Friday, February 02, 2018

First, "Forced Speech"---Now "Forced Actions"

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The homosexuals have successfully forced people to not only tolerate but affirm their sexual behavior by forcing them to use their God-given gifts to celebrate so-called "same-sex marriage"---or be punished by force of law.

Now the abortion industry is trying to force medical doctors to perform abortions, regardless of the doctor's personal religious beliefs regarding the sanctity of life.

The homosexual activists have been successfully punishing those who did not "affirm" homosexual behavior---specifically so-called same-sex "marriage" with the force of law.

They have successfully punished photographers, bakers, florists and venue owners under the Obama Administration---successfully bankrupting or nearly so, some florists and bakers right here in the Northwest, and elsewhere across the country.

We know some of them personally---most of us know their names.

Things are changing. Obama is gone (at least officially), and Trump is in the Oval Office.

In fact, in the case that has been presented to The Supreme Court of the United States regarding a Christian baker in Colorado who will not "celebrate" same-sex "marriage"---the Trump Administration has filed an amicus brief in support of the baker.

The Court is expected to announce its ruling in June.

It wasn't terribly surprising, although deeply troubling, when Cecile Richards, the longtime CEO of Planned Parenthood (soon to retire) put out a fundraising email letter this week demanding that medical doctors be forced to perform abortions, regardless of their personal religious convictions.

The homosexual agenda and the abortion industry agenda both thrived under Obama because he shared their beliefs. And their disdain for historic religious freedom---even replacing the words "religious freedom" with the words "freedom to worship"---which has a significantly reduced meaning.

Trump does not share those beliefs.

You will recall a couple of weeks ago, President Trump declared January 16, 2018, as "Religious Freedom Day."

In his proclamation, he said, "No American---whether a nun, nurse, baker, or business owner---should be forced to choose between the tenets of faith or adherence to the law."

We've heard that before---our Founding Fathers laid their reputations, lives and fortunes on the line for that truth.

During the primaries, candidate Trump had promised, if elected, to defend religious freedom, saying in a letter dated October 5, 2016, to a Catholic organization the abuse the Little Sisters of the Poor have suffered at the hands of the abortion industry is intolerable.

He said, "That is hostility to religious liberty, you will never see that in a Trump administration."

And we are not "seeing that in a Trump administration."

In a January 18, 2018, statement, HHS declared, "The creation of the new division [Conscience and Religious Freedom Division] will provide HHS with the focus it needs to more vigorously and effectively enforce existing laws protecting rights of conscience and religious freedom, the first freedom protected in the Bill of Rights."

This is what Richards is reacting to in her fundraising letter.

She and her colleagues in the abortion industry are blasting the new direction of government and promising to fight back

In fact, she says there will be "legal challenges" to "federal support for freedom of conscience and religion."

In her appeal titled, "Discrimination, plain and simple. Fight Back Now," she says this new HHS division "will do nothing but hurt patients."

Hurt patients?

Clearly, the unwanted baby is not considered a patient, rather a product whose body parts are sold by Ms. Richards and her operation.

She says President Trump's latest move is "truly shameful" claiming that "a proposed rule released by HHS seeks to encourage health care workers to discriminate against patients by refusing to provide care because of religious, moral, or personal objections."

This from a woman who has presided over the abortion/killing of about 3.5 million babies, while fighting tooth and nail to force American citizens to support her cause with taxpayer money.

She is asking her accomplices in the abortion complex to write letters to HHS protesting the "outrageous new proposal," strongly advocating that this is their "best opportunity to stop it before it becomes law."

Planned Parenthood, and those who profit from it as Ms. Richards has at about a half million dollar annual salary, truly do represent the face of evil.

In his proclamation, the president said that the American Founders "seeking refuge from religious persecution, believed in the eternal truth that freedom is not a gift from the government, but a sacred right from Almighty God."

Ms. Richards and those who support and elect those who advocate on her behalf are truly shaking their fist in the face of Almighty God.

Long before our Founders set foot on this continent, or eugenicist Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood, or Donald Trump became president, the ancient prophet Isaiah defined the enemy of freedom---the face of evil.

In his fourth class of sins in Is. 5:20, the prophet denounced the sin of perverting and confounding things, especially the distinctions of morality and religion---fake doctrines:

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Bold. Be Blessed.