Tuesday, November 14, 2017

NBC Anoints Joe Biden

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With fawning fanfare, the NBC Today Show anointed Joe Biden the next President of the United States yesterday morning.

Savannah Guthrie asked, "Do you think you could have beaten Donald Trump?"

Matt Lauer told the audience that he and Biden had been together at an Irish pub "last night" ---Sunday night--when he asked Joe, "Are you running?"

Joe Biden began a book tour yesterday, promoting his new book, which is his memoir titled, "Promise Me, Dad"---referring to a comment his son, Beau, made to him before dying of cancer.

The heart-wrenching story of his son's fight with cancer is one that touches any person, particularly a parent. The title of the book is, of course, a statement made to Joe by his son before he died at age 46, in 2015.

While the folks at NBC promoted the book, their focus was on the presidency.

Understood. They were looking for a "scoop" as they say---but they knew what he would say, because Matt Lauer had been out with Joe the night before---Sunday night, at an Irish pub.

Savannah Gutherie asked Biden if he could have beaten Donald Trump in the last election. Biden said, "I don't know. The polling data at the time said yes, but I wasn't in the race, you've got to be in the race. It's a tough game."

Biden was asked about the recently released memoir of Donna Brazile in which she says when appointed interim chair of the Democratic Party, she found it in disarray and bankrupt, which caused her to consider replacing Hillary as nominee with Joe Biden as the presidential nominee of the party.

Joe told NBC, "I give you my word, the first time I or any of my staff heard about any of that was in the book."

Joe says, "No, I wouldn't have taken it, I was for Hillary."

But Joe, are you running for president?

"I'm a great respecter of fate," he says, "but who knows what the situation is going to be in a year and a half? I don't have any idea. I'm in good health now, I'm in good shape...but I don't know. Honest to God, that's the truth."

Joe may still be "honest to God" uncertain, let's assume if "fate" taps his shoulder, he's in. All in.

He has already run for the presidency twice.

While Joe stands waiting in the wings---his mind not yet made up--- NBC seems to have made up their mind.

He's the one.

When you see "the one" you just know it.

Matt Lauer told the NBC audience that he and Biden were out at the pub the night before and when he asked Biden if he is running, Biden turned to the crowd and asked, "What do you think?"

Lauer said he got a big round of applause, "It sounded like a little informal round of polling to me."

Media Research Center, a highly regarded conservative media watchdog organization, says later in the 8 AM segment of the program, Lauer announced that Biden will be "traveling around the country launching what he calls his American Promise Tour to engage with everyday Americans on a whole host of different issues. And we're happy to say this is his very first stop."

MRC has written an excellent article on this and has included the text of the conversation which includes much more than what I have included. I encourage you to read the MRC article.

The reason I focused on this today is not so much to regurgitate the playful but purposeful interchange between NBC and Biden but to again note how terribly bias their news reporting really is.

I know, newspapers and TV stations claim their editorial endorsements are separated---honest---from the news content. I spent too many years in a network affiliated newsroom where my own daily show was produced---I don't believe them. Neither should you.

It has become clear that Hillary and the DNC stiffed Bernie in their presidential primary. I'm certain this is intended to put other potential Democratic presidential candidates---including Bernie and Warren---maybe Hillary as well, on notice that Biden and the media will be running unless something goes very wrong in the coming months.

Keep this in mind as NBC and the other mainstream media organizations report and choose not to report on various news items in the coming months.

What is more troubling---Biden easily invokes God and his "strong, devout Catholic faith," yet stands against foundational biblical Truth in his strong support of abortion and same-sex marriage.

Not unlike some self-described religious Left "evangelicals."

In the past, he has explained that personally he embraces the beliefs of his Catholic Church regarding abortion, but believes he should not, in his political capacity, force his personal beliefs on those who believe in abortion.

So apparently, he prefers to force Planned Parenthood's belief in abortion on all true biblical conservatives and pro-life Catholics.

Hollow hypocrisy.

He also stands against his church, whom he claims to love, in regards to human sexuality and marriage.

Vice President Joe was proud to announce that he had led President Obama to "evolve" on marriage, resulting in Obama doing all he could do as president, to undermine natural biblical; marriage and redefine it as essentially anything anyone wants it to be.

As he mulled the possibility of running for president for the 3rd time in 2015, CNN, who apparently had decided Hillary was the one for that election, noted that Biden had run for president in 1987 and 2007.

They say a plagiarism scandal in 1987 quickly ended his run for the oval office when he admitted he had taken, nearly verbatim---a speech originally given by a British politician.

CNN says his 2007 bid is "likely most remembered for the gaffes the free-speaking Delaware senator let fly, including the one in which he inartfully described his then-Democratic rival, Sen. Barack Obama, as 'the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy."

This time, a Joe Biden candidacy for president will be cloaked in sincere sympathy for the loss of his son.

It will also be a facade of righteous beliefs from a man who in truth, stands against the Bible and his own church in his actions regarding the most important social and moral issues.

While the media will anoint him---we must not.

Jesus spoke to the issue of people claiming to believe one thing while acting very differently in their personal lives.

I would encourage you to read Matthew 23:1-29. This is Jesus speaking. The red letters in your Bible.

Jesus told the multitudes not to do what the scribes and the Pharisees do. He says they say one thing and do another.

They love places of honor, Jesus says, yet He calls them hypocrites, fools and blind---describing them as whitewashed tombs which appear beautiful outwardly, but inside are full of dead men's bones.

We have entered a time when biblical Truth is twisted to affirm the sin and passions of the culture.

Paul would call our times, perilous times.

This is a time to...

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Beware. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Bold.