Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Republicans More Happily Married Than Democrats--Why?

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A major new study has found that Republicans are more likely to be married, less likely to divorce and are more likely to be happy in their marriage than Democrats.

Here's why.

The Christian Post published an article yesterday, featuring a picture of Ted Cruz, his wife and 2 daughters.

They are quoting a new study by sociologists W. Bradford Wilcox and Nicholas Wolfinger that reveals Republicans are more happily married than Democrats for a variety of reasons.

They found "57% of Republicans are married compared to 40% of Democrats; 41% of ever-married Republicans have been divorced, compared to 47% or ever married Democrats; and 67% of Republicans say they are in 'very happy' marriages, compared to 60% of married Democrats.

Why did these 2 sociologists do a Republican-Democrat study on marriage in the first place?

They were responding to a July 15, 2014 Bloomberg op-ed column by Stoney Brook University Professor Noah Smith.

In the article, Smith claims that sexual permissiveness and non-traditional gender roles of liberals and progressives actually make marriages stronger.

He wrote, "What if permissiveness and feminism, instead of being toxic to the institution of marriage, are the key to saving it?"

Smith said, "Most of the upper-class liberal educated Americans I know who are in stable, happy marriages had their share of pre-marital sex."

"If you wait until marriage to have sex, you're taking an enormous risk. What if you're not compatible? Or what if you regret not having shopped around," the professor asks.

He said, "Feminism may be even more important for families...Feminism...rewards fathers for sharing child care and housework, and frees them from the heavy burden of antiquated expectations."

Traditional values, in the progressive world, are "antiquated expectations"---but you and I already knew they believed that.

The professor sums it up with this: "In other words, maybe liberal morality is simply better adapted for creating stable two-parent families in a post-industrialized world. Maybe conservative family values are hard but brittle, like diamond, while liberal family values are strong like titanium---able to bend without breaking."

This is a capsule of what your child or grandchild will be taught as they return to public school in a few weeks.

It is also a snapshot of what energizes the great cultural divide in America---2 very opposing world views. It's not really about politics---it's about how we view life, marriage and family.

And it's why socialists Wilcox and Wolfinger did the study, and will now be writing a book on the subject.

There are a number of factors in their findings, including the fact that Republicans represent a larger number of white couples who are less likely to experience the level of poverty, segregation and discrimination some Democrats experience.

They found "church-going couples enjoy more social, normative, and ritual support for their marriages and family lives."

Ethnicity would likely not be a factor in that Blacks and Hispanics, who are often Democrats, are also often involved in church attendance.

Race and religiosity can't really explain all the partisan differences they found based on actual survey.

They concluded, "Perhaps Republicans are more optimistic, more charitable, more inclined to look at their marriages through rose-colored glasses," they said.

However, the survey made it clear, Professor Smith is wrong. They found no evidence that progressive so-called "values" are the key to marital bliss.

Progressive "values" at their core are not values at all, they are mechanisms used to advance a certain worldview. The secular progressive's social mechanisms are constantly "evolving."

The secular progressive's mechanisms exclude nature and nature's God in the constantly evolving deception of gender fluidity, same-sex marriage, abortion as a "women's right" and relative truth.

This is a current example of how "Cultural Marxism" works.

The key element of cultural Marxism is "Critical Theory"---which simply means "criticize every traditional institution, starting with the family for the expressed purpose of changing people's minds and hearts, and destroying the culture.

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