Monday, July 13, 2015

Activists Targeting Schools Following SCOTUS Ruling on Marriage

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Education Week, a leading publication read by educators across the country, is featuring an article this week that is calling for renewed and accelerated inclusion of LGBT materials in the curriculum.

There must be more classroom conversation on the subject.

It's already a dominate topic in public education. Why more?

Because the comfort level of LGBT students is not yet acceptable.

"We know the arguments from the haters will focus on why LGBT discussions should be banned from school, but the Supreme Court ruling should help overturn the conversations that take place in school," they say.

And they offer three reasons why the acceptable comfortable level is being impeded.

One of the 3 reasons is small, sometimes large groups of parents in districts who want there own values taught, and if not, they create a problem.

In advocating for accelerated effort in the classroom this coming year, activist Peter DeWitt, and Education Week identify 3 reasons why some schools are reluctant to go all in on the LGBT agenda.

Take a moment and read the entire article.

DeWitt writes, "Most schools have students who are either identify as LGBT or parents who are gay. The curriculum should at least mirror the real lives of these students. There are school communities around the country that are progressive and offer inclusive curriculum, but there are many that do not. There are at least 3 reasons why schools will not offer curriculum that includes LGBT topics. They are: "

1. Unsupportive Administrators - Many teachers will not enter into the domain of using curriculum that includes LGBT related topics because their administrators will not support them. Although the Supreme Court ruling was historic, it will be a long time before it changes the mindset of every administrator around the US.

2. Parent Pushback - There are small groups of parents in some districts, and large groups of parents in other districts who do not want their children, and any other children, exposed to LGBT related topics in school. School leaders and teachers have seen parents pull their children from class when schools participate in the Day of Silence. Some parents bring their own values into the public school setting and want schools to abide by those values. Teachers will not test the waters of LGBT topics in their classroom if they feel that parents will pushback and administrators will not be supportive. There are some districts that are moving forward, but there has been a great deal of pushback.

3. Don't Know where to start - Many teachers and leaders do not know where to start. They usually begin by using words like tolerance and acceptance (I prefer acceptance of being tolerated). The most important place to begin is with school board policies and student codes of conduct that stipulate discipline for students who harass and bully based on sexual orientation and gender expression. They also need to be clearly written to support the use of LGBT topics in classrooms. Policies and codes of conduct set the foundation for supporting teachers and leaders when there is parent pushback. Interestingly, they also provide parents of LGBT students support for when administrators ignore the very paper those policies are written on. Another place to begin is through curriculum.

Please re-read the above carefully.

Be encouraged. The resistance by parents does pay off. Standing for biblical values and against the LGBT agenda in your school has had and will continue to have a positive effect.

Be Informed. This is the theme for the LGBT agenda this coming school year---more not less of what we have seen.

Be Vigilant. These people never quit trying to re-educate and indoctrinate your child.

Be Discerning. This is not about Christian parents trying to hurt those kids who have been consumed by the LGBT agenda. The activists use children as a leverage to advance their agenda. This is about saving kids, in particular your own, from being baptized in this destructive lifestyle.

Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.