Thursday, November 03, 2016

Conservative Supreme Court--"A False Hope?"

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Dr. Benjamin L. Corey, a widely read columnist and blogger who identifies himself as a "committed Christian," has written an article titled, "The Christian Right's False Hope in a Conservative SCOTUS."

He notes that Republican---not Democratic appointees to the Supreme Court of the United States, have given us Roe v Wade and same-sex "marriage."

He says Franklin Graham is wrong and misleading. Voting on the basis of SCOTUS appointments is a "false hope."

Is this a matter of "false hope" on the part of conservatives or a "false assumption" on the part of Corey and his thousands of so-called religious progressive Left followers?

Dr. Corey identifies himself as a "former" fundamentalist Christian. He now identifies with the religious Left and has a significant following among them.

Franklin Graham has regularly been encouraging people to pray and vote. And vote with the Supreme Court in mind.

And this is a major issue to many of us---myself included.

Many conservatives are voting for Trump because he has promised to appoint Justices who are conservative and originalists regarding the interpretation of the Constitution.

The next president will nominate between 2 and 4 Justices.

Hillary will appoint secular progressive activists to the High Court, which will have a disastrous effect on our nation for at least a generation---probably longer.

Her appointees will threaten out liberties---particularly our religious freedoms.

Most of us remember it was Hillary, in the recent past, who said publicly that certain codes and Christian beliefs must be changed---specifically regarding abortion.

Dr. Corey begins, "Over the course of this election season, it has been interesting to watch the conservative Christian reaction to Donald Trump. What originally was "h**l no!" during the primary season, slowly became "he's our only hope" in the general election."

Corey says he knew all along the majority of the "never Trump" people "would cave" and support him.

He is publicly taking on Franklin Graham.

He writes, "With the help of folks like Franklin Graham, many of those who once plugged their noses over the idea of supporting someone they know in their heart is completely opposed to anything that remotely resembles Christianity, now have a reason to support him: The Supreme Court."

He says, "Graham has long been directing his followers to this issue more than any other."

While Franklin certainly doesn't need my defense, let's take a closer look at what Corey is saying and why.

And is a vote for the Supreme Court appointees a "false hope?"

Corey points out that it was a Supreme Court largely appointed by Republicans that gave us Roe v Wade---legalized abortion.

He rightly points out that Only 2 Justices voted against Roe v Wade; Byron White and William Rehnquist. White was appointed by Kennedy and Rehnquist was appointed by Nixon.

Of the remaining 7 Justices, 2 were appointed by Democratic presidents and 5 by Republican presidents.

  • Blackmun (R- Nixon)
  • Brennan (R-Eisenhower)
  • Burger (R-Nixon)
  • Douglas (D-Roosevelt)
  • Marshall (D-Johnson)
  • Stewart (R- Eisenhower)

Corey writes that it's easy math to see that "we've had periods of Republican dominance of SCOTUS---at one point with 8 of the 9 justices were Republican! And yet, there have still been plenty of rulings that were objectionable to the right wing, including the upholding of Roe v Wade."

He asks his readers, "So here's my question: if legalized abortion was given to America by a Republican SCOTUS, and it has been upheld by an almost unanimously Republican SCOTUS, why the "++++" is one of the major selling points of this election the idea that they'll get more court picks so they can finally overturn it?"

Corey is also fond of reminding his readers that it was Bush's appointee John Roberts who gave the nation same-sex "marriage," which he supports.

I wrote about this today because this message---Corey's message in particular, is circulating among evangelical churches, including here in the Northwest.

The message is not only about Donald Trump and the Supreme Court of the United States---it is about the very fundamental biblical beliefs of the church.

A couple of days ago I wrote in this column that Jen Hatmaker, a well-known Christian personality---Bible teacher, writer and HGTV personality, has changed her beliefs regarding same-sex marriage and abortion. In response, LifeWay Christian stores have pulled her products because her new "evolved" beliefs contradict LifeWay's biblical beliefs and policies.

Dr. Corey, in support of Hatmaker's new beliefs, has written a stinging rebuke toward LifeWay and all those Christians and churches who refuse to "affirm" homosexuality---telling thousands of Christians that the "creeds of the early church do not match up to modern "Christian" beliefs. He says, "the idea of loving, committed, life long, monogamous, same-sex relationships is a popular modern question, but it was not a popular ancient wasn't even discussed in ancient times, the entire discussion was framed with ancient understandings of sexuality---understandings that are completely different than what we know today."

"Thus," he writes, "one can be completely affirming of our LGBTQ+ brothers sand sisters and still totally affirm the creeds of the church."

In other words, Paul's instruction to the church in Rome regarding homosexual behavior (Romans 1) was directed at "promiscuous " same-sex behavior, not "committed" same-sex behavior.

This is trademark progressive evolution of Truth.

Corey is wrong on several fronts. He is wrong in the way he defines "affirming." In his mind and that of the progressive religious Left, "affirming" means condoning behavior that the Bible condemns as sin. Including homosexual behavior, but not limited to that behavior---all sins.

Biblical Christians affirm that God loves everyone regardless of their sins---and all have sinned---and offers forgiveness, redemption, and restoration to all equally and completely. Christianity affirms God's love for people---not His acceptance or "affirmation" of the sins that killed His Son.

Corey is wrong in regards to Trump opposing everything that is Christian. Why then did he choose Mike Pence, a deeply committed biblical Christian who regularly lays hands on Trump and prays for him, as his running mate?

Corey is equally wrong on the matter of the election.

While Trump was not the first preference for most evangelical Christians, neither was Hillary.

While she is a darling to the religious progressive Left---or has been until revelations of the last few days--- she has consistently promised more resistance to biblical beliefs regarding the sanctity of life and marriage.

"Old codes and beliefs" must be changed she has told us.

While I agree that there is no guarantee that Trump will nominate justices from the list of candidates he has presented to America, nor is there a guarantee that those judges will rule conservatively---we can be absolutely certain that Hillary will appoint far Left activists, and there will be no possibility of overturning Roe v Wade in our lifetime---or protecting our religious freedoms..

The Supreme Court already has a number of religious freedom, pro-life and Second Amendment issues before it.

And what about the 250 or so life-appointed federal judges who the next president will appoint?

When you see or hear this narrative circulating in your social circles or in your church---be informed---and speak to it.

And finally, Franklin Graham's daughter Cissie Graham Lynch spoke to this issue yesterday on Fox News.

Her comments include this: "I look at who Trump has surrounded himself with. He has surrounded himself with some godly men [like] Ben Carson. But he's chosen not just the counsel of Mike Pence but as his running mate. Mike Pence doesn't just talk about his faith, he talks about his faith in Jesus Christ---and he is not ashamed of it. And I think Trump and Pence together will fight on behalf of the Christian voice."

So do I, Cissie.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Faithful. Be Prayerful. Be Free