Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Left vs Right In Alabama Today

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It has been labeled "Left vs Right," "good vs evil," and "politics as usual in 2017."

It may be all of that, and more, but one thing for sure, the election in Alabama today for a seat in the US Senate is about more than a seat in the Senate---and it's about more than Alabama.

A far Left Democrat, pretending to be "moderate'" is running against a well known Christian, Republican, and judge who has been accused of sexual misconduct.

Far Left organizations have spent millions of dollars to elect Democrat Doug Jones, and defeat and destroy Republican Judge Roy Moore.

A closer look is revealing---to say the least.

Even the polls are conflicted.

Yesterday a Fox News poll was showing Jones leading Moore by 10 points.

A Realclearpolitics average of all polling showed Moore leading by 2.5%.

Moore led yesterday in 5 other polls.

What's clear is that some pollster is going to be wrong.

Yesterday morning, Roy Moore appeared on the Christian "American Family Radio" network telling host Sandy Rios that his own campaign polling shows him with a single digit lead.

There was no serious question that Roy Moore would win the election until the Washington Post ran a story alleging that the famously "straight-laced judge had sexually assaulted late-teen girls" nearly 40 years ago.

Moore did not deny dating late-teen girls when he was "30ish" but completely denied--- on Fox's "Hannity" and other news outlets--- that he had ever sexually assaulted anyone. Those accusations, he said, are completely false.

Last Friday, Beverly Young Nelson, one of the women accusing Moore of sexual misconduct, admitted she had fabricated part of the evidence against him by adding words to what he had written in her high school yearbook 40 years ago, with the intent of incriminating him.

Her story of him making unwanted sexual advances toward her in a parked car behind Olde Hickory House restaurant---where she supposedly worked as a waitress---has also fallen apart.

No one, including those who worked there at the time, can recall her ever working at the restaurant, there is no place to park where she "distinctly remembers them parking" when Moore made the unwanted advances. Other similar details have also all been discredited.

But can money or deception buy or win an election?

Columnist Cal Thomas has said, "One of the reasons people hate politics is that truth is rarely a politician's objective. Election and power are."

The "powerful" have certainly shown up for this election.

Highway 31 is a shell-independent expenditure group used by 3 different secretive DC-based consulting firms run by former Obama campaign staffers---some of the same people who tried to defeat Netanyahu in Israel's last election.

As they set up offices in Israel to defeat Netanyahu, they have, in effect, set up offices in Alabama to defeat Roy Moore.

They were unsuccessful in Israel. Today we'll see what happens in Alabama.

The total amount spent by Highway 31 since its formation on November 6 to attack Roy Moore now exceeds $4 million, all of it funded either as an in-kind donation from these 3 organizations founded by Obama's campaign staffers or by unknown donors.

Breitbart News reported this on Friday evening:

According to a report filed by Highway 31 with the Federal Election Commission late Saturday and signed by its treasurer, activist left-wing attorney Edward Still, a total of $374, 855 was spent by Waterfront Strategies on behalf of Highway 31 for a media buy in opposition to Roy Moore on December 8.
That same day, $93,713 was spent by Waterfront Strategies on behalf of liberal Democrat Doug Jones. The total spent by Waterfront Strategies on behalf of Highway 31 on Friday for media buys, either in opposition to Roy Moore or in support of Doug Jones, was $468,569. Friday’s expenditures bring the total spent on behalf of Highway 31 since its formation on November 6 to more than $4 million. The exact total spent on behalf of the shell group for the 38 days of its existence between November 6 and December 8 is $4,034, 350, or $106,850 per day.
With three full days between Friday and election day on Tuesday, and the liberal coastal elites who have provided the entire financing for the shell group desperate to try and stop Moore, who currently leads in the most recent polls, the final tally spent on behalf of Highway 31 in this election campaign may well exceed $5 million.

Having invested so heavily, you wonder if these investors will consider the final step.

Joseph Stalin often said, "The people who cast the votes don't decide the election. The people who count the votes do."

I personally think the folks in Alabama will be very vigilant in the vote counting today.

The New York Times and the press, in general, have put aside their mocking of President Trump to attend to the destroying of Roy Moore.

Recently the Times has been defining Mrs. Trump's Christmas decorating of the White House with "Deck The Halls with White House Folly" and referring to the president as "President Merry Christmas."

Now they have turned their attention and their keypads to Roy Moore and Alabama, beginning yesterday, to shame Alabama for electing Roy Moore---just in case they do today.

It's well known that this election has significant implications beyond Alabama. But the citizens of Alabama will decide today who is worthy to serve them in the United States Senate---and who is not.

Be Discerning. Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.