Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"This Is Angie From PP--We Need An Ambulance..."

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New 911 recordings obtained by Operation Rescue show that a Planned Parenthood patient in Spokane, WA., was transported to the hospital April 15, 2015.

"This is Angie from Planned Parenthood. We need an ambulance for a patient we can't stop the bleeding," a Planned Parenthood caller told a 911 dispatcher.

The Planned Parenthood worker was transferred to a Fire Department dispatcher who asked her what happened. The rest of the recording was redacted---much like the emails on Secretary of State Hillary's personal/professional/government employee server.

And speaking of Hillary---I'll come back to that in a moment.

Folks from Sidewalk Advocates, a pro-life organization in Spokane, shot video footage as the ambulance loaded the patient at the Planned Parenthood facility in Spokane.

I wrote about this incident when it happened.

Their video shows a woman carrying what appears to be a red plastic biohazard bag getting into the ambulance and leaving with the patient.

Aborted baby remains are often placed in these bags.

Abortion advocates always claim these kinds of incidents are rare and isolated.

But are they?

And are abortion clinics, advertised as safe for women's health needs---aka, abortion, prepared for emergencies rising from botched abortions?

Operation Rescue President Troy Newman says, "Planned Parenthood in Spokane had no ability to treat this patient who suffered a common abortion complication. Many women are not aware that free standing facilities cannot help them in the event of a medical emergency and that there will always be delays in receiving emergency care."

The abortionist responsible for the botched abortion was a man not known by the pro-life Advocates. They said they had not seen this particular abortionist before.

Newman says, "Yet another medical emergency at a Planned Parenthood facility has endangered the life of a woman who likely thought she was going to receive quality medical care. Abortionists prey on women like this who have no idea that they could end up in a hospital or even a morgue."

He says, "For all their rhetoric about caring for women, Planned Parenthood actually hurts women, as many 911 recordings such as this one, which I've collected over the years, clearly demonstrate."

"After injuring this woman, Planned Parenthood in Spokane is too dangerous to operate and should be shut down immediately," he says.

But this kind of thing is isolated, right?

Unfortunately, no.

It happens all across the country, and it happens often.

A 911 recording from Bakersfield, Ca., reveals that abortionist Karen Mann placed a call to 911 for help the day before---April 14, 2015.

A stressful sounding Mann told the dispatcher, "We just need help now."

The blood pressure of the abortion patient had dropped significantly, and Mann can be heard on the recording frantically asking a male who is in the abortion room with her, "Can you give her pressors? Do you have epinephrine or anything?"

Pressors are drugs used to increase blood pressure.

Life Savers Ministries were outside the abortion clinic. They reported that when the patient was brought out on a gurney to be loaded into the waiting ambulance she appeared "lifeless" and "that her arms were just hanging lifeless off the sides of the gurney."

Isolated incident.

No. Not hardly.

On March 31, a man whose wife was suffering from respiratory distress with signs that her brain was deprived of oxygen while getting an abortion, called 911 for an ambulance, only to be locked out of the clinic by employees.

Same clinic. Same abortionist.

On February 3, a woman was reported to have suffered a possible heart attack after a botched abortion.

Same clinic. Same abortionist.

Operation Rescue is currently seeking an emergency suspension of Karen Mann's medical license from the California Board of Medicine, trying to prevent any more women from life-threatening complications due to incompetence.

How is Planned Parenthood able to continue with this kind of incompetency?

Nicola Moore, who's called a "fly in" abortionist, traveled to Lincoln, Nebraska last week to allow Planned Parenthood to resume abortions after the facility's long time abortionist retired at the end of April.

Moore's medical license had previously been suspended. This was less than 2 weeks after her medical license had been reinstated. While performing her circuit riding abortion she had an emergency in which her patient was rushed to the hospital.

Same storyline as Spokane and Bakersfield.

Except for this.

Abortionist Nicola Moore lists her employer as an arm of the Clinton Foundation.

Planned Parenthood is well connected---to both taxpayer money and Clinton money.

Randall K. O' Bannon, Ph.D. with National Right To Life wrote a timely article last Friday titled, "Hillary Clinton & Planned Parenthood: A Longstanding Mutual Admiration Society."

Dr. O' Bannon writes that much was going on when Hillary announced that she wanted to be the next president, "and it is understandable that you might have missed the congratulatory release issued by Planned Parenthood's political arm."

He says Planned Parenthood's President Cecile Richards was "gushing" as she announced, "There has not been a candidate for president with a stronger commitment to women or a clearer record on behalf of women's health and rights."

Richards said Hillary "beat back attacks on safe and legal abortion" and "Clinton has long fought for access to safe and legal abortion."

O' Bannon says PP and the Clintons have a long history, including husband Bill repealing many of President Reagan's pro-life legislation---Hillary winning the PP Margaret Sanger Award, and as a member of the Clinton Foundation board, Planned Parenthood, not surprisingly, has donated at least $700,000 to the Clintons.

I quoted Hillary in an earlier article where when speaking recently to the Women in the World Summit she said laws protecting abortion must "be backed up with resources and political will." She lacks neither.

She also told the Women in the World, "And deep seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed."

Hopefully she, Bill and their colleagues cannot buy that with money.

God help us.