Thursday, April 23, 2015

Marco Rubio--A Double Minded Man?

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Senator Marco Rubio wants to be President of the United States.

He wants everyone to vote for him. In that quest, he appeared to be double-minded, or faltering between two opinions last Sunday of CBS's Face The Nation.

When asked about same-sex marriage, he replied, "It's not that I'm against same-sex marriage," but "I believe the definition of the institution of marriage should be between a man and a woman."

He has said he believes homosexual behavior is sin, as taught in the Bible, but told CBS,  "I...don't believe that your sexual preferences are a choice...bottom line is, I believe that sexual preference is something that people are born with."

This is a problem to most of the 70 million evangelicals and millions of conservative Catholics who also believe biblical teaching on homosexual behavior.

Has the God who created mankind, and strongly condemns homosexual behavior as sin in His Word, made a mistake every time a person---one of His own Creation---claims they are gay and they were born that way?

While considering Rubio's double-minded response to CBS, I noticed a short news piece on football player Tim Tebow on NBC.

Tebow is not running for political office, however, as NBC points out, neither is he running from his deeply held Christian beliefs.

In fact, there is now a pretzel, yeah, a pretzel, available in stores in Philadelphia honoring his unwavering faith in God and God's values.

If you are interested in football, you are probably aware that Tim Tebow has signed a contract this week to play football for the Philadelphia Eagles next season.

Tebow has steadfastly stood by his faith, although it has cost him personally and professionally on a number of occasions.

He has become known for both his unwavering faith in God and God's Word, and his habit of kneeling in prayer along the sidelines while playing football.

His kneeling prayer pose has become well known to the American public---so much so it is called "Tebowing."

Now, a Philly Pretzel Factory is selling pretzels made in the image of Tebow kneeling in prayer.

All of us create an image of some kind in relation to what we believe and what we say, because it reflects who we really are.

Many are continuing to ask, following Rubio's comments last Sunday, who is Marco Rubio?

He seems to be conflicted and confused about a most fundamental belief regarding marriage.

He may well believe God's Word regarding homosexuality and marriage, but in his attempt on CBS to reach out---become more acceptable, become relevant to more voters, he may well have hurt himself much more than he helped his campaign.

Walking the proverbial fence on important issues such as marriage, the first and oldest human institution, is impossible.

In an earlier interview, Politico's Mike Allen asked Rubio if he thought homosexuality is a sin. Rubio replied that his faith teaches him that homosexuality is a sin, while including it in a longer list of sins mentioned in the Bible.

An article, written by Chris Geidner with Buzz Feed, goes on to point out that Rubio's record does not affirm that he supports gay causes.

He has strengthened opposition toward his candidacy from the homosexual community.

He has caused conservative Christians to take a step back. Some way back. Some very publicly.

Maggie Gallagher, a senior fellow at the American Principles Project and former head of the National Organization for Marriage has written a stinging rebuke that was published in the National Review.

In it she says Rubio is getting the public hit because he is trying to "negotiate a Third Way."

She says, "He's for traditional marriage but will 'respect' the rights of states to disagree. He thinks states should have the right to decide the definition of marriage, but (unlike Ted Cruz) he refused to sign an amicus brief asking the Supreme Court to leave the definition of marriage to the states..."

Gallagher suspects others will walk the path Rubio has chosen on marriage and supporting those homosexuals who choose to "marry" because to do otherwise is too hard. And it makes one appear intolerant, unloving and bigoted.

She says she has staked her life on this truth: "We are born male and female, and marriage is a union between of husband to wife that celebrates the necessity of the two genders' coming together to make the future happen."

I strongly recommend you read Gallagher's article.

I'm reminded of Elijah's strong words in 1 Kings 18: 19-21. He is speaking to a cultural and spiritual crises in his country. He says some very disturbing things because the people had become settled comfortably into a compromised position regarding God's Truth.

Elijah's times were much like those of the prophet Zephaniah when he told the people (1:12) they were "settled into complacency, saying in their heart, the Lord will do no good, nor will He do evil," defining his time as one where people were not inclined to make waves or speak out regarding God's Truth. The inclination was to be accepting of what ever, understanding, compassionate and non judgemental of all beliefs. The culture was changing.

Both prophets had strong words for their peers. Elijah asked his people, "How long will you halt or falter between two opinions?" Zephaniah told the people of his time if they did not get right with God and His Word, God will "Bring distress upon men, and they will walk like blind men, because they have sinned against the Lord."

We too face a time of moral, spiritual and political crises. God does care about such things and He will respond.

While asking forgiveness for our sins, we better get it right this time.

Be Bold. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.