Thursday, August 27, 2015

Heads up Parents---and a Suggestion for Teachers

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Heads Up Parents: As kids prepare to return to public school classrooms, Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest Homosexual Rights organization, is prepared to welcome them.

Their new "Welcoming Schools Initiative Guide" is waiting on the educator's desk to help teachers answer questions that may come up in class, like, "How can a family have two moms [dads]?" In addition, they are preparing the teacher to seize "teachable" moments in the classroom.

The "Guide" also addresses which words are and which are not acceptable in the classroom, with a goal of making gay and transgender kids feel comfortable.

Suggestion To Teachers: If you're a Christian or conservative, have you considered redirecting the use of your mandatory NEA dues? A number of public school teachers are doing so to avoid supporting Planned Parenthood and political candidates and legislation that does not represent their personal beliefs.

To help "create a classroom where students aren't limited based on gender stereotypes," teachers are being instructed to use words such as "friend" or "students" rather than "boys" and "girls."

The Human Rights Campaign, through their Welcoming Schools Initiative, have provided a new Back-to-School Guide.

Teachers are asked to avoid using gender that divides the classroom because that "can leave some students feeling out of place, making them feel distracted or isolated and not able to focus on learning."

The guide also advises teachers to "prepare for teachable moments," suggesting they be prepared for questions that might come up in class such as: "How can a family have 2 moms [dads]?"; "Which one is the real one?"; Or, "Don't you need a woman and a man to have a baby?"

Then HRC gives the teachers the answers to these questions: "There are all kinds of families. Some have two moms or two dads," and "Children come from families in many different ways, and the families that love the children may have a mom and a dad, some a mom, some a dad and some have two moms or two dads."

The guide emphasizes allowing children to choose their own gender, and suggests avoiding asking students to identify their gender on paper---don't write it down.

HRC tells teachers to consider "offering a third write-in option for those who have non-binary gender identities or to allow students to elaborate if neither 'male' or 'female' fit."

The teachers are also instructed to "be sure that forms do not have specific spaces for 'mother' and 'father'. If a form requires the name(s) of legal care givers(s) the form can just say 'parent', 'guardian', or 'caregiver'."

The teachers are advised to "show pictures and videos that challenge gender stereotypes."

There's much more. Read the links above.

And parents, and grandparents be aware. As you read the materials I've linked, keep in mind this is done in the name of "education" and we taxpayers pay for it.

More importantly, keep in mind that public education has evolved to being a program of social indoctrination and cultural experimentation. This is why American education continues to fall behind other developed countries in the world.

Both teachers and students are mired knee deep in political correctness. PC is choking our schools and our culture, while homosexual activists control more and more of the content that is taught.

Public education has also become a base for recruitment by homosexual activists.

Be Informed Be Vigilant. Pray for the children.

A Suggestion To Teachers: Yesterday Dan Kennedy, with Human Life Washington sent out a copy of a letter to teachers written by Cindy Omlin, Executive Director of Northwest Professional Educators.

The article is encouraging public school teachers, specifically those in Washington State, to consider requesting their NEA mandatory dues to NEA be redirected from support of Planned Parenthood, etc on the grounds of "religious objector status."

Her letter and a link to NWPE is self explanatory. Teachers in states other than Washington would, I'm sure, have similar opportunities.

A personal word to those Christian public school teachers in many states who read this daily article. We will be standing with you in prayer as you begin this new school year. I know your challenges in that environment are great, but "Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world."

We appreciate you.