Thursday, June 04, 2015

Obama: "I'm Almost A Jew"

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Tuesday, David Axlerod, long time personal and political adviser to Barack Obama, told an Israeli television channel that the president told him: "You know, I think I am the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office [the Oval Office]. For people to say that I am anti-Israel, or even worse, anti-Semitic, it hurts."

Most Israeli's didn't believe him.

The same day---Tuesday---the administration was threatening Israel with abandonment at the United Nations.

Columnist Ben Shapiro doesn't believe it either. He wrote yesterday: "In actuality, Obama is about as Jewish as George Wallace was Black."

We are suffering from an identity crises. And it's epidemic.

When questioned later Tuesday by the press, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnst said, "The president does feel that kind of kinship."

The president, as we have come to know, also identifies himself with Abraham Lincoln, FDR and even Ronald Reagan from time to time, depending on his circumstances.

Columnist Ben Shapiro was having none of it yesterday. His column leaves no question as to what he thinks about the matter.

He writes, "Obama clearly despises Israel, and he clearly despises it because to him, it represents a Judeo-Christian colonialist outpost in an oppressed, Third World, Muslim area. So why the nonsense about being a member of the tribe? Because Obama sees himself as all things to all people. "

Shapiro remembers, "Obama once said that he was a blank canvas on which people could project their thoughts and dreams, but he thinks of himself as an honorary member of every minority. He has Muslim roots, thus understands Muslims better than Islamists. He is Black, of course. He is also White, and understands the racism of his 'typical white person' grandmother."

"Now he's Jewish," Shapiro says, "which allows him to lecture Jews about 'Jewish values', which he did last week."

Shapiro says, "The beauty of thinking about the world in little subsets of humanity operating through solidarity: if you appoint yourself an emissary of each of these groups, you can speak to each of those groups as an insider, and never be challenged for having other interests at heart."

Mr. Shapiro concludes that attempting to be all things to all people doesn't work. He says, "The result: the most anti-Israel, anti-Semitic administration in American history."

Many Christian leaders would add, "The most anti-Christian values administration in American history" as well.

Psychology Today generally links a psychological identity crises with someone who's in the constant state of searching for their identity. So, they say, identity crises doesn't really refer to the real crises, but it describes a normal stage of personality development.

We all start out as a blank canvas.

The crises occurs, however, when people who have never really found their identity face a real challenge, and their fragile or complete lack of identity fails. They then try again and again and again to be something or someone else in order to rise to the challenge.

Lacking any true identity, that person continues trying new roles over and over without adhering to any of them.

Welcome to America--2015.

When straight faced, so-called conservative news and commentary people sit in front of Fox News' cameras and explain to their primarily conservative audience, as they did this week, how much respect they have for Bruce Jenner becoming a "woman," extolling his "courage," that is a strong indication that Barack Obama does not have a corner on "identity crises."

Jenner said yesterday, "I am the new normal." And people whispered, "yes."

By all accounts, we are in a psychological identity crises in our culture. It isn't only the present.
The psychological aspect of our cultural confusion is a result of the influence of secular progressivism in society---evolving values, and the abandonment of biblical values and principles in a country founded upon those very values and principles.

We have lost our way because our foundations are crumbling as a result of the secular attack on absolute values.

Relativism cannot successfully replace eternal values. The absence of biblical values and principles always leads to cultural chaos and confusion.

John Quincy Adams, our 6th president, did not suffer from identity crises. Nor did his father, our 2nd president and his colleagues, America's Founders.

John Quincy said, "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

The religion is Christianity. The morality is rooted in absolute, eternal biblical values. Absent that our foundational Document becomes "inadequate."

Identity defines destiny.

Our culture is in identity crises, because of our spiritual identity crises. When God's people get it right everything will change.

It's time for authentic Christians to grow up and affirm our true identity in Jesus Christ.

John Piper, pastor, theologian and author of more than 50 books says, "God made us who we are to show the world who He is."

Piper has written an excellent article titled, "Christian Identity and Christian Destiny".

MERCYME, the Christian group, put this on their website---a list of verses that describe our identity in Christ.

Be Blessed. Better Days are Ahead.