Monday, April 30, 2018

Alfie's Story: When Government Becomes A God

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Alfie Evans died Saturday morning after the British Government deemed he should longer live and ordered his life support be removed.

This in spite of pleas from Alfie's parents, the Pope, and hundreds of thousands of others from across Great Brittain and the world.

While little 23-month-old Alfie is with the Lord, his story should give the public pause---but will it.?

Some thoughts about when government becomes god.

But first.

Even the New York Times had to admit yesterday (with apparent pain) that what is happening in Korea is extraordinary. The liberals and progressives, and certainly the Trump haters, are near cardiac arrest trying to convince us that all this has happened before--and it has. But the public does not share the level of skepticism that the press is expressing.

The public has come to know that Trump is not a politician like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and even George W. Bush, therefore he approaches issues, including North Korea, differently that the typical politician.

North Korea has made promises before and broke them---much like other nations have done with the U.S. However, North Korea's leader Kim-Jong-un may have figured out he is dealing with "citizen" Trump, not "politician" Trump. It would be helpful if the press and the politicians who work tirelessly day after day after day to destroy Trump's presidency would have similar discernment.

Caution, yes. Absolutely. Hope, yes. Absolutely.

Little Alfie died Saturday.

Alfie Evans, a British toddler, was declared terminally ill by British doctors sometime back when he began suffering a series of seizures and was admitted to the hospital in Liverpool, England.

Alfie was diagnosed as having an incurable degenerative brain condition. Doctors said further treatment was futile and recommended that Alfie be allowed to die.

But his parents, backed by the Pope and many Christian groups---fought for months to take him to a hospital in Italy that was standing by with a private jet to assist the child and his parents. The hospital was prepared to treat the child with every effort to save or prolong his life. The Italian government was prepared to grant the child immediate citizenship to expedite the treatment.

Alfie's Story is heart-wrenching, and reveals what happens when the government becomes "god."

Life News' report was published last Friday, the day before Alphie's death on Saturday.

After withdrawing life-support last week, Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool decided to also withhold food from the child. For more than 28 hours after the withdrawal of life support, they refused to give him any nourishment.

Finally, after 28 hours, they began feeding him.

The father, Tom Evans, said, "They only started feeding him at one o-clock yesterday. It's disgusting how he's being treated. Not even an animal would be treated like this. He's proving them wrong. It's time to give him some grace and dignity and let him go home or to Italy."

The 23-month-old Alphie lived almost 4 days after the hospital yanked the tube from his body. That, after the doctors predicted that he would only live a couple of hours after support was withdrawn.

As you can imagine, this story has many layers.

First, the government was in the driver's seat from the beginning because of laws that have been enacted over time to support "free" socialized medical care. These laws undermined parental authority---which in this case gives the final decision to the government, not the parents regarding a case of terminal illness in a child.

If the doctors and parents disagree, a judge rules as to whether the patient should receive further treatment or life support.

The British government refused to continue to treat Alphie and refused to allow him to be transported to Italy.

A judge agreed.

The child became hostage to the government and the courts---because he was sick.

Many in the medical field have said they think the government was fearful that someone else may be able to help the child when they were not able to do so.

Alphie supposedly had a degenerative neurological condition but that diagnosis was and is being challenged because once removed from life support, he began breathing on his own for a protracted time.

Some doctors outside England who are familiar with the details say they believe the child died from starvation, not the degenerative condition.

Alphie's parents agreed that their son had been misdiagnosed.

In fact, they told the press, "Alphie does not need intensive care---Alphie is lying on the bed with one litre of oxygen going into his lungs and the rest is him. Some people say it's a miracle---it's not a miracle, it's a misdiagnosis."

He said the nurses come in and say, "Wow!"

That same day the parents met with the doctors to request permission to take Alphie home.

No one knows for sure what happened in the meeting. However, when the parents came out of the meeting, those who met with them said everything had changed. They seemed resigned to the fact that their son would die---in the hospital.

And he did.

Once this story became public---actually global, the hospital made a public explanation.

Redefining Euthanasia

Dr. Ranj Singh went on the UK 's TV Morning Show to argue the hospital's case. He said, "Forcing 23-month-old Alphie Evans to die by starvation is not killing."

He said, "This is not the killing of a child---this is 'redirecting care to make them more comfortable'."

So, starving a child is not killing the child, it is redirecting health care to make them more comfortable?

And save money.

You will not be surprised to know that Dr. Singh is a clinical technician who works for the government-run health care system.

This is a look at the endgame of socialized medicine. Obamacare linked to a secular progressive ideology was speeding toward this very end in America.

This was an isolated case. Right?

Less than a year ago, in England, a similar case involving 11-month-old Charlie Gard met with the same end.

His parents argued, begged, petitioned and hired legal counsel, but in the end, the government prevailed.

Rebecca Hagelin with the Washington Times wrote about little Charlie Gard last summer.

She wrote, "The European courts have the supreme authority to decide the fate of all European citizens partly because of socialist, government-run health care structure that provides 'free' health care to all. 'Free healthcare to all' comes with a noose---a government tribunal deciding who gets to live, and who has an obligation to die."

Hagelin said, "The name of the highest court declares its intent; 'The European Court of Human Rights.' It is a court system established, not to protect God-given rights, but to allow a few humans to arrogantly determine what the rights of other human beings are. They are the gods of Europe."

There are conditioning TV ads running even now, including in Washington State where doctor-assisted suicide is legal, that suggest taking responsibility so as not to become a burden on those whom you love---a not so subtle suggestion that if you get sick, do the right thing and commit suicide, don't become a costly burden.

When Sarah Palin was running for vice president on the John McCain ticket, Palin would often tell her audiences that socialized medical care would lead to "death panels" that would decide who would die and who would live.

She was mocked by the press, the secular progressives and even by some Republicans because they were embarrassed by her statements. They called them extreme and barbaric. Uninformed.

Hagelin wrote in 2017, and I would repeat in 2018: "America, take note: If we demand a society where the government gods provide 'free' health care, we will pay for it with our freedom, even by giving up the sacred right to protect our sons and daughters. And we also may be forced one day to sacrifice our own children to the gods."

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Pro-Active. Be Prayerful.