Thursday, October 19, 2017

Public School Makes Kids Pretend to Be Muslim--Calls Jerusalem An "Islamic" City

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High school students have been assigned to pretend to be Muslims in the "Islamic" city of Jerusalem as part of a class assignment that supposedly teaches about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

An upset father was told if he is upset now, future lessons will really upset him.

This is a local case of a national problem: indoctrinating our kids while calling it education.

Newton Public Schools in Massachusetts have assigned students to pretend to be Muslims.

They say their goal in this multi-lesson world history class is to help these 10th graders to better understand the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Here's the story. Education? Or indoctrination?

Fox News says, "One father was particularly upset when he discovered his daughter had been assigned what he described as an inflammatory pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel article..."

Fox says, "The man was allegedly told by the school's principal that lessons the next year would be even more upsetting."

CAMERA (the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting) has published a booklet on this particular issue titled, "Indoctrinating our Youth: How A US Public School Curriculum Skews the Arab-Israeli Conflict and Islam."

The booklet was published to help parents deal with this issue and other similar issues. Excerpts from this specific class curriculum are included in the booklet, in addition to how to respond to the school, how to remain vigilant regarding what your child is being taught in the classroom, etc. It's available at Amazon.

This particular assignment is titled, "Cities: Connecting the Islamic World."

The assignment includes this: "As our concluding project on the Islamic world, you will work in groups to simulate a historical Hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca in class. Each of you will be part of a group of Muslim pilgrims from one of the following eight Islamic cities or regions, around a rough time period."

The gathering in Mecca is pictured above.

One of the 8 cities is, of course, Jerusalem, in which students are instructed to set up a tent which will display newspaper articles about "their" cities and cultural artifacts to represent their Islamic "hometowns."

The CAMERA report says this has been going on for several years in this particular school district.

Newton is just outside Boston.

Judicial Watch has become involved with this matter as has Citizens for National Security.

Citizens for National Security chairman, Dr. Bill Saxton, writing in an op-ed for the American Thinker, detailed the findings of he and Judicial Watch Senior Investigator Bill Marshall.

They have been working for nearly 2 years to get the 600 pages of teaching materials released by the Newton Public School District.

Saxton told Fox that although they have gotten the 600 pages, "I'm not sure we got everything, [but] we got enough damning material to go ahead with it."

He said the "Newton school board and superintendent were very uncooperative and non-transparent regarding what was in their textbooks."

They are now taking legal action on behalf of the parents who do not want their children indoctrinated on this and other important matters.

Saxton said, "Parents and grandparents have absolutely no idea what their children and grandchildren are reading and hearing in school about history and geography. How many of them have read or looked at their textbooks, for example?"

Marshall said the teaching materials use as little as possible, "if any material on the violent history of Islam. In one lesson plan on the spread of Islam the teacher's notes indicate Muslim conquerors acted 'decently' to their subjects."

He said, "When you hear so much caterwauling from the Left about religion being mixed in the school, it's a little troubling when kids are being asked to go on an imaginary Hajj."

Can you imagine the backlash from the secular progressive Left if a school district taught the history of Christianity in a reciprocal way---asking kids to portray the made-up, illegal trial of Jesus, the beatings, His carrying the cross through the streets of Jerusalem to a hill outside the city where He would be killed--- with some kids pretending to be Mary the mother of Jesus as she weeps over the loss of her Son?

What if a school district re-enacted the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave?

This same government-run educational institution prevents mangers, shepherds, wise men, Mary and Joseph from setting foot on government property every Christmas--"excuse" me---winter holiday season------and they punish or silence those who even attempt any Christian religious, "Merry Christmas."

Or, "God bless you."

In recent years the war on the Christian faith has become so intense in public education, the government has banned Santa Claus, reindeer, jingle bells, snowmen and the colors red and green.

Fortunately, this year, the President of the United States says we "will" have the freedom to say "Merry Christmas." And he's encouraging everyone to say it out loud.

Bill Saxton calls this matter an example of a "purposeful attempt to indoctrinate our impressionable high-schoolers with the 'virtues' of Islam at the expense of Christianity, Judaism, and other religions."


Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case. It is, as we said, a local case of a national problem.

Heads up, parents and grandparents. And all who care about the children.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Involved. Be Bold. Be Prayerful.