Wednesday, September 28, 2016

ABC Intros First Transgender Child Actor--Tonight

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ABC will introduce the first television show to feature a transgender child actor, playing a transgender, in an episode that airs tonight.

"Transgender" actor Jackson Millarker---who is 8 years old, will play the transgender friend of a little girl who is a regular on the highly watched show.

The storyline is written to indoctrinate kids and become a teaching moment for parents.

Parents and grandparents---heads up.

First, I want to direct you to 2 articles written about the importance of the upcoming election. 
The first is written by the most widely syndicated columnist in the country, Cal Thomas. Cal is an evangelical who has had a change of mind about the upcoming election. 
The second article includes a video and the text of comments made by Catholic priest, Father Michael Orsi, Chaplain of Ave` Maria Law School and is directed to priests and pastors---as well as their congregations. 
I strongly recommend both articles.

The hit ABC show "Modern Family" is featuring actor Jackson Millarker---an 8 year old who claims to be "transgender" in tonight's episode titled, "A Stereotypical Day."

The storyline of the show involves his character, who is also transgender, coming over to the "Modern Family" home for a play date with the young daughter Lily.

The home has 2 homosexual dads who are regulars on the show.

The show is being promoted in the entertainment magazines like this: "Both parents are filled with pride that they have done well in raising an accepting and open-minded child. But that pride quickly diminishes when Lily insults her friend, [the transgender] which they use as a teachable moment."

"Transgender" actors are increasingly being integrated into "family" TV shows.

A CBS show that will begin airing this year stars a transgender actress (Laverne Cox) who will become the first transgender actress to play a transgender lead role in a television series.

The show is titled "Doubt" and will debut later this year.

The Parents Television Council, a watchdog media group for families, has released its top picks of family friendly shows as well as its worst "unfriendly" family shows.

They rate Fox's new show "Pitch," NBC's drama "This is Us," and ABC's "Designated Survivor" as the best new shows on television this fall.

They also rate Fox's "Son of Zorn," ABC's "American Housewife," and CBS's "Bull" as the worst television shows for family viewing due to cartoon gore, sexual innuendo, and overall adult themes.

I personally do not always agree with PTC's evaluation, however, they always provide useful information for parents to further evaluate.

Ultimately parents, and grandparents must be responsible and make the right decisions.

My goal is to "inform" on the most critical issues of our times. Nothing is more critical than the assault on the minds and hearts of our children.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.