Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Scientists On Designer Babies: "Approaching 100% Efficiency"

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The words, "You shall be as God," are again echoing across the cultural landscape.

Scientists announced last week that, "Rapid progress in genetics is making 'designer babies' more likely and society needs to be prepared."

Dr. Tony Perry, a pioneer in cloning, has announced precise DNA editing at the moment of conception in mice.

He says huge advances in the past 2 years means "designer babies" are "no longer H.G. Wells territory."

Designer babies---genetically modified for beauty, intelligence or to be free of disease---have long been a topic of science fiction.

Dr. Perry says, "We're there."

While a number of other scientists agree, some are saying there needs to be considerable public debate to decide what is acceptable.

But what would be the basis of such a debate? Individual preference?

Ethics? If so, whose ethics?

Morality? If so, whose morality?

And, is it fair to deny this to people who want it, based on another person's religious views?

"Crispr Technology" is a more precise method of editing DNA than anything that has come before.

Crispr was named "one of the top scientific breakthroughs in 2013"---now it has come of age.

Dr. Perry, a professor at Bath University in England, says he and his team's success "has reopened questions about genetically modifying people."

Perry says, "On the human side, one has to be very cautious."

However, he adds, "There are heritable diseases coded by mutations in DNA such as cystic fibrosis and genes that increase the risk of cancer" and some people could say, "I don't want my children to have these mutations."

He and other scientists are also pointing out that one of the immediate benefits of their genetic modification is the potential use in "germ-line therapies" for men left infertile by damaging mutations. Although these men can father children IVF, any sons they say, would still have the mutations.

Genetic modification "could fix that" we're told.

Human cloning or genetic modification is presently illegal in both the UK and in the US.

Abortion and sodomy were also illegal at one time.

This is not a "European" issue. This same narrative is in play in our country as well.

Scientists in both countries are reporting that "science is there" and there must be public debate about how much genetic modification is acceptable.

Professor Robin Lovel-Badge from the UK Medical Research Journal has been a leader in the advancement of making babies from 3 people and is using the crispr technology in his own lab.

This practice has become especially important to gays and lesbians.

He says there needs to be a debate with rationale thought "rather than a knee jerk reaction" like "no you can't possibly do that."

The suggestion is that any opposition to moving forward with genetic modification, including "designer babies" would be "knee jerk."

This roll out of human genetic modification has recognizable components.

  • From the earliest historic records mankind has been obsessed with becoming God. That was the line Satan used in the Garden, as he presented his case to Eve by questioning the character and authenticity of God Himself.

  • Secular progressives always use incrementalism. "Fixing" the infertile man is a step to "designer babies"---and beyond.

  • If public debate follows, as suggested, whose ethics, whose morality will prevail? Is it fair, the secularist will say, to impose your religious beliefs on some one who does not share those beliefs, and is in need of gene modification for infertility? Or the cystic fibrosis gene that can be modified allowing future children to have a better life? Why should people be denied such opportunity because of others religious beliefs?

  • The "ethical and moral" consideration already raised by the scientific community is not so much about ethics or morality---its about social justice. And fairness. They are directing discussion toward finding a solution to the problem that the rich will be able to afford these techniques, but the poor and middle class will not. This, then is a so-called moral and ethical discussion, that is really about socialistic "equality."

Books and op-eds have been written in recent months with titles like, "America Has Lost Her Way" or "Has America Lost Her Way" because there is a sense of lostness---of desperation, in our culture.

That always exists to the degree that God is marginalized and other religions---in our case the religion of secularism, is elevated.

Not only is there a sense of being lost and desperate, there is also chaos.

While the evolution of redefining marriage has been under way for a number of years, we are only now beginning to see the consequences of devaluing the institution, while trying to be God.

Fox News is reporting this week one of the most heart wrenching stories I have seen. It's tough to read.

A teenager plans to marry her biological father. After being separated for 12 years due to a divorce between the mother and father, the teenage girl went to visit her biological father.

They have now been dating for 2 years and will be married. They will then move to New Jersey where adult incest is legal, to begin having children and creating their family.

Many experts are saying this, and polygamy is the next wave of "rights" following the "modification of marriage."

Abortion, initially presented as a procedure to protect the life of the mother, is now a mere method of birth control---a woman's right to chose.

Once genetic modification is released from the "bondage" of Christian restraint, children will be a choice not unlike ordering a meal from your favorite restaurant.

George Washington understood what some today do not understand. In his "Farewell Address" he made it abundantly clear that there are 2 foundations that support a successful culture---Religion and Morality.

And he was thinking of the Christian religion, not the secularist philosophy being foisted on our nation today.

Consider this:" Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord" (Ps. 33:12).

Be Blessed.