Wednesday, July 06, 2016

FBI To Hillary: "No Charges"--The Fix Is In

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After ripping Hillary repeatedly and telling the press, "There is evidence that they were extremely careless" in her handling of top secret US classified information---and that "although there is evidence of potential violations," FBI Director Comey is not recommending charges against her.

Obama appointed US Attorney General Loretta Lynch met secretly with Bill Clinton last week at a remote location at the Phoenix airport in her government jet. When a reporter asked about the 30 minute private meeting, she said it was a "happenstance" social meeting.

The fix is in.

Yesterday morning, Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey told the press that "although he found evidence" that Hillary might have violated laws pertaining to the handling of US classified information, he is not recommending she be indicted.

"No reasonable prosecutor would take this case," he said.

Comey covered himself by reprimanding Hillary:

  • "There is evidence of potential violations."
  • "Seven of Clinton's email chains contained 'Top Secret' information."
  • "There is evidence to support a conclusion that any reasonable person in Secretary Clinton's position...should have known that an unclassified system was no place for that information."
  • 110 of Clinton's emails were classified at the time they were sent."
  • "There is evidence that they were extremely careless."

He even admitted that individuals in a similar situation would not necessarily be let off the hook with no charges, but would probably face penalties, explaining, "But that's not what we're deciding now. We are expressing to Justice our view that no charges be made in this case."

Attorney Abe Hamilton with American Family Association believes "Comey was used as cover to dress up corruption."

Daniel Greenfield, with the Freedom Center, said yesterday, "So Comey demolishes Hillary's lies about classified emails on the one hand and then shrugs the whole thing off on the other. You can see that as the action of a man in an impossible spot who does his job demolishing the alibi and then walks away having provided the information while knowing that it can be used politically, but not criminally."

Greenfield says the "clear evidence standard is, of course absurd, because Clinton and her people knew the regulations and clearly violated them."

Director Comey said that "no outside influence of any kind was brought to bear" on the investigation.

If this is true, why, then did Attorney General Loretta Lynch hold a secret meeting with Bill Clinton last week at the Phoenix airport?

The link above is a detailed and confirmed account of what happened in what was intended to be a secret encounter between Bill Clinton and A/G Lorretta Lynch.

It appears that Clinton manipulated the departure of his private jet so he would be in position to see Lynch who was arriving at the same air port facility.

Lynch later said the meeting was "happenstance" and merely social.

We will probably never know what was said or implied in the privacy of the A/G's jet.

Ultimately, A/G Lorretta Lynch, not FBI Director Comey, will decide if legal charges should be brought against Hillary.

Concluding his statement to the press, Comey said his FBI investigation was conducted in an "apolitical and professional way"..."And I couldn't be prouder of this organization."

Then he walked away---leaving it all up to the US Attorney General, and the American people.

Everyone who believes A/G Lynch will charge Hillary---raise your hand.

Not seeing any raised hands. Let's talk about the American people for a moment.

Will there be those among us who will raise questions about Hillary Clinton's long time aide Huma Abedin and her top level security clearance, even though her family has and does run a foundation that has ties to the Muslim World League, and its ties to Muslim extremism and terrorism and to an organization, a trust, that funded the 9-11 terrorist attack on America.

Will anyone ask about the, at least, $100 million taken in by the Clinton Foundation from the Saudis?

One question most of us can answer is, will she, as president, do what President Obama has refused to do and declassify the 28-page report that details who was actually behind and who actually funded the 9-11 attacks?

Hopefully Trump would. Certainly the press will not.

Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias wrote Monday in an Independence Day reflection that America is suffering from a "deep crises of the soul," facing the "death of morality" and "sliding into a future with no truth or reason."

"Whatever happened to the American soul," he asked?

"We are at war within our own culture, and whether we will ever win over the enemy depends on whether we will win within our own souls," he said. Noting that the "United States is battling not only enemies overseas, but is also battling for it's own identity."

He says, "We are sliding into the future with evil stalking us but no morality, no truth, and no reason to guide us."

He, as others, are saying that the only hope for America is to turn to God and His Son. Zacharias says we must forget about speaking and thinking only in terms of right and left, and begin thinking in terms of "up and down."

Naturally, Christians and conservatives ask ourselves if America has passed the point of no return in our culture.

Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Billy and Ruth Graham---Franklin's sister, says she does not believe we have passed the "point of no return."

She has said in the past that she believes America is in the "last stage of this downward spiral into the abyss of God's judgement," but agreed with my friend Christian talk show host Kerby Anderson when he suggested that there seems to be a more concentrated effort to rally people in prayer and asked if America seems to be "praying more as a nation."

Lotz, who has called America's embrace of LGBT rights and abortion "national sins," told Kerby while explaining the stages of Romans chapter 1 judgement, "But we are not too far gone that I think right now, we can cry out and return to Him. And Joel 2 says, He will return to us."

"Because He is stirring so many people to prayer," she said, "you know it's because He wants to answer...there is a breath of the Spirit across our nation calling God's people to prayer."

I agree.

Be Prayerful. Be Hopeful.