Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Sharia in Seattle

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Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is exploring ways to create access to "Sharia compliant" loans so Muslims can buy homes in Seattle.

Sharia law does not permit paying interest on money. Not to worry, says the mayor, we can get around all that without violating your religious beliefs.

There is irony in this.

It was Mayor Murray who promised to do everything "legally possible" to block the highly successful Chick-fil-A restaurant chain from opening stores in Seattle, because he disagrees with the owner's religious beliefs about marriage.

Will Sharia law now creep into other laws within the City of Seattle?

Could we talk about tolerance? And bigotry?

The Cathy family---owners of the highly successful 2,000 plus restaurant chain believe in biblical marriage, one man--one woman. And have said so out loud.

Ed Murray does not.

He led the parade in the state to redefine marriage, to accommodate his and others preferred sexual behavior.

Murray says becoming Sharia compliant helps him achieve his goal of 50,000 more homes in the city because there is an estimated 30,000 Muslim families in Seattle.

The Muslims tend to not buy homes because Sharia law does not permit paying interest on loans. Islamic law views money "purely as a means of exchange" and "therefore should not be allowed to give rise to more money."

Mayor Murray told the Puget Sound Business Journal, "We will work to develop new tools for Muslims who are prevented from using conventional mortgage products due to their religious beliefs."

He said at a press conference, "We want to help Muslims."

It's interesting that the "help" is assisting them in circumventing their religious beliefs.

But if this is just business, why oppose Chick-fil-A so strongly on their deeply held religious beliefs?

We drove over to the Chick-fil-A in Bellevue last Saturday and the line of cars was so long it went around the building and onto the street. They hire people and pay taxes. Why would they too not be good for the Seattle economy, as they are for the Bellevue economy?

And doesn't Islam also hold that homosexuality is unacceptable and sin? Punishable by death?

While cloaked in "just business" and "helping a minority group," this seems to reveal a very callous view toward biblical Christians. Could the leader of the gay community in Washington State be "intolerant" toward biblical Christians, while seeking to help those who hold other religious beliefs, including "getting around " the "paying interest" issue?

Some are now asking if Murray's actions will lead to other Seattle laws also becoming "Sharia compliant."

Jason Rantz, KIRO radio talk show host, is assuring the concerned citizens there is nothing to worry about. He says he has looked into whether Sharia law could creep into other laws---is this an opening: "No, its not," Rantz says. "Just because it accommodates Sharia law, it doesn't automatically mean it's a bad thing we need to be scared of."

"Others are doing it," Rantz assures the concerned citizens.

Well that settles that, doesn't it?

Some of the concern I have heard is directed toward the man, even more than his plan.

It's easy to remember that Representative, later, Senator Ed Murray told Washington state citizens each time he laid another stone in the pathway to redefining marriage, that his latest law was not about "marriage," it was about "fairness." And "equality."

After 10 years of incrementally undermining natural marriage, marriage was redefined in Washington state, while radio talk show hosts assured the concerned "this won't affect your marriage or personal life one little bit."

Baronnell Stutzman and others being legally punished for their beliefs on marriage would disagree.

While sex-ed curriculum in public education is being re-written to "comply" with Murray's new marriage law, parents are discovering that it is much more than compliance---it's celebratory, and becoming more so with each new study material being delivered to the classroom.

Compliance is nothing more than indoctrination.

The Seattle Times congratulated Murray following the overthrow of traditional biblical marriage as the law of the state. Of all his virtues mentioned, they touted his feat of incrementally creating the structure---law by law, policy by policy that led to marriage being redefined.

The question also on some minds is; Does Seattle, and a couple of other close in counties in the Puget Sound Crescent control enough votes to elect a governor?

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Pro-Active. Be Prayerful.