Thursday, August 24, 2017

Kindergarten Kids Traumatized--Teacher Leads "Transition Ceremony"

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FOX 40 is reporting that during a classroom lesson, a teacher conducted a gender "transition ceremony" for one of the students.

This after the teacher had read two books to kids whose ages were as young as 4 and as old as 8.

The books?

"I Am Jazz" and "Red: A Crayon's Story" are both labeled as "instructional," however, they are nothing more than advocacy and indoctrination for the homosexual-transgender movement.

Kids in a classroom are a captive audience, and no-one knows better how effective that can be for indoctrination purposes than Planned Parenthood and the homosexual group Human Rights Campaign---both of whom have almost unrestricted access to kids in the public classroom.

Planned Parenthood seeks to normalize abortion and sexual relations between little kids under the guise of "safe sex" and "sex ed," while Human Rights Campaign seeks to normalize same-sex relations---and now they are obsessed with promoting transgenderism among our youngest kids.

As the school year was ending last June, a teacher at Rocklin Academy, one of several public/charter schools in the Sacramento area, read the books, "I Am Jazz" and "Red: A Crayon's Story," neither of which were approved reading---both of which are more indoctrinating than educational.

In conjunction with the reading of the two books, the teacher then conducted a "transition ceremony" for one of the students, first introducing the 5-year-old to the class as a boy. The student then went into the bathroom and emerged dressed as a girl. Then the teacher reintroduced the 5-year-old to the children and explained "she" is now a girl with a girl's name and was to be called that from now on.

This without parental notification.

The parents found out about it later.

FOX 40 in Sacramento began their story with, "How young is too young to introduce a child to the concept of gender identity?"

Their next statement was, "Some parents applauded the district's efforts while others questioned whether it was handled properly."

There they go again.

Fox 40 then says this: "Ankur Dhawan's 5-year-old daughter was in the classroom that day. She came home and talked about what she had learned."

FOX 40 continues: "She said, 'Well, we learned about a girl in a boy's body'," Dhawan said. "This turned out to be a fairly decent way of introducing a topic that I wouldn't otherwise know to do."

This would be the narrative secular progressives and homosexual advocates would want to attach to this outrageous indoctrination moment.

The Gospel Herald reports it very differently: "Parent's have expressed outrage and said their children are 'traumatized' after a kindergarten lesson had a student's transgender reveal occur mid-class."

They report that some of the girls in the class came home crying, asking their parents if they were going to turn into a boy now.

One parent told the Herald, "My daughter came home crying and shaking so afraid she could turn into a boy."

This is child abuse, not education.

Another parent said, "I want her to hear from me as a parent what her gender identity means to her and our family, not from a book that may be controversial.

Most parents were upset. None the least because they were not notified about the books as well as the "reveal" of the so-called "transgender" child.

To suggest, as Fox 40 did, that "Some parents applauded the district's efforts, while some questioned..." is a massive misstatement aimed, I believe, at misleading the public in regard to the parents' actual reaction, while supporting the actions of the still "unnamed" teacher.

A letter was sent out when parents became aware of the episode.

This issue has continued to boil through the summer.

The school has now sent out another letter on August 11, and a third letter again on August 15.

There is also a petition circulating among parents demanding the school make changes to its policies.

Jo Michael, a transgender male who is the legislative manager with Equality California, told Fox 40, "Most people have a sense of their gender identity at age 3 or 4."

No, they don't.

Jo Michael also says education is the key--"It's important to note that the other students really do need to have that opportunity to engage and hear from the transgender student."

I profoundly disagree. So does Michelle Cretella with the American College of Pediatricians.

She says, "Having an authority figure teach the myth that a child can be trapped in the wrong body will potentially lead to fear that they aren't the sex their bodies clearly indicate."

She's right and the homosexual advocates who prey on children know it.

The school district is arguing that the books were "age appropriate" and fell within their literature selection policy, claiming that parental notification was not required.

In their letter linked above, the school administration refers to their nondiscrimination policy that ensures a safe and nurturing place for all students free from discrimination.

Yet there is no indication that the girl who became a boy was being discriminated against.

The school also has been telling the parents that they fear a lawsuit if they do not properly respond to the transgender issue.

Greg Burt with California Family Council says, "These kids who had never struggled with their gender identity before are all of a sudden scared they could be turned into a boy."

Dr. Joanna Williams, the author of "Women vs Feminism," says these results suggest that transgender issues are being over-promoted in schools."

She says, "Children--encouraged by experiences at school---are beginning to question their gender identity at ever younger ages."

She warns that teaching children about transgender issues could be "sowing seeds of confusion" in the minds of children and teens, leading to more seeking gender identity therapies.

She says, "In doing more than just supporting transgender children, and instead sowing confusion about gender identity, schools do neither boys nor girls any favors."

And, she adds, "recent changes to school policies could be forcing children to 'unlearn' the difference between boys and girls."

Certainly, children need help in any number of ways during their developmental years. That's the primary responsibility of parents.

Public education has, to a great extent, usurped this responsibility. They are driven by fear of insane laws passed in recent years under the guise of "equality", "nondiscrimination" and "tolerance"---laws driven by homosexual activists. The activists, in turn, have co-opted the classrooms for their own indoctrination goals.

Clearly, the activists do not have the child's best interests at heart.

School boards and administrators faint in fear of the "lawsuit" they can't afford, while homosexual activists continue their march through the institution.

The same would be true of the abortion industry.

We have seen again and again the intense recruitment from the homosexual community of young impressionable kids.

The Apostle Paul addressed these kinds of issues in Romans chapter one, explaining that at the heart of the matter "they have exchanged the truth of God for the lie..." and ultimately have been, "given over to a debased mind..."

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Very Vigilant. Be Prayerful.