Monday, August 31, 2015

Ted Cruz: "It Feels Like Sunday Morning"

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More than 10,000 people gathered at the State House in South Carolina Saturday to say publicly, "We Stand With God."

The SC newspaper, "The State," reported that the gathering "amounted to a political and religious revival" with Ted Cruz and Rick Perry joining local pastors and politicians.

The newspaper reports "they were preaching messages denouncing abortion and gay marriage and calling for a spiritual awakening in Washington DC and across the nation."

Is something going on---or is this just politics as usual?

Yes, something is going on.

Ted Cruz told the crowd, "We have a call to worship on the (State House) steps"..."our nation is in crises right now."

"But I want to tell you," he said, "there is a spirit of revival that is sweeping South Carolina, that is sweeping the country."

Cruz said, "Americans are waking up."

William Temple, a pastor from Georgia who was dressed up in colonial garb, told the audience this is "just a sample of what's going on all over the country"..."Christians are up. They're fired up...they're saying 'we're not going to obey. We're going to take our country back'."

Rick Perry said, "We see religious liberty being put in jeopardy today."

Pastor Ron Baity from Winston-Salem said the church has the solution for a nation that "has stooped so low that it is necessary for us to jump up to touch the bottom."

"We're losing our nation," Pastor Baity said, "and the ones who have the solution are the ones standing in the pulpits."

I'm with Pastor Baity.

As though endorsing or underscoring the pastor's words, the thousands in attendance and the millions across the country who agree with the pastor, Michael Needham, with Heritage Foundation, told Chris Wallace at Fox News yesterday, "Voters are fighting back---the political class is failing this nation."

Needham said, "One of the great myths is that Washington is broken."

This was personally encouraging to hear in that I wrote an article last week making the case that Washington isn't broken---the politicians we are sending there are broken.

Needham says the question to the candidates who want to be president is, "Do you know Washington DC is a swamp and are you coming to drain it?"

People in America are sick of the ruling class---from both parties, continuing business as usual, denouncing the other side, or even the obvious ills while actually doing nothing about it. They are sick of the corruption in both parties.

Obamacare is an example. How many politicians were elected last election because they told the folks at home if they voted for them they would get rid of Obamacre.

After they arrived in Washington DC with its splendor and power, they learned the Party leadership wasn't inclined to actually take action, but had learned they could vote to overturn it knowing nothing would come from the multiple "no" votes---except the opportunity to go back home and tell the folks they did what they promised---they voted against Obamacare. And ask for another term in office.

The Planned Parenthood issue is essentially the same in DC and here in Olympia. They denounce it, release statements against it, then vote for a budget that fully funds it. Except for the 7 Republicans I have repeatedly named here in Washington State who had enough courage to actually vote against the budget precisely because it funded Planned Parenthood---and said so publicly in a letter.

Needham says this is why outsiders---non politician types, are either leading the polls---Trump #1, and Ben Carson #2, or with Carly Fiorina rising the fastest in the polls. All are seen as "outsiders."

Americans are fed up and believe "outsiders" would be more likely to "drain the swamp."

Ronald Reagan wrote that after a year in office he reminded himself that he had been sent to Washington DC to "drain the swamp."

"Draining the swamp," a term that has a long history in American politics, was first used to describe the method of getting rid of malaria-carrying mosquitoes.

In 1912, Victor Berger and Mother Jones in 1913, both suggested "draining the swamp" to get rid of capitalism in America.

Bernie Sanders seems to be suggesting the same thing in 2015.

Hillary is more subtle on the subject of socialism in that she and husband Bill have become multimillionaires while "serving the country."

How do people of Christian faith "drain the swamp" (cesspool) that is currently taking the country and culture down?

"Stand With God."

God calls different ones to do different things in His restoration process, but He most always uses people in His work.

All are called to humble ourselves, to pray, to confess our sins and seek God's forgiveness.

Those who led the rally Saturday said that the mere presence of those attending was helpful to bringing about renewal.

Sen. Scott called for civil disobedience if necessary regarding the redefining of marriage and human sexuality. Others are also calling for civil disobedience in regard to marriage and family if necessary.

US Senator Tim Scott-R-SC, told the crowd Saturday, "As citizens and as patriots of America, we cannot support nor obey the Supreme Court's decision on same-sex marriage. The repercussions of this decision will have far reaching negative effects on churches and religious ministries in the days to come."

Most Americans know he's right. Even those who support same-sex marriage admit the Court's decision is already bringing about substantial change in education, some religious left churches and the culture at large.

The progressives hail the change as "progress" while biblical Christians---and conservatives recognize it as a further destruction of our foundations---more alligators in the swamp.

Sen. Scott said on Saturday, "The purpose of 'We Stand With God' is to encourage and empower God-fearing citizens to stand in this evil day. Timing is critical."

The leaders of the rally Saturday said the mere presence of the thousands who attended played a part in "draining the swamp."

Regardless how each of us may be used, we must ask if we are willing to stand with God in these horrific days---even if there is personal cost.

The Apostle Paul faced similar challenges in his day, and often wrote about standing firm---not walking away when the going gets tough. The result of his Standing with God through time in prison, beatings, being mocked, shunned and misunderstood, produced a good part of God's written, inspired Word that we call the Epistles of the New Testament.

Our perilous times will also produce eternal consequences. Only God knows what will come of all of it, but we are assured that all that's going on in our times is being used to bring about God's will and purpose.

All of it.

The political world is staggering about trying to figure out what's happening with Trump---and Sanders, and Bush and Hillary, while the pundits are explaining why they were so wrong in their predictions, and Karl Rove and other moderate Republicans work feverishly to right the so-called "moderate" ship of "business as usual"---the Party of presidential candidates Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney.

There's more to come. There are even more candidates who will enter the race for the presidency, from both political parties.

There are some who will unexpectedly drop out or be forced out.

Standing with God is an island of certainty in a sea of uncertainty.

Be Faithful. Be Vigilant. Be Certain.