Friday, January 30, 2015

U.S. at War With Israel?

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The American people are not at war with Israel, but the Obama Administration seems to be---at least with Israel's current conservative leadership.

William Kristol with the Weekly Standard says, "The Obama Administration is angry with Israel."

Kristol quotes the New York Times, which he calls" the administration's house organ," as affirming how angry the president has become, and why.

It's becoming widely known that President Obama is furious about Speaker of the House John Boehner inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to Congress on the threat of terrorism. He is scheduled to speak in March.

What many may not know is to what length our president is expressing his anger.

The president has now deployed his political "A" team to Israel for the purpose of influencing Israel's elections in March.

The president's efforts are not passive.

Attorney Matt Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel, said this week, "I was literally outraged, at the audacity of our president to flagrantly intervene in a foreign nation's election---this time acting against the sovereignty of our most trusted ally in the Middle East."

Bill Kristol says we should not be surprised at the level of anger and vindictiveness of President Obama toward Prime Minister Netanyahu---just last summer "an official in this administration called Prime Minister Netanyahu a 'coward' and a 'chicken 's ___t'."

Kristol says the president has always tried to present himself "as cool, calm, and collected," but not this time.

He notes, "We have not seen this kind of anger toward, for example the Islamic Republic of Iran," rather we have seen "appreciation and understanding of the Islamic Republic's politics and history."

He believes, at the core of the president's anger, is that he wanted to be the US President credited with the founding of a Palestinian State---he wanted to be to Palestine what President Harry Truman is to Israel.

Now realizing that is not going to happen, Kristol says the "president then turned to another dream," to be the American president who goes to Tehran, who "achieves with Iran what President Nixon did with China."

Neither is going to happen.

Kristol says the president believes Israel and its friends in the United States stand in the way of achieving those dreams.

He says, "When a leader feels his policies are working, he ignores his critics. When he knows they are not working, he lashes out."

The "lashing out" has taken a draconian turn.

Matt Staver is expressing grave concern and shock with what we are learning this week in regard to the national election in Israel.

Our president is doing more than just "snubbing" Netanyahu.

Dr. Aaron Lerner with the Independent Media Review Analysis (IMRA) first discovered an article not yet translated into English in Ha'aretz, an Israeli newspaper, that reported on Barack Obama's political team being on the ground in Israel working to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu in the upcoming Israeli election.

Staver rightly says, "If Barack Obama's campaign machine is successful in defeating Mr. Netanyahu and helping elect a more liberal leader, Israel could see a historical shift in the political makeup of the nation, much like America experienced in 2008."

Staver is sending a "Proclamation of Blessing" to Israeli leadership, with copies going to the president's office, John Kerry, Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

While this work is ongoing to unseat Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Obama blessed the newly crowned monarch of Saudi Arabia, King Salman, this week.

The Washington Free Beacon published a well documented, in-depth article this week about the King's current ties to several anti-Semitic Muslim clerics, well known for advocating very radical positions against the West---America and Israel. The King also, according to this report, has strong ties with a number of radical anti-America and anti-Israel organizations.

Last Friday, a White House spokesperson said President Obama will not meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu when he is in Washington DC in March.

The reason the spokesman gave---"To avoid the appearance of influencing a democratic election in a foreign country."

Can we see clearly yet?

All this gives clarity to a comment made last week by an unnamed administration official telling an Israeli newspaper "he [Netanyahu] will pay a price" for coming to America to speak to Congress about terrorism at the invitation of the Speaker of the House.

Last March, the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz published an article about the decline of support for Israel among young evangelical Christians.

The so-called religious left has always taken a pro-Palestine, anti-Israel position. However, the evangelical position has always been a biblical position---a position that blesses Israel and does not try to "remake Israel" into a secular progressive state.

Without doubt, any decline in authentic support for Israel on the part of evangelicals is related to the pervasive secular progressive views of this administration, some churches such as the Episcopal and other left leaning churches, and public education---and, in many cases a lack of biblical teaching in the home.

Humanity's oldest record---the Bible---speaks clearly to what all relationships with Israel must look like.

Genesis 12:3 brings perfect clarity.

"I will bless those who bless you.
I will curse him who curses you;
And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed."

What part of that can we not understand?

Be Blessed. Do the right thing.