Monday, April 25, 2016

Michelle Obama Blasts Religious Freedom in US While Husband Lectures Europe

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Michelle Obama used her commencement speech at Jackson State University in Mississippi Saturday to blast the state's recently passed religious freedom bill.

"We see it right here in Mississippi---just two weeks ago---how swiftly progress can hurtle backward," she told the audience.

As she lectured Mississippi, her husband was lecturing Europe with the same "progressive" homosexual friendly, anti-freedom, anti-American talking points.

The Obama's made this weekend a billboard for what the progressive Left is really about.

ABC News reports that Michelle "Obama made the comment following an impassioned revival of the state and university's stained history with regard to civil rights."

Mrs. Obama told the graduates and their families, "So we've got to stand side by side with all our neighbors---straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender; Muslim, Jew, Christian, Hindu immigrant, Native American---because the march for civil rights isn't just about African-Americans, it's about all Americans..."

If it's about "all Americans," shouldn't it include Christians who believe in biblical principles and values? Those principles, such as marriage is only between a man and a woman, that have stood since the beginning of the human race and have been endorsed by every major religion in the history of the world?

If the new progressivism is for "everyone," why does our government, using our tax dollars, continue to defy a majority of Americans who oppose funding the most gruesome, predatory, abortion industry in the history of the world?

Planned Parenthood.

And why are Christians regularly fined---some small businesses bankrupted---and even thrown in jail because of their biblical beliefs regarding marriage?

Shouldn't this generation be free to live out their principles and deeply held biblical beliefs without federal punishment for doing so?

She said, "It's about making things more just, more equal, more free for all our kids and grandkids. That's the story you have the opportunity to write. That's what this historic university has prepared you to do."

That's exactly what most secular universities are preparing kids to do--revise history, advance a far Left social agenda, support a socialist economic agenda, work toward globalism, attack biblical Christianity, nurture an anti-American sentiment and trample on religious freedom as our Founders envisioned it and we have known it--- as America's children become paid demonstrators and community organizers.

And because of this notion, America's education scores reflect that of a third world country.

While Michelle returned home after meeting the Queen, for her speech at Jackson State University Saturday, President Obama carried on in England promoting his homosexual agenda and globalism.

Homosexual activists asked President Obama at a press conference in the UK Friday about a recent travel advisory to British LGBT citizens cautioning them of the newly passed law [in Mississippi].

President Obama told them "it should be overturned."

In a town hall meeting at Lindley Hall in London, the president took opportunity to advance, what he considers one of his great achievements as president: The homosexual agenda. Redefining marriage.

The press reported that prior to his comments about redefining marriage and human sexuality, "President Barack Obama has called on Britain's young people to reject pessimism, cynicism, and xenophobia during a town hall discussion in London Saturday, a day after he dealt with stinging criticism over his remarks expressing support for Britain to stay in the European Union."

In addition to urging British students to carry the banner for the homosexual agenda, President Obama also inserted himself into the upcoming election. On June 23rd, England is voting on whether to stay in the European Union, and the country is deeply divided over the issue.

More than a few Britts took issue with a US President inserting himself into their democratic process.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who is advocating England remove itself from the EU said he thought Obama was influenced by his "part-Kenyan ancestral dislike" of the British Empire, calling him hypocritical and "perverse."

UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage told America's president to "butt out." He said America would never contemplate anything like EU for themselves.

But the conversation about homosexual's special rights was what brought the twinkle to the president's eye.

Taking a wide view of "change" in regard to values and moral principles, President Obama told the students that in times of change, there is a temptation to forge identities, "tribal identities that give you a sense of certainty, a buffer against change."

Obama told the kids this is something they "have to fight against."

"Globalism and integration," he said, "should not be seen as threats, but as opportunities."

Globalism and international integration is, of course, the threshold to a one world government, one world economy and currency and a one world religion.

This is the message and vision that Barack Obama will take to the United Nations should he be successful in his effort to become the UN General Secretary following his US presidency.

When asked about his most meaningful and important moments and accomplishments, the president said it related to his "evolving view on marriage equality."

The president told the students that he had been in favor of civil unions because he thought labeling those relationships as marriages was not necessary as long as the people involved were getting the same rights, but his children had a great impact on changing that point of view.

"It's not simply about legal rights, but the sense of stigma," he said.

"If you're calling it something else, it means less in the eyes of society," he told the kids.

The progressives are constantly creating new truths and new realities with words, as though life were merely a stage.

Before leaving England for Germany, President Obama visited London's Globe Theater where the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death is being celebrated.

It occurred to me that it was Shakespeare in "As You Like It," who said:
"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages."
In his time on the stage, this president has done more harm to America---our ideals, our culture, our values, our freedom, our institutions and our vision than any president in recent history---perhaps ever.

He was never really one of us. He never really wanted to be.

In months America will choose a new president. We've got to get it right this time.

Be Prayerful. Be Discerning.