt to create an "alternative normal" will always carry a stigma, not because biblical Christians reject the procedure and the behavior, but because it stands against nature and nature's God and Creator.

Neither politicians nor pastors should run from this Truth. Standing for Truth, in love, is the right path.

"Truth" sets people free.

It can also win elections and fill pews.

Be Informed. Be Faithful. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.