Monday, June 08, 2015

Billy Graham: "Beware Of The 'Charlie Charlie Challenge' "

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As the "Charlie Charlie Challenge" game continues to fascinate the minds of more and more teens worldwide, Billy Graham has spoken out on the issue, giving a stern warning to parents.

Dr. Graham says, "I realize not everyone will agree with me on this...But the Bible takes the occult and the demonic very seriously...and so should you."

He's right.

Not everyone agrees with him. In fact, the secular media worldwide is scoffing at those who take it seriously as they give a simple explanation as to what is really going on with the game "CharlieCharlieChallenge."

Dr. Graham, at 96, and his Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has seen a lot in his lifetime. He has spoken to millions of people face to face in his crusades, while it is estimated he has spoken to perhaps a billion or more people via television.

He feels this is an important issue---so much so that he and the BGEA spoke out about it a couple of days ago.

Billy Graham's concern is that Satan is getting traction with the youth via this "supernatural" phenomenon where you call upon demons to summon affirmative or negative responses to pressing questions.

The "game" involves putting 2 pencils in a cross position on top a sheet of paper with "yes" and "no" written on it. The "game" involves an effort to summon a Mexican demon named Charlie. The participants say, "Charlie Charlie are you here?" They then wait for the pencils to move toward a "yes" or "no."

Then they either proceed or wait to try again.

Graham's BGEA reminds us that this is not new in "game" format---noting that movies like "Candy Man" to Ouija boards have been associated with having fun while experimenting with the occult and demonism.

Dungeons and Dragons has created an entire sub-culture around the so-called "board game."

The secular progressive dominated media is scoffing at Dr. Graham and anyone who shares his concerns and beliefs.

Here is one of a couple dozen stories I have read, which generally carry the same narrative. Then there are those to which I wouldn't even link.

The explanation to concerned Christian "alarmists," as we are called, goes something like this: "Gravity, and the awkward positioning of some pencils, they just won't sit still if you wanted them to."

"The Explanation" reveals this game is more scary than a Ouija board because with the Ouija, players have to keep hold of a glass as it moves around the table---so it's not difficult to imagine people might be pushing it around with out knowing it.

With the Charlie Charlie game, they say, no one is actually touching the pencils. But---and this is the crux of their explanation, "The pencils have to be so finely balanced on top of each other that even the slightest movement from a breath or slightly tilted surface will push it around."

They say the breath from the incantation "Charlie Charlie are you here?" creates just enough air movement to move a pencil.

So Billy Graham must be confused? And so is the Catholic leadership who are also speaking out on this issue.

The confusion, however, is not on the part of Graham and other leaders who are speaking out.

Catholic priest Jose Antonio Fortea is telling Catholics "the so-called #CharlieCharlieChallenge involves the very real, occult practice of calling on spirits."

On May 27, he warned Catholics that "some spirits who are at the root of that practice will harass some of those who play the game." Even though the priest thinks the players won't be possessed necessarily, the spirit that has been involved will stay around for a while."

He also is warning that playing the game "will result in other spirits beginning to enter into even more frequent communication."

Another Catholic leader says these kinds of practices are becoming "a pastoral emergency." And "demonic activity is on the rise" due to "a decreasing faith ...coupled with an increase in curiosity and participation in occult activity such as Ouija boards and seances."

Christian News is reporting stories now beginning to come from young people who have become involved in the so-called game.

They are reporting of teenagers having unusual and damaging experiences following their participation in this and other similar games.

I won't restate the reports, but please---parents, and grandparents read the link above.

Billy Graham says, "You are not being narrow minded to worry about this."

Graham says, "One of the most tragic stories in the Bible was King Saul, who as an old man, turned away from God and sought advice instead from occult powers (see 1 Samuel 28). The Bible warns, 'Let no one be found among you...who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens...or who consults with the dead" (Deut. 18: 10-11).

Dr. Graham tells parents to not only be vigilant on the matters of spiritual warfare, but to be pro-active in steering your children toward wholesome games and activities, saying, "This includes games and programs [television] that glorify violence and killing."

He says take preventative measures with your children so they will not be enticed to dabble into Satan's realm when introduced to various forms of " harmless" or "fun" spiritual forms of entertainment.

In addition, pray for them and with them. Put Christian books and entertainment in front of them.

"And most of all," he says, "make Christ the center of your life and your family, and ask Him to help you and your spouse become examples to them of Christ's goodness and love."

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful.