Thursday, September 15, 2016

One Vote, One Heartbeat Away...

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It has been said every US vice-president is only "one heartbeat away" from the most powerful office in the world.

That came true in the case of 8 American presidents.

Four presidents--Harrison, Taylor, Harding and Roosevelt---died of natural causes.

Four presidents---Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy---were assassinated.

America should know something about Tim Kaine---and Mike Pence, for sure.

However, Hillary's health is dominating national and international news today---including just released, hacked private emails between Colin Powell and major Democrat donors, a deceptive "edit" by CBS News and a complicit press providing cover for the deception.

This murky drama related to the Clintons goes beyond politics---it cries out for Truth.

And reflects the chaos and confusion of a culture controlled by far Left secular progressives with a worldview that holds that there are no absolutes.

America is one vote away from drowning in those murky waters.

Although Colin Powell, who served under President George W. Bush as Secretary of State, was known as a "Republican,"---some Republican establishment leaders attempted to get him to run for the presidency--- his heart and sentiments are much more toward the Democratic Party---particularly President Obama, based on his public statements and actions over the past several years.

Statements that were not intended to become public, have now been made public through the release of his "hacked" personal emails.

His email exchanges with major Democratic donors reveals how Clinton's health has been the topic of discussion among political heavyweights for some time.

About 30,000 of Colin Powell's emails have been hacked. On March 14, he wrote to Jeffery Leeds, a major Democrat donor, about Hillary-- "she is working herself to death...She will turn 70 her first year in office."

Here's what Powell actually wrote about Hillary's health at the time:

“Not sure, but she has launched a storyline that will be picked up. I think there’s something to it, On HD tv she doesn’t look good. She is working herself to death. After speaking at the UN and doing the crummy press conference she flew to SF to go do a paid gig for EBay and then went to Marc’s house to get ready for a money dinner for the Clinton Foundation. I was in Marc’s second house behind it and ducked her so we didn’t turn loose another email story by being seen together. She then flew back east the next morning. She will turn 70 her first year in office.”

In response, Leeds recalls a conversation with Rhode Island Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse regarding Clinton's difficulty in traversing a set of steps.

"Sheldon Whitehouse, who is a huge Clinton supporter, said they were both giving speeches at the same event a few months back and she could barely climb the podium steps," Leed wrote.

There's more, but the point is that while only those close to her were expressing concern about her health months ago, the whole world is talking about it now.

One of the concerns is why Hillary, and Bill, would try to cover up that she presumably has pneumonia, by claiming her latest medical episode was caused by "dehydration" and "overheating" when the temperature in New York City at the time of the 9-11 event last weekend was in the low to mid 70s?

And we have now learned that she supposedly knew of the pneumonia a couple of days before the 9-11 event.

Wouldn't the truth be easier? People get sick from time to time, right?

The Clinton's have a history of not telling the truth. They perpetuate lies with more lies.

But why would CBS News edit comments made by Bill in order to cover for Hillary?

The following day, former President Bill Clinton revealed during a CBS interview that Hillary collapsed "on more than one occasion," allegedly due to dehydration.

He originally said in the live interview, "Frequently---well not frequently, rarely---but on more than one occasion, over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing has happened to her when she got severely dehydrated."

CBS then deceptively edited the verbal slip interview in later broadcasts. While CBS was editing, CNN's Anderson Cooper was asking Hillary about her husband's comments on the interview that he did not know was to be edited.

Hillary confirmed Bill's statement, but said she only remembers fainting twice.

After this edit was made public, CBS explained that they had made the edit purely for the sake of time.

Well, that clears that up, doesn't it?

I have written about both Mike Pence and Tim Kaine. We all should know who they are and what they believe. Pence is a committed biblical Christian. Kaine is a confused Catholic.

Franklin Graham gave a forceful condemnation this week on Tim Kaine's "evolved" Catholic beliefs.

During a speech to the homosexual advocacy group Human Rights Campaign, Kaine said, "As a devout Catholic, for a long time while I was battling for LGBT equality, I believed that marriage was something different...I had a difficult time reconciling that reality with what I knew to be true from the evidence of my own life, with teachings of the faith that I had been raised in for my entire life."

He said he has changed his beliefs and he believes the Catholic Church will change its view as well because, "I think it's going to change because my church also teaches me about a Creator who surveys the entire world, including mankind, and said it is very good."

In the Clinton/Kaine world, God too is evolving.

Does he not know that God in Genesis chapter 1 created only 2 genders---male and female, and was saying "That is good?"

Paul explains in Romans chapter 1 how this process of deception works..."For although they knew God, they neither glorified Him as God nor gave thanks to Him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools."

Franklin Graham said this week, "Tim Kaine is hoping that the Catholic Church will turn its back on God's Word and accept the sinful political whims of our culture. He says he has 'evolved' in his beliefs about same-sex marriage and homosexuality. Well, his thinking, nor society's deteriorating moral attitudes, change the truth of God's Holy Word---it never changes or evolves."

It is this same kind of thinking that drives Hillary and her enablers to hope that Americans are as deceived and foolish as the secular progressives who seek to twist Scripture to fit their thinking, rather than submit their beliefs to Scripture---eternal, unchanging Truth.

It was Pontius Pilate who infamously asked, "What is Truth?" while preparing to crucify Him.

We better be asking the same question.

America is one vote away.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful.