Friday, January 26, 2018

School Uses Dan Savage And Unicorn To Confuse Kids

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Parents are furious after learning their elementary school posted a bulletin board that addressed issues like sexual identity and encouraged children as young as 4 years old to break out of gender stereotypes.

The school used a unicorn to attract the kids to the board and Seattle's own Dan Savage as the role model.

The bulletin board at Rancho Romero Elementary School in California featured both a unicorn and a picture of Seattle's own syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage.

The unicorn to attract the kids to the board, with Savage's message to confuse and indoctrinate them.

Beside his picture is this quote: "A lot of kids are bullied because of their sexual identity or expression. It's often the effeminate boys and the masculine girls, the ones who violate gender norms and expectations that get bullied."

This advice to little kids from a person who hosts an annual porn festival.

And of course, most of us remember the infamous convention for high school journalists held in Seattle back in 2012.

Keynote speaker Savage began his speech by berating and bullying the Bible-believing Christians in the crowd of 3,000, calling them pansy a**ed, implying they were fools to believe the Bible.

To avoid the bullying, many, even those who had traveled a long distance to attend the public education sponsored event, walked out.

Many also remember when Dan tried to infect a Republican candidate with a flu virus---and the time he wished out loud that congressional Republicans would "f***ing die."

It's not surprising that a parent who has a first grader and a fourth grader at the school told Fox's Todd Starnes, "The man does nothing but spew vitriol at people he does not like--like religious groups and conservatives."

She said she was further concerned the school had used the unicorn, a symbol that most kids like as a propaganda tool.

The so-called "Gender Unicorn" introduced children to concepts like gender identity, gender expression and gender presentation, also using words like "sexually attracted to" and "romantically/emotionally attracted to."

Kids as young as 4 were exposed to this presentation.

She said, "It felt like it was a creepy way to lure a child over to the board and confuse them about gender."

The school district says the board is meant to highlight a monthly theme.

"And," the school district says, "the school has a parent-led Inclusion and Diversity Committee that maintains a bulletin board to highlight a different theme each month within the rubric that all students, staff and parents are safe and welcomed on campus."

When parents erupted, the school immediately took down the quote and photo of Dan Savage---the porn peddler.

The school says they were removed as part of their "revision" of the board.

The Takeaway

Why was the school using a unicorn to attract kids and confuse them about things they need not know at 4 years old?

We all know the motive---at least that of the person/persons who chose the unicorn.

It was indoctrination.

And who would have made the decision to use Dan Savage as a role model to these unsuspecting little kids, presenting him as a role model?

This is child abuse.

And it is not an isolated case. Perhaps more blatant than some, but not isolated.

I don't believe this represents a majority of public school teachers, or administrators---However, I am certain it represents a group of predatory homosexual activists who have woven themselves and their agenda into classrooms and administration offices of our government-run schools across the country.

And I am equally certain these activists are enabled by uninformed teachers who share the agenda--- or intimidated teachers, who, in many cases, choose to remain silent at the risk of losing their job.

Be Vigilant. Be Informed. Be Pro-Active. Be Prayerful.