Wednesday, September 02, 2015

PP Founder Sanger: "Murder Not the Worst Sin"

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Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger seemed unsure in a television interview whether there is such a thing as "sin" and if there is, she was unsure what should be considered "sin."

She said, "Whether I think murder is a sin or not, it's a terrible act," but she continued, "there is a greater sin than murder."

The revelation of Planned Parenthood's recent barbarism in selling baby body parts is also a further revelation of the lack of courageous political leadership in America.

Far too many Republican lawmakers have become strangely silent when it comes to actually de-funding, rather than merely denouncing the abortion behemoth.

Thomas Sowell, Senior Fellow at Hoover Institute, Stanford University wrote an article yesterday addressing, not the revelations of Planned Parenthood, but those of the current presidential campaign.

Bottom line---lack of leadership.

Margaret Sanger's (1879-1966) comments would be of little consequence today, except she is not only the founder of Planned Parenthood, she put in place the core values upon which the nation's largest abortion operation still functions.

You may be interested to know, while abortion has become the primary product of PP, eugenics was the core belief of Sanger.

Planned Parenthood remains committed to the woman and her beliefs. Each year PP awards the Margaret Sanger Award to the person they feel has done the most to advance Planned Parenthood and their beliefs.

Hillary Clinton, among others, has received the award.

Look back with me for a moment.

Journalist Mike Wallace interviewed Sanger for an ABC feature story on September 21, 1957.

In the interview Wallace asked Sanger if she believed certain things were sin---like infidelity. She told Wallace she didn't believe infidelity would be sin, because it has so many personalities and it depends on what a person's own belief is."

If there is such a thing as sin, she continued, "it's hard to know what it is."

She then asked Wallace, "What would they [sins] be?"

Wallace said, "Murder is sin?"

Sanger replied, "Well, I naturally think murder, whether it's a sin or not, it's a terrible act."

Earlier in the interview, she had said, "I think the greatest sin in the world is bringing children into the world that have disease from their parents, that have no chance in the world to be a human being practically---delinquents, prisoners, all sorts of things, just marked when they're born. That to me , is the greatest sin people can commit."

Her beliefs in eugenics--- selective breeding and sterilization to diminish the so-called inferior races and promote the growth of so-called superior races---is the founding beliefs of Planned Parenthood.

And the 2015 version of Margaret Sanger's worldview has not fallen far from the tree.

To facilitate her worldview of racism and white supremacy, Planned Parenthood predictably continues to build their abortion clinics in Black and poverty neighborhoods, while calling their mission "compassionate" and "affordable women's health services."

The appearance of these recent videos certainly must be a further moral indictment of Planned Parenthood and its barbarism. Surely we can at least now stand for de-funding Planned Parenthood, can't we?

Not surprisingly, the secular progressive left, in the face of all we know about its founding and its current involvement in selling baby body parts, continue to stand with Planned Parenthood and its mission.

The "conservative" politicians elected by the people to take a stand against such things and actually stop giving PP taxpayer money, have recently been "explaining" to the folks back home that "it's complicated" to take away the federal money from PP. And the citizens don't understand.

It isn't complicated. And we do understand.

The "cave" by many elected politicians on actually de-funding Planned Parenthood reveals not only the barbarism of PP, but the weakness of current leadership.

Forget Sanger, Clinton, Biden, Sanders and Obama and their so-called Planned Parenthood for a moment.

Let's look at leadership.

Thomas Sowell wrote about the weakness of current political leadership yesterday in his article, "A Revealing Clue." He was thinking of the current escalating race wars in our country.

Sowell, an African-American intellectual, is a Senior Fellow at Hoover Institute, Stanford University. It's an excellent article. Take a moment and read it.

Sowell notes up front that he is neither a supporter of Donald Trump or Jeb Bush, but much can be learned by comparing how each of these men recently handled people who tried to disrupt their question-answer period after a speech.

Sowell says, "After Bush's speech, hecklers from a group called 'Black Lives Matter' caused Bush to simply leave the scene."

Bush did exactly what Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders did in Seattle a few weeks ago.

Bush just left, rather than confront.

Some call that diplomacy.

Sowell says, "When Trump opened his question-answer period by pointing to someone in the audience who had a question, a Hispanic immigration activist who had not been called on simply stood up and started haranguing."

"Trump told the activist to sit down because someone else had been called upon," Sowell recalls. He says, "But the harangue continued, until a security guard escorted the disrupter out of the room."

Sowell says, "Jeb Bush later criticized Trump for having the disrupter removed."

He says, "What kind of president would someone make who caves in to those who act as if what they want automatically overrides other people's rights---that the rules don't apply to them."

Sowell notes that Trump later let the activist back into the room and answered his questions. He says whether Trump's answers were good, bad or indifferent doesn't matter---there is a bigger issue.

"These kinds of incidents," he says, "raise painful questions about electing Jeb Bush to be leader of the free world."

He says, "The Republican establishment needs to understand that why someone with all Trump's faults could attract so many people who are sick of the approach Jeb Bush represents."

This is at the heart of what is happening in our political environment---and our country.

In the face of these grotesque activities of Planned Parenthood, leading so-called conservative politicians can't even bring themselves to stand against Planned Parenthood and vote against a budget that funds Planned Parenthood.

We currently have a president who has sold the store in the minds of many in his Iran Deal---he couldn't even stand up to the leading terrorist sponsor in the world.

Sowell says, "No small part of the internal degeneration of American society has been a result of supposedly responsible officials caving in to whatever group happens to be in vogue, and trample on everyone else's rights."

The homosexuals are doing it, Planned Parenthood and its abortion industry are doing it, the atheists are doing it, and Muslims are doing it.

Sowell says the goal of "the rule of law and not men" has increasingly been abandoned in favor of government, the media and academia picking winners and losers.

The people are pushing back, and they are pushing back hard. Society has been demoralized by lack of leadership.

Sowell admits these little incidents on the campaign trail are a long way from the White House, but they are symptoms of larger and worse things that have already happened in America.

The ambivalence of some leaders toward the atrocities being committed by Planned Parenthood reflect those same symptoms.

The insanity of gender fluid sexuality being put forward by homosexual activists will ultimately, if left unchecked, destroy our culture.

The flames of a race war are being fanned in our nation, because leadership cannot bring themselves to stand for what is right---to stand against political correctness.

Sowell concludes, "We do need risk still worse consequences if we get yet another president of the United States who acts as if it is just a question of whose ox gets gored."

God help us.