Monday, May 11, 2015

School Board To Parents: "The Gov't Made Me Do It"

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Parents and concerned citizens are outraged. The school board actually summoned the police to help control and keep order at last Thursday's school board meeting.

School Board Chair Tamera Derenak Kaufax explained the action she and the board was taking was intended to "protect our students and staff from discrimination."

However, their action discriminates against 99% of all students and their families in the school district.

When pressed by parents the school board told the parents, "The government made me do it."

Last Thursday the Fairfax Virginia County Public Schools Board, Virginia's largest district, voted to add "gender identity" to their non-discrimination policy---acting against massive objection from parents, citizens and religious leaders.

In doing so, they are discriminating against most students and their families in the school district.

The new "gender identity" measure will allow boys who identity as girls on any given day to use the girls bathroom and locker room. It will also allow students who "identify" as a particular gender, regardless of physical identity, to chose which athletic team they want to play on.

Parents and religious leaders are concerned that this also opens the door for openly transgender teachers in the classrooms.

Based on experiences in other districts, including here in the Northwest, that has been the case.

The school board says they have no choice. If they fail to take this action, they will be in violation of Title IX civil rights law and will lose about $42 million from the federal government.

Not only are parents outraged, Martin Baker, pastor of local mega-church Burke Community Church, is warning that "the damage and destruction to our children, teens and adults will be incalculable."

He told the 3,000 member congregation, "Everything from locker rooms to bathrooms will be potentially open for people who simply feel that their inner sexuality does not match their outer, physical sexuality."

"This is not just shocking, it is morally and spiritually abhorrent," he said.

A part of the outrage lies in the fact that the school district initially attempted to move this policy change through without proper parental notification.

There was no public hearing, no initial notice to parents.

Stephen Lockard, Deputy Superintendent of the school district says, "The office of Civil Rights of the US Department of Education is requiring that school divisions revise their non-discrimination policies to include gender identity."

He also says the federal government is requiring the district to hire a consultant to advise them on how school divisions should handle individual cases of transgender students.

School board member Elizabeth Schultz is infuriated: "While the underlying issue is somewhat sensational, it is the gravitas in overreach of the federal government and the implications thereof that is so chilling," she told the press.

Andrea Lafferty, president of Washington DC based Traditional Values Coalition, lives in the county which is essentially a suburb of Washington DC.

She says, "This is a beating into submission of the American people and the taxpayers by the Obama Administration and those willfully going along with it. They're going to say if you don't comply, we're going to take away your lunch money---your federal funding."

And that's exactly what the board is saying.

The school board is telling parents and taxpayers, "We are imperiling our federal education monies if we don't comply with the law."

The Washington Post reports that the district receives about $42 million from the federal government, which is about 1.7% of its budget.

Board member Schultz is also upset because she says, "We're passing a policy before any of the regulations are written." There are no policies for implementation of this bizarre policy.

One question that has already arisen is how the district will handle a "gender-fluid" student---one who identifies as both male and female.

The Washington Post interviewed one such teenager and reported, "The policy change could mean the freedom to feel comfortable walking around school in makeup, carrying a vintage Louis Vuitton purse and wearing a crop-top, his navel exposed."

All this is being foisted on young kids who are the most vulnerable mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Welcome to the state of insanity.

The Washington Post has done everything humanly possible to demonize the parents and religious leaders who are calling for a more common sense approach, including a reasonable amount of normalcy for little kids when they go to the bathroom.

After the board voted in favor of redefining normal bathroom protocol, Virginia's Attorney General and Tim Wright wrote this on Friday in an editorial for the Washington Post: "Taking a stand against discrimination should be cheered, so the boos and jeers that accompanied the Fairfax school board's decision to protect the rights of transgender students and employees were disconcerting. And disappointing. We don't believe, though, that the ugly display though was representative of the larger community. Fairfax prides itself in on tolerance..."

This is tolerance?

They are not "taking a stand against discrimination" rather they are discriminating against every boy and girl in the school system who is not confused about their gender.

This is neither education nor equality. It is indoctrination and discrimination. It is not tolerance, it is intolerance toward the most basic human protocols, directed against the most vulnerable children and their taxpaying parents. And against God Almighty.

Can a little girl no longer go to the bathroom without a little boy who is confused and clearly needing help standing by and observing?

This is the moral melting pot our children are cast into every day they enter government run institutions called "public education."

Lafferty says parents around the nation should pay particular attention to what is happening in Fairfax County. She says, "The rights of parents don't matter. God Almighty doesn't matter to this administration."

She's right.

But can any good come from this assault on decency? And from the persecution of Christian parents and their Judeo-Christian values?

From the earliest days of the Christian church, persecution has always been linked to the expansion of the gospel---and the teaching of Judeo- Christian values and principles.

This kind of insanity may well serve as a wake-up call for morally drowsy citizens and, unfortunately, some pastors, who have pretended cultural issues or "politics" is something the church should not address.

Pastor Martin Baker is certainly not sleeping through this event. He says, "I am convinced this is one cultural issue where we, as a church, must speak up and out with clarity, compassion and conviction."


An awakening within the church can lead to spiritual restoration---and cultural and political restoration.

Be Informed. Be Convicted. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.