Tuesday, January 09, 2018

The "Fire And Fury" Fakery

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Michael Wolff has made a lot of money since his book "Fire and Fury" was released a few days ago.

He's also been able to tell the world that he really doesn't like Donald Trump.

He has told the world---in writing---that some of Trump's top staff (former and present) don't like him either.

From the book: "For Steven Mnuchin and Reince Priebus, he was an idiot. For Gary Cohn, he was dumb as s***. For H.R. McMaster he was a dope"...and the list goes on and on and on.

And the press loved it, quoting the book feverishly.


But first. A federal judge, yesterday dismissed all charges against cattle rancher Cliven Bundy, his 2 sons and another man. Many of you, myself included, have been following this case involving the government's assault on this ranching family.
Fox News published an excellent article on the matter and the dismissal of the case.

Michael Wolff admitted Monday (yesterday) on CBS This Morning that he did not interview Vice President Mike Pence or any Cabinet members, though his incendiary claims in the book are credited to Cabinet members.

His book, that according to the press, "reveals the behind the scenes hatred for Trump," has been dominating the news cycle so strongly that the publisher released the book early because of demand from the public.

CBS host Norah O'Donnell asked Wolff on the air live, "Did you speak to any members of the President's Cabinet for this book?"

Wolff responded, "I did not."

O'Donnell, certainly no friend to President Trump, to her credit, continued: "The president denies he ever spoke to you about this book, at all."

Wolff's response: "I probably think he had no idea he was speaking to me for this book. When I would meet with the president in the White House, we would chat as though we were friends."

O'Donnell: "But that's not an interview, to greet someone and say 'Hello'. That's not a journalistic exercise."

Please don't conclude that CBS or any other mainstream Left news organizations are really that committed to proper "journalistic exercise" in relation to reporting on President Trump.

However, they do have a sense of reversing themselves when they realize they have backed themselves into an awkward corner. They have been reporting all this fakery from the book for weeks---and they have been doing so as though it was all documented.

Wolff has said he will "leave it up to the reader to decide what is true and what is made up in the book."

The book has already sold out in most bookstores across the country---more are on the way, and since Wednesday, it has been the #1 bestseller on Amazon.

Fakery has come to define our times.

Sunday night, Hollywood held its annual Golden Globe Awards. This year they all wore black---all black like a funeral.

Oprah, Meryl Streep, and others, all in black were calling for an end to the sexual harassment in Hollywood.

However, The Daily Wire ran an article yesterday pointing out the fakery and showing pictures of Oprah, Streep, and others kissing and showing affection to Harvey Weinstein the man who used his near god-like power in Hollywood to abuse women for more than 20 years.

Streep, Oprah and the others say they had no idea that was happening. Yet, it seems everyone in Hollywood knew.

Their denial sounds about as credible as Peter's denial of ever having known Jesus.


Dr. Michael Brown wrote yesterday that "Wolff's 'Fire and Fury' will do more to polarize than to analyze."

I agree.

Brown says, "As for Trump's most extreme critics, every word of Wolff's book is gospel truth. The more salacious, the more certain."

"In stark contrast, to Trump's most ardent defenders," he says, "not a word of the book is true. In fact, the book is just an exaggerated picture of the leftwing, anti-Trump media. It's all fake. And since his opponents cannot defeat him fairly, they will lie and defame in order to destroy."

Brown quotes John Nolte, who wrote an in-depth article for Breitbart News: "After Trump's highly successful first year, Wolff's book 'gives off the unmistakably stale aroma of last season's fake news' and the narrative it puts forth of dysfunctional chaos 'in no way corresponds with actual results, with the rubber we have already seen meet the road, to a little thing I like to call...reality."

While the sniff of "stale aroma" can be helpful, we live in a world that demands we pay attention, lest we be deceived by fakery.

We must be discerning. And discernment is defined as the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure; an act of perceiving something; a power to see what is not evident to the average mind.

Jesus, speaking to His disciples regarding the Pharisees, identified spiritual discernment (Matthew 13:11): "To you it has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been give."

On our live radio program this morning, I'm talking more about how one increases spiritual discernment.

You can join me on the radio, on your iPhone or on the computer from anywhere in the world at 9 AM PST. Here's how.

Be Discerning. Be informed. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.