Friday, June 23, 2017

Homosexuals In Seattle-- "Rightfully Scared"

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This Sunday as many head out to 11 AM worship services at their church, "Seattle's Pride Parade" will begin along 4th Ave.

The Seattle Times says Seattleites and Seattle Pride-goers often rely on festivities to be fun, colorful, queer and in recent years---woke."

However, the VP of the Pride Parade board says, "This year, with a new administration, people are rightfully scared."

What, in particular, are they rightfully scared of?

Seattle's Pride board vice president David Hale told the Seattle Times, this year "people are rightfully sacred" for several reasons.


Well, Hale identified the "policies of President Trump's rollback of federal protections for transgender students that had allowed youths to use bathrooms corresponding to their gender identity."

Another reason to be sacred, Hale says, is because Mike Pence is Vice President.

Hale explains that "in his years of public service," Vice President Mike Pence, "has taken a number of anti-LGBTQ stances."

Sometimes what homosexual activists see as anti-gay positions, are not "anti" so much as "pro" positions--pro-nature, pro- nature's God, pro-biblical teaching, pro-natural marriage, pro-biblical Truth, pro-life, etc.

They, with their agenda, are most often unmindful, or simply uncaring of the destruction their agenda and lifestyle creates---- often, destruction in other people's lives as well as their own.

Charlie Butts at One News Now wrote an article yesterday titled, "Celebrating mental illness Jersey-style."

A bill known as the Transgender Education Protection Act has passed the New Jersey Senate (26-9) and is expected to pass the General Assembly.

The bill, among other things, requires teachers and all others in school administration to address transgender teenagers by their preferred name and pronoun that corresponds to their identity at any given time.

Greg Quinlan, a pro-family activist, says this whole matter is disingenuous. "Not with the reality of their sex, but with their gender identity. So in other words," he says, "student and faculty must lie to this student about who they are. It effectively mandates lying."

The student's ID must also show the preferred gender.

And the bill is clear about the punishments for those who fail to accommodate "the lie." The punishment can be significant.

Quinlan calls the bill "another mandated forced falsehood" that promotes "a mental disorder known by the American Psychological Association as gender dysphoria."

That should scare all parents of children who are daily sent into this kind of cultural jungle.

Yesterday I wrote about a new in-depth study by several highly recognized and accomplished doctors titled "Growing Pains; Problems With Puberty Suppression in Treating Gender Dysphoria."

The study reveals how homosexual activists (Human Rights Campaign) and their enablers in the medical field are "experimenting with our children" by administering "experimental," puberty-blocking hormone therapy that has not been researched or even approved by the FDA.

If you have not read my article or the new study, please take a minute and do so--the study is a great resource for parents and grandparents.

Hale says the homosexual movement has, historically, been celebratory over steps like the "Supreme Court's 2015 decision making marriage equality the law of the land."

"This year," he says, "things feel less certain."

And he says because of the uncertainty, "Our mission has slightly shifted."

Their event this year has chosen the theme, "Indivisible," "to show the need for marginalized communities to play a larger role in this year's events and create a unified community."

They say they are including others who feel marginalized, like people of color, trans- individuals and any others who feel marginalized so they can be heard.

Make no mistake. This new found interest in being "inclusive" is to strengthen their own hand in continuing to force their homosexual agenda and behavior on an unwilling child in the classroom or an uninformed society choking on political correctness.

Dr. Paul Hruz, one of the authors of the study "Growing Pains" and an associate professor of pediatrics, endocrinology and diabetes-and an associate professor of cell biology and physiology at Washington University in St. Louis says in the report, "It is very clear that the ideology is driving suppression of people that recognize the difficulty that is going on here, at least among academics, that the discussion that would normally go on is being muted because of the ideology and how vocal the advocates for this particular intervention is preventing people from raising legitimate scientific and medical questions."

Homosexual activists may have reason to be "scared," but President Trump is not necessarily the reason.

The problem they face is the "Truth."

  • It is true that there is not one single genetic marker that supports their mantra that they "are born that way."

  • It is also true that highly recognized and accomplished doctors are pleading with their colleagues in the medical field to stop the hormone therapy experimentation (including surgery) on children and to ignore the pressure from the homosexual activists to continue.

Pressure politics has been around for a long time. Evolutionists claim that something came from nothing, and biological information systems self-organized and resulted in the development of the most intricate "designed" life forms that no human has been able to replicate using every man-made tool available.

Public schools now teach this myth as fact.

If we accept that myth, why would we not accept the "gay myth" of "born that way?" Or the myth of transgenderism for which Facebook has given 56 acceptable identity options?

From the day that Adam and Eve tried to test the Word of God concerning his destiny, man has attempted to find some voice of authority other than God.

This is more of the same.

While the Seattle homosexuals are scared of this new administration---the thing they should fear most is The Truth.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.