Wednesday, January 04, 2017

President Trump. Now What?

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The 2016 presidential election was transformational by all accounts.

I believe 2017 is a pivotal year spiritually and culturally.

Many on the far Left were---and still are, traumatized, while many Christians and conservatives exhaled their relief as the race down the path of secular so-called "progressivism," socialism, atheism, and political correctness have been halted for a time.

Trump is President. Hillary is not. Now what?

The political ruling class in both parties saw their elitist clubs, which primarily served themselves, not "we the people" shattered in many pieces.

Much like the tale of Humpty Dumpty, the political kings and all their horses will find it difficult if not impossible to put "Humpty" back together again.

Tens of millions of Americans said, "We've had enough."

Trump is scheduled to become our 45th president on January 20.

The people have spoken.

More importantly, many, myself included, believe God is speaking to America.

George Barna, founder of Barna Research is one of the most highly respected pollsters and researchers in America.

He is also a deeply committed evangelical Christian.

A couple of weeks ago he told Sam Rohrer, president of American Pastors Network, now that Trump has been elected, "We need strong back-boned visionary leadership from our spiritual leaders so that we can put together our spiritual truths and principles along with the political realities of the day, understand how God wants us to move forward, what He wants us to try to achieve in order to honor Him as best we can."

Barna said, "Many people, myself included, would say it was a miraculous move of God that put Mr. Trump in the White House. He is not our savior, but he may give us a chance to make things right in the culture."

He reminded the pastors that many people are still unaware that Trump has drawn hundreds of evangelicals around him to guide him in selecting cabinet members and other leaders in his administration.

While all his choices would not be the first choice for conservative Christians---many of his choices are.

Vice-President Mike Pence is one of us. HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson is one of us. Betsy DeVoss, head of education, is one of us. So are Reince Priebus, chief of staff, Sean Spicer, press secretary, and a host of other cabinet members and top staff.

Mike Huckabee will likely be a part of Trump's administration, or least a close advisor.

Many others, in Trump's developing administration, are deeply committed conservative biblical Christians.

Hope has been rekindled within the Christian community---not because Trump is a spiritual leader---he isn't. But because there are those within his administration who are, and most of us are quite certain he will not continue Obama's war on religious freedom---specifically Christianity---rather, he will support us. And in doing so, will help release us from the bondage of the secular progressive ideology of Obama and Hillary, to do what God intends for us to do.

In fact, Barna published a survey on December 28 titled "Christian Conservatives React to Trump Cabinet Picks," which shows why hope has been re-kindled within the Christian community.

Barna's survey reveals that while people do not believe that Trump is any kind of savior, "The survey data," Barna says, "show, however, that the election of Donald Trump has lifted the spirits of millions of Americans."

The survey is in-depth, but worth a few minutes of your time to be informed.

Barna told Sam Rohrer, "Most of the public doesn't realize that he [Trump] enrolled different advisory groups around him who are helping him identify potential picks for each of these groups...a lot of people who are involved in these advisory groups are evangelical leaders."

This is not a time to relax and become distracted as though things have been "fixed."

Things have not been fixed.

But the opportunity to see our culture "fixed" stands before us.

Barna told the pastors "...we've been put here for such a time as this. God has given us the principles that will help us shape the culture ...restore balance and sanity that we need to bring us back to a culture of righteousness..."

I personally share Barna's convictions. We have...I have--you have, been put here for such a time as this.

We must act on the opportunity. And the focus must be primarily on spiritual renewal---political and cultural renewal will follow.

Many pastors and spiritual leaders read this daily column here in the Northwest. It is also read by thousands across the country and in as many as 30 countries every weekday. Hearts and minds are changed. We know this because many have shared their own experience with us.

Journalists, newspaper and radio-television news people, follow our "Faith and Freedom Daily" column. While they may disagree, they at least read it.

Many pastors and leaders listen to our daily live radio program "Straight Talk". Many of them have told me they are inspired by our bold message.

To those of you who make this ministry possible---from my heart, "Thank you."

As Barna says, "We've been put here for such a time as this."

And "this time" must involve all of us---not some of us.

Prayerfully consider how God would lead you for "such a time as this."

Barna also said, "I think right now there's certainly on the part of most conservative Christians we're seeing in research there is the hope of restoration within our culture of things like civility and respect and unity and prosperity and liberty, but I'm also worried that because we're not used to going out and making that happen, that once again we're going to watch and wait and hope without taking the bull by the horns and saying okay let's move it forward..."

And that's exactly what I'm trying to say---it's time for conservative Christians to take the "bull by the horns," trust God and see how He uses each of us.

Be Bold. Be Pro-Active. Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.