Monday, March 05, 2018

Religious Left: "The Unholy Trinity of God, Guns and Violence"

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Jim Wallis and his religious Left, social justice Sojourners organization is calling for churches to boycott the NRA, providing a variety of ways for local churches to take action.

Pastor Joe Kay, writing for Wallis' Sojourners, declares that "Guns have been elevated to godly status in our society" and have been "turned into religiously affiliated icons in our culture."

Pastor Kay says, "After each massacre, guns are defended with religious fervor, as though owning a weapon is akin to owning a Bible. We're told that the problem in our society isn't unfettered access to weapons, but a failure by godly people to arm themselves and go out and kill the ungodly people. We're told we need more 'good' people buying guns and perfecting their aim so they can shoot the 'bad' people."

He says, "We've sunk to a point where we're no longer talking about preventing school shootings. Instead, we calculate whether arming teachers might result in fewer children slaughtered and pray our kids aren't ripped apart by bullets."

"Guns," the Left declares, "have been elevated to godly status in our society, turned into religiously affiliated icons in our culture."

Pastor Kay says, "There are suggestions that we need to merely post Scripture in classrooms to ward off evildoers---although that hasn't stopped the slaughter in Bible-filled churches that have been shot up, too."

In conjunction with the notion that if the NRA can be abolished and guns confiscated, all swords will be beaten into plowshares and there will be peace on earth, the founder and leader of the religious Left Sojourners, Jim Wallis has launched a boycott on the NRA.

In his letter to his followers who, I'm told, number in the millions, Wallis lays out a well-defined plan of how to abolish the NRA and bring peace to classrooms and the nation.

He is calling on churches to hold services and forums actively teaching and advocating how to defeat the NRA.

His colleague, Joe Kay, pastor of the Nexus United Church of Christ, says "If we're going to stop the carnage, we need to start by challenging the unholy American trinity of guns, God, and violence."

When pastors and churches disconnect with the Great Commission of Christ in which we are commanded to "go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature..." seeking to sustain themselves, they recreate their calling.

In the case of the religious Left, social justice becomes their great commandment. Isolating Scriptures that instruct us to stand for justice and against injustice, feed and cloth the poor and help the downtrodden---this becomes the new great commandment. The whole gospel.

When Christians lose their vision of what it is that Christ has called His Church to do, they begin to perish.

In desperation to fill pews and meet budgets, they conform more and more to the culture---in the case of Sojourners, even accepting donations from George Soros funded entities---apparently believing the end is so noble, it justifies any means.

While providing so-called "safe spaces or sanctuary for illegals" they themselves take sanctuary in what they do, more than believing in the power of the gospel which is the power of God unto salvation.

Kay says, "God doesn't say murder is unavoidable in a gun-soaked society, so just send hashtag prayers and move on..."

Clearly, we are called to both faith and action, but to suggest---even mock in some cases, the power of prayer is to reveal just how out of touch some so-called religious leaders really are.

Kay says, "God doesn't approve of treating guns like sacramental objects."

He knows better than that, just as fellow religious Left Barack Obama knew better when he accused evangelicals of being people who cling to their guns and Bibles.

Pastor Kay says, "Those who put their faith in weapons have already died inside."

This man knows better than that. So does Jim Wallis.

Biblical evangelicals do not believe "guns" are the answer, nor have we made them "sacramental objects."

Kay says, "We're not Christian soldiers; we're agents of love..." This notion has led them to endorse same-sex marriage, remain silent on abortion, and either forget or simply deny the power of prayer and the power of the gospel. This twisted thinking has led to open-borders advocacy, and it has also caused some in leadership of the religious Left to claim that Jesus is not the only way to salvation---He is merely one of the ways. And all religions pray to and believe in the same God.

This thinking is in direct denial to what Jesus actually taught about Himself. And what the Bible teaches.

The Apostle Paul also held a different understanding than these folks. His understanding and teaching were that we "are" Christian soldiers, using many metaphors in this regard.

At the end of his life, Paul wrote, "I have fought a good fight..."

Pastor Kay concludes with the warning, "Those who put their faith in weapons have already died inside."

What he can not understand---or refuses to understand---is that our faith is in Jesus Christ.

Our confidence is that our Constitution, based on biblical principles and Truth, is the finest and most enduring in the history of the world.

And among other things, it's Second Amendment gives we the people the right to keep and bear arms. Arms that we neither worship nor hold as sacramental objects.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.